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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


Next pack announced: Down the White Nile.


Interesting news for EoI…
(Also, check out that new Liiga revised art for The Maker’s Eye)


Oh, god, incoming Economic Warfare recursion! Glad Clone Suffrage is banned.

I really like Bacterial Reprogramming though, it seems very skill-testing and counteracts a NPE deck I think is too strong (Maw Gang Leela).


I think Economic Warfare could be a HHN or Stinson enabler, because it screws the runner’s math. And finally a counter for Dadiana!


This definitely seems like a positive direction for 5/3s. Having abilities that trigger whether they’re scored or stolen should lower the inherent variance from having them in your deck, while also giving a reason to actually score them rather than just to build prison decks.


Mhmm Economic Wat. Dip below 5 credits to avoid my Virtual Tour? Lose the rest and eat my punitive.


I’d hope each faction will be getting a new “When score or stolen…” 5/3. I think NBN needs a good one. They really do not have any playable 5/3 agendas.


They have nothing on restricted list they really want which will prevent them from using GFI, also Beale is quite good as a 5/3. I’d prefer a good 4/2 for them, as when building a deck, I have no problem with 16 points (3 GFI, 3 Beale, 15 Minutes) but the remaining 4 never feel really good.


Can’t wait for the CI Jinja Special Report meta :fearful:


Reeducation is good in specific kill deck:

When you score Reeducation, add any number of cards from HQ to the bottom of R&D and draw that many cards. The Runner randomly adds the same number of cards from his or her grip to the bottom of the stack, if able.

If you can win a Door to Door trace while the runner is tagged, it’s a solid kill.


Yes and it will probably solve one of the bigger problems with the mini faction. Fingers crossed!

I don’t know about E-War. The meta is already pretty heavily in a place where Bryan Stinson is a strong include. This card seems like it will tip it further in that direction.

Although the Anarch hardware that can make you cash is something I also really like with cards like Aumakua. You have the potential to net some serious creds, or to turn your banked Datasucker tokens into actual money. Maybe Shaper and Criminal will get something similar to help introduce new economy options?


People also tried it in a kill deck that rushes Reeducation and any other agenda, then plays Anonymous Tip + 24/7 + Neural EMP



I don’t know what Marathon is, but I hope it likes hugs


eXer seems decent, especially if we get more virus/anti-purge abilities in this cycle. It can be stacked, but it doesn’t seem like the typical play.

NEXT Sapphire is a potentially very powerful utility ice, given the caveat we don’t know the ice strength.

Azmari Edtech is interesting. The economy isn’t really reliable and gives the choice to the runner which is more harmful than it might appear at first. It’s basically a mini tageted marketing.

I think the numbers on Personalized Portal are not great, (3rez, 3trash) but the effect is strong. Typically, you could expect to gain 3 credits and give the runner a card every turn, which almost pays for itself the first turn. Seems useful in PU and Palana. Also potentially good with Komainu/Brainstorm and Mental Health Clinic. It seems best when the runner can’t afford to keep a low handsize.

No One Home is cheap and flexible, a good combination. Definitely worth including in Sunny and maybe Geist. Flavor text is cute :slight_smile:

Corporate “Grant” is one of my favorite card names alongside Surge!. Very solid card for credit denial/derez builds and I could easily see this alongside Mining Accident.

Edit: @ovamod7: It looks like Mongoose to me.


Looks like some cool stuff, weird it being announced just after worlds though.

Exer seems good, and shows up just how crazy medium was (nice reference in the flavour text as well)

Edtech seems good and really fun, but I don’t do yellow.

I love the look of NEXT Sapphire

No one home seems good, but the fact that it’s only the first time makes a big difference when it comes to net damage and stealing things like Obokata, so it’s probably just fortags.

Corporate “Grant” is fun and probably pretty strong. I’m not sure if it’ll be a reason to play Criminal though, which is what the faction seems to need.


I look forward to cramming No One Home into Sunny decks. Maybe bring out Power Taps again?

Oh, look, HHN? Cute, I’ll take those credits… and make you do it again, but this time from Trace0.


Flip right? You can already install anything face-down, even non-virtual resources, as per the FAQ. My guess is that it will cost two clicks to do it. Looks like it is at least one.


Even without link or other benefits, I think it’s awesome that you force the corp to pay the difference between your credit pool and their base trace plus your credit pool again. Sounds like cancel one HHN to me :smiley:


At worst eXer seems like 2 credits and a click to see an extra card on R&D and cost the Corp their next turn but you’ll probably get a little more utility out of it.