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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


Azmari Edtech looks like it’s exploring the “Return card to grip” archetype in NBN (Archangel, Data Loop, Hatchet Job, Waiver? Ibrahim Salem?). Because, when you bounce back their stuff, you’ll know what’s coming back!

edit: Now I have it: The ID is like a tiny TarMar


I’m liking that id. If you’re tripping up their play working around your calls it’s good. If you’re getting money it’s good. It seems like an id you can do anything with and it’s going to give you an advantage. That’s always something that has potential.


It seems a lot like Chronos Protocol to me for this reason. I think it’s got potential for a rushy build where in the early game the runner is either accelerating your econ or letting you score uncontested points. The sensie agendas + TGTBT and the upcoming SSL endorsement and (hypothetical) self-protecting NBN 5/3 could be used to amplify that effect.

Looks fun, and a 40/15 ID with built-in econ seems promising for bringing in a mix of boom and punitive for playing it supermodernism style.


Corporate “Grant” sounds powerfull to me.

No One Home means game over to HHN (they will have to win their trace, then win a second trace that starts @ 0).
Punitive are unaffected because this card is about Nets, but may sound as game over for Obokata too.

By not been unique, eXer seems very powerfull.

My inner johnny whispers to experiment Personalized Portal in a Jinteki PU.


I know that it is another piece, but No One Home can be trashed with Best Defense…


Best defense isn’t a solution if your goal is to boom the guy, no ?
(because you would need Best Defense, then start HHN, then start Boom : this is a 3 card combo).


It also makes the Load Testing+MCAA+HHN a little less powerful, I guess…


If you prevent the Obokata net damage, then you don’t steal the Obokata. I don’t see why people are saying that No One Home interacts with Obokata.


Good point. I don’t think the card is that much of a factor vs net damage, but it has utility which is nice.


Yup. It’s especially annoying if you have a Guru.

My guess is that the Data Raven ruling, about avoiding a tag counting as “taking” a tag, is confusing people. The difference here being that it’s an additional cost, which are explicitly covered in the FAQ.


It’s good against Snare! and Junebugs, I suppose?


I’d say the ice is 1 str, given its Architect similarities.

Marathon make me ask myself about 5-inf events.
Escher is the only one in the game.

The one other 5-inf runner card is Hivemind.

I wonder what is “so much Shaper that only them can play it x3”.

Corp side, they have 13 of them (Black Level Clearance, Chairman Hiro, Cybernetics Courts, Director Haas, Fairchild, Franchise City, Genetics Pavillon, Load Testing, Loki, The Board, Victoria Jenkins, Worlds Plaza and Wotan)



Sovereign Sight has a US release date of 12/28.


With Obokata, damage protection is helpful not because you use it with the agenda (like has been noted -you can’t), but for the other damage that is so often used around it to make it potentially lethal to steal.

You take the Obokata damage, steal the agenda, and mitigate everything else to survive.


That makes sense. But the other damage usually comes in multiple instances, right? House of Knives, Neural EMP, Bio-Ethics, Kakugo? A one time prevention effect doesn’t do much to those.

I’m definitely going to use No One Home to stuff HHN, and maybe survive random Ronins.


You are right it won’t stop more than one source of damage, but in general you wait to prevent the last one that would kill you.

Having played a kill deck for ages, I know how often it comes down to a single point of damage making the difference. My plan will definitely be harder if this card hits the table.

It’s certainly no silver bullet for Obokata (that’s Film Critic), but it could mess with the math and come in handy.


Pack four of Kitara just got announced. The Devil and the Dragon.


Is Apex eating another glowing ball? It loves to eat glowing balls. Seriously, the best way to deal with Apex is just scatter a couple of squares and triangles in its path.


It is actually the same glowing ball… The one that is already the title picture of the second Kitara data pack, I mean!
I hope they didn’t do the thing again where they put the same art on two cards – but probably not; I guess it’s a mix-up of which card is where.


With all those self-protecting agendas, I hope there is some sort of lower-power replacement for Film Critic.