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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


Maybe glowing balls just take a few data packs worth of time to munch through. I’m not up to date on my Glowing Orb Dietary Guidelines. It did make me think of Cerebus though.


I see three underused mechanics the ID’s in this pack are trying to promote:

  1. “Expose, dammit! Use it, already!”
  2. “Advancing ice - it will work, really!”
  3. “Public agendas, you know you want to!”

It’s unfortunate they felt it necessary to tie 2 and 3 into a single ID.


Really digging all the spoiled cards, for this pack and the rest of the cycle. Can’t it just drop already!

I also really appreciate the decision to put some extra focus on Apex and give him multiple cards in a cycle. Presumably the other mf-runners will get similar treatment in later cycles (but probably nothing in this one).


I wanna know what that HB ambush is. And I want to know right now.


I love the design of 419 and falsified credentials. Also glad the meat damage on City Works Project is preventable, unlike Obokata.


so SSO only works if you have a public agenda installed, and can only target one ice, and it can’t already have advancement tokens on it? that’s the most conditional ability ever who’s gonna use that


No, really. It will work! You know you want to!


City works is only when it’s installed, and even when it is installed its realistically only gonna do 4 (preventable) damage, which isnt gonna kill unless you’re constantly chipping away at the runner, so doesn’t seem worth it at all
edit: I guess it’s good for punitive, but then again critic counters both ¯_(ツ)_/¯, and you can’t punitive if they win


Mushin, City Works, then Prisec out of Argus with Boom! and Punitives seems fun.

Probably typical Weyland garbage, but who cares!


Or just install and Dedication Ceremony it? I mean, if you’re trying to score it, works out to be the same without the influence hit, and it’d let you use the SSO ability to put counters on the ICE possibly protecting it.

Prisecs are always fun times, though. Although I guess you could just advance it again to get it to six meat.


It’s not unheard of. I think the most recent example is Persephone on the cover of Blood and Water.


We do have Imp, which helps in a lot of cases. It doesn’t prevent “on access” triggers, but it lets you trash now and steal later. Friday Chip will help sustain Imp over the long-term.

But yes, Film Critic is looking more and more like a necessity.


Psychic Field and It’s a trap are going to have very funny interactions with 419.


Prisec and Argus force the choice of a second tag or more meat damage.

Great either way, especially if they are wondering whether you have Boom! or Punitive at the ready.

Even funnier when they find out it was EOI.


That Crim ID flavour.
“The number “419” refers to the section of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing with fraud, the charges and penalties for offenders” (wikipedia).


Mkay, 419 + Aumakua + Suckers + Drive by + Aenas + that small new 1c 1inf Anarch hardware called Acacia then.

Add a couple of FAO for extra lulz and triple Femme to profit of that not so much hard won money.

Last piece of inf would be among the lines of Reflection (acheiving 2 link)+2xIce carver, or 2x Maw which is kind of the king of bananas with Aenas (+ Mawnanas run at least is a small low kick after a successfull Psychic Field).
Then use last 3 inf for TTW, and fill the rest of the deck with a pair of Gang Signs, GPI & Dean Lister, draw & money :slight_smile:

New bananas grows in Acacia : I predict corp will hate him.


Did you have to bring up bananas again?


Since it’s on-access, City Works Project feels really funny if you can pile Red Herrings or Old Hollywood Grid onto it so the runner can’t steal it. Film Critic is feeling more and more needed by the day!


But, but, but… I wanted to call that deck Bananarama !
(I’m warning you, don’t click on that)


so with urban renewal and city works project we’re seeing the start/continuation of meat damage being separated from tags. my question is, when this separation is complete, what difference will there really be between net and meat damage, apart from the faction of the cards that give it to you and the specific cards that prevent it? with meat damage needing tags it felt different, it felt like it was (normally big) punishment for being tagged, whereas now it just feels like net damage except with a different adjective because balancing
edit: for example if you replace city works meat damage with net damage and made it jinteki it wouldn’t feel out of faction, or if you did the same to urban renewal, or even to some extent builder of nations (advancement is more weyland sure but trick of light and tennin do exist). but if you do that with boom, or door to door, or asteroid mining, or mr stone, it no longer makes sense