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Jnet Development Thread


What about making the “Start Turn” do this for you? Until you click “Start Turn”, it doesn’t change the turn over to you and you can perform any number of “on your opponent’s turn” actions you want, like normal. This is technically incorrect RAW, as Runner 2.2 has the rez/ability window and Runner’s End of Turn discard and abilities trigger on Runner 2.3 and 2.4 respectively, but it otherwise feels like a reasonably easy fix.


If your opponent’s turn continued until you click “start turn,” then the Corp wouldn’t have a usable rez window before their turn starts when Interdiction is in play.


Good point. Without adding additional/unnecessary clicks, I’ll have to think about how to accomplish this.


Generally, I think doing more automation is good. Thanks for doing this and the outreach to the community for feedback.


Not sure it would help, but would it make sense to have a button that says ‘‘Action before mandatory draw’’ similar to ‘‘Action before run is successful’’ ?
Could you have two buttons: ‘‘start of turn’’, ‘‘take action after start of turn’’ ? Maybe that’s too confusing.


Announcement: With our next update, TheBigBoy’s format Classic will be available to all!

Included are a number of bug fixes and some solid work for refining how we handle events and operations, which will see real progress made in coming updates.




Just out of curiosity–what resources does it take to run JNet in production?


I’m not sure how many people have had this exact need, but I had someone over last night trying to learn the game, and my goal was to give him an overview of the cards, archetypes, and concepts in Kitara and R&R, by faction. By far the easiest way that I could find to do this was by using the “Cards” tab on jnet. Thanks for including it!


For production? I am not sure, but the playtesting server runs on a Digital Ocean droplet that has 2 gigs of ram and chugs along just fine. The game is very minimal in the CPU and ram requirements (simple data structures, nothing overly big, single tiny mongodb instance, simple number crunching and data evaluation at each decision point (with no expectation of concurrency)). On my 2016 macbook, I can run the entire test suite in 3 seconds (parallel), so nothing that’s happening internally requires any serious horsepower.

I bet you could run an instance on a personal computer for your entire local community and experience no issues.


You’re so welcome! I’m super glad you find that helpful. We really want to expand it and get it working even better, so feedback like this is motivating.


Downfall update!

We have finished implementing 64 of 65 cards, with only MirrorMorph needing some massaging before being ready. We don’t have a definite plan for releasing everything Monday, but I hope we can get the cards online at some point this week.

As you play with them, please post issues you come across on Github, or shout out in #jinteki_net on stimslack. We want this to be as good possible, and it can only happen with your help!

We weren’t super diligent this time around with tracking our implementation progress online, but for Uprising, we will be using the Jinteki.net cards status to keep tabs on everything we do.


jinteki.net has been updated! Downfall is live and all but MirrorMorph are fully automated.

Please let us know if you find any bugs, here or on GitHub or on Stimslack, and share everywhere the shenanigans you get into with Hyoubu’s reveals and Whistleblower’s ruses!


Currently Classic decks are marked as illegal if they contain Downfall cards. From my understanding of the Classic format, that should not be the case. Is this on purpose or is it just a mistake?


Merely hasn’t been updated yet.


Okay, cool! Knowing this is just a “we haven’t found time yet” is absolutely fine for me.


Both Classic and Stimhack Online Cache Refresh have been updated! Might be some slight wonkiness with SOCR 9 while we wait for the single big box logic to be updated to exclude Terminal Directive, but all TD cards not in SC19 are marked as rotated, so this effectively fixes it otherwise.

Thanks for letting me know, @adquen and @Sanjay!