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Jnet Development Thread


The best place is to do a cursory search on Github and if you don’t see it already written about, open a new issue and post it there! As much detail and any screenshots also help immeasurably. Thanks so much!


Got it thanks :+1: So no way to get logs?


Not currently. I have as a long-term goal keeping logs and replays of games for viewing after-the-fact, but that’s not possible right now (and probably not for the foreseeable future).



I’m planning on changing how “discard at the end of turn” works. Right now, when you have too many cards in hand, you get a toast message that tells you to discard down (which you accomplish by dragging cards from hand to the discard). With my change, when you click “End Turn”, if you have too many cards in hand you’ll get a card-select prompt and can click as many cards as necessary in your hand, which will trash them for you. Once you’ve clicked the necessary number, you’ll be pushed back to the normal prompt with “End Turn” once again being the only option.

What do you all think of this change?


Sounds pretty great. Would help me look like less of a bozo when playing against cybernetics division (by taking too long) and against mental health clinic (by unnecessarily discarding).

A potentially-fiddly UI enhancement would be to put a border around the leftmost [handsize] cards as a visual reminder of your limit that is more obvious than the max hand size counter – e.g. so that when you’re looking at the cards in HQ/grip planning out a turn you take into account the hand limit and don’t look like a bozo.


That’s an interesting idea. I don’t know that it’d necessarily work in practice, cuz it might imply that a given card is “stuck being kept” instead of “this is just a potential card to keep”.


As a compromise, how about the additional visual cue only appearing once all clicks have been spent? I know that does less to help someone plan their turn, but does reduce confusion around why the leftmost [x] cards have been bordered/highlighted or whatever?

FWIW, I’d personally be fine with the current handsize being visually indicated at all times, but I realise this might cause unnecessary confusion for some players.


In principle I think this would be a welcome change, however it’s relatively common for players to quickly change their minds (“no wait, I’ll discard this instead”) and/or mistakenly discard the wrong card and need to correct it.

Any change would need to make it possible for players to correct their hands without too much trouble.

On the corp side, I was trying to think through how these changes could create more confidence in the game state rather than less. There’s always that tiny sneaking feeling that a corp player fixing a mistaken discard isn’t dragging back the same card.

So what if the game state signalled this differently to the runner? For example, if the corp player mistakenly discards the wrong card and fixes it before ending their turn, the runner might see “[opponent] discarded two cards to Archives” then “[opponent] swapped a discarded card with one in HQ” instead of just seeing that they’d just dragged any old card from archives to HQ?


I think it is a valid point. From my point of view an entry in the log such card was mixed to hand like Archive (15) would solve it.