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Kate hate!

Yeah, drawing Howard is key in that matchup. Was having trouble with that this past weekend, and, as a result, was only 2-1 v. Kate, with one of those wins taking a lot of will, and the loss was after going up 5-0.

It gets Barrier as well as ETR.

So this is what time travel feels like.


So it becomes a 6-STR 2-subroutine Sentry/Barrier ICE over R&D for 2 credits to rez. I’m OK with that vs. most runners, I think, though Kate is probably the one most likely to be able to get through it easily with 3 credits and a Lady counter. Still pretty taxing, maybe not as much as 2 credits and a click to shed a tag.

I guess the main issue with it is that, if you’re running Gutenberg, you’re looking to land a tag, and Sub Boost gives them an extra way out, which might be anti-synergy with the deck. If the goal is simple taxing, though, it might be alright.

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In Chicago I played anarch vs an ETF ITD and when he saw my ID he was borderline offended. 2 Davids almost aren’t enough!

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Welcome back, @Chill84!

For those that don’t know, chill here took 1st and 2nd in Regionals with Kate last year, along with T8 at US Nationals.


Thank you, get off my lawn. And for the kids at home who don’t know: @spags once jumped off the sears tower and only sprained his ankle.


The suit was ugly!
(Whale biologist)

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As above, Blacklist is generally useful, and hurts Kate a lot. I love the idea of splashing Targeted Marketing in everything too.

Beating Kate is easy

  1. Score Agendas.
  2. Don’t let Kate steal agendas.
  3. ???
  4. Win!

I’ve been practicing 3 for months.


Really? I’ve been focusing on #4 myself.


Yeah, I’ve got 1 and 3 down quite well. Still having trouble with 2 and 4.


4 is easy and boring.

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Crisium is actually very useful against kate, also aim for an agenda in your opener, the longer the game goes the less likely you’ll win


In my experience you beat Kate by making the right decisions on a game by game basis, not with hate cards. Anarch and Criminal are the factions that suffer against specific cards and game plans, but beating Kate is all about ascertaining or anticipating what the right angle of attack is.

I’ve said before that Kate is a very ‘card intensive’ runner. She doesn’t just have 1/2 econ cards that stay in play, she has to keep drawing and playing new ones. She has a lot of different programs that she needs to see in order to deal with all your ice. All her multi access comes from individual cards. If you can work out what she’s lacking game to game, you can play accordingly. If she’s sitting on 20 credits early she probably hasn’t seen many of her programs, and you can just try to push through an agenda with gear checks. If she installs an Astrolabe and 2 SMCs you might be able to push out an agenda or two with tax.
I know ‘git gud’ might not be all that helpful, but I can’t put my decent winrate against Kate decks down to anything more than that.


Genomics doesn’t need much to beat PPVP decks, they were already weak against asset spam and IG has more asset spam than anyone else. Couple that with lots of net-damage and PPVP Kate is one of the deck’s best matchups.

You don’t need Blacklist or Chronos Protocol, though the former may help against other matchups.

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When playing tempo-Kate decks, having to pay trash costs was my worst nightmare.

That’s why I hated the RP match so much, having to trash things that put the corp off mid game that were free for them like sundew and jackson.

When you are running Kate you can’t pressure and make money at the same time, so striking a balance means unexpected costs can slow you down enough in the short term for the corp to do something to you.

If she isn’t trashing things, and you can choke her with your board, winning the game would mean either scoring out immediately or locking down centrals to weather the multi-access runs.

Again, I don’t really know the card pool right now, but in broad strokes that’s how I’d approach a game against Kate.


I agree with this in theory, but, we know with her draw, search, and recursion, if she has money, she can strike at any time.

There’s a reason she’s the best Runner in the game.


I’m no expert, but I still think 9 times out of 10 you just have to go for it. If they have clone chip + smc in hand now then they’ll still have it if you wait.