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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~

A new cycle has just been anounced, taking place in sub-saharan africa and based around the struggles of trying to build a second beanstalk. im really glad theyre taking us to somewhere a lot of sci fi (and fiction in general) tends to ignore, but right out the gate im terrified of the design trend here of turning operations and agendas into assets


Friday Chip and evergreen Imp play nicely together.

This Criminal resource is cool, too.

New cycle looks rad already!


I think it’s a bit early to say trend, but even so, I don’t really have an issue with what I’ve seen so far provided the trash costs stay where Boggs has promised. The agenda assets seem good, but Urban Renewal seems more cool than OP.

Also new Apex card!!! (Which is way too expensive for him).

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My favorite pet runner, Apex, looks to be getting a monster of a card. My prediction is it let’s you install any non-event facedown card for free without actually ‘installing’ it. Bypassing Apex’s biggest weakness.


Pumped for sick combos with Hunting Grounds!!!

EDIT: Or just from HQ. This actually looks insane, hope it’s 3+ influence!

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I feel like it having a low trash cost, while good, has the double edge of encouraging strategies where that weakness is mitigated (increasing trash cost, ELP, hostile infrastructure, just spamming etc. ) in a way that an operation doesnt

I cant wait for the Fisk jank people will pull off with lewi

I would think it would be fairly niche outside of Apex.


More thoughts:

Friday Chip seems pretty good, especially with Imp staying in the game (stick Imp on Progenitor as well to really live the dream).

Jinja City Grid is what dedicated technician team should have been, and may actually be good.

Echo Chamber seems pretty good, but unlike gene splicing it can’t masquerade as a 5/3 or 4/2. Both however seem strong, and good for baiting runs without being as all in as most traps. Therefore hopefully they’re good design, and they should support more bluffing play which is good. Just keep them <3 to trash and worse credit/click return than standard agendae.

Urban renewal seems really flavouful and cool, but looks hard to land. Another cool run bait card however which is a good direction for the game. (imho the thing to watch out for isn’t potentially powerful assets, but ones which synergise with each other and encourage mass installing. All of these look happiest behind ICE whichh is good.

Ikawah project is weaker than I’d hoped we’d see this effect, but probably fair. With Mason bellamy around it looks interesting, and Strongbox will have yet another chance to shine. (Ash synergy still seems better than strongbox though).

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I think people are grossly underestimating how insane Jinja City Grid is for any glacier/rush deck. It’s 2 inf so you can easily splash in Red glacier decks. 1-2 Agroplex seems great with it.

You can build a 5-ICE remote clicklessly for 0 install credits. Clicklessly. You save an insane amount of money. Play UVC/VLC and install the ICE. With UVC you draw 4, install the ICE AND then install the agenda! Or install, hedge, rez and then play VLC turn 1. Goliath online! In Architects of Tomorrow where your ICE are pseudo open-info anyway, the drawback barely matters.

I don’t know, but combined with Ash in Core 2 this has me very excited, as does the pretty decent HB 5/3.


Step 1: Install FullImmersion Recstudio/Worlds Plaza
Step 2: Host 2 Urban Renewals on it(Hopefully non-unique)
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Watch fireworks from afar
Step 5: Build apartment complexes


Step 3 is to not worry about medium and defend that remote with everything ye got

Strongbox is a bit stronger with the 3/5 that requires the runner lose a click and pay money to steal. Considering you can play load testing and probably open a click window to score an agenda (so long as they aren’t on film critic).


Doesn’t Film Critic seem like more and more of a must-have with every data pack, though?



I half expect to see Film Critic on the next MWL.

I hate to be the one bringing this up, but doesn’t it look like the new apex card will let you play non virtual resources?

I really hoped for a full cycle spoiler, but boy, the news alone that a new cycle is indeed coming is so good news, I can live without it.

I see the point about operations being replaced by assets what with spam being a massive problem but I think these new ones are fine. Currently the problem assets are must trash because they get installed and then give a powerful effect every turn until trashed. But these are giving a one time powerful effect after some time. That urban renewal needs protecting for 3 turns and it gives the runner warning that they’re about to be damaged. I think it’s great - give the runner 3 turns to decide if it’s better to try and get in to trash or just draw up and suffer. The same with that agenda asset thing, it’s powerful if not trashed but it’s a one time effect - once it’s scored it’s gone.


The new Jinteki asset is boss for several reasons. First, the obvious clear value whether the trap fires or not. Second, no cost to fire so it changes the risk equation for the Runner. Third, I like that the damage benefit is scaled down compared to Junebug, corresponding to it’s utility.

I think it’s great card design.