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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


Mushin + advance doesn’t sound bad. If they run, 2 tags and they have to trash it. If they don’t you got 3 points. Not sure if that’s better than just Obokata though.


Yeah, about an hour after posting I was already thinking of ways to abuse it in Gagarin in more or less the same ways that you’re taking about. It does eat through Hive though, and that’s a real downer.


my assessment is it’s an ambush upgrade that triggers wherever you want (except archives of course), and trace 3 and 2 tags is not insignificant. there are many times where this is just a 3 credit tax - link, but if the runner hits this click 3, you can bet i’ll be pumping this trace to secure at least one tag when it’s my turn. Argus, Zealous Judge, and False Lead already screw so much with the runner math of clicks leftover to remove tags. this is just another wrench to throw into that equation imo. i feel like it’s great in Argus and could be decent elsewhere depending on what you’re trying to do.


I’ve always had a silly idea in the back of my head for a deck involving a Zealous Judge/Jeeves combo. High-Priority Target might be the killshot I’ve been waiting on.

Have both installed at the start of the turn and the Judge is rezzed, triple-click the Judge for three tags, gain a click off Jeeves, shoot the runner in the gob for 6?

Bonus style points if Mr. Stone is in play for a extra 1x3 meat.

Might be able to free up the influence to make it run if we can stop having to import as much NBN stuff.

Although HHN’ing a broke runner who can’t shake the tags will probably work too. Especially with all the econ warfare Weyland in this cycle.


Good neutral corp cards in DtWN. NGO Front is click-equivalent to Hedge Fund, and it can also be used to bait a run. Only downside is trashability, but I still think it’d get played in most decks. Distract the Masses is an influence-free Jackson replacement that can solve agenda flood without giving the runner a chance to access first (unlike Preemptive Action).


It’s actually 2 clicks (IA) for a Hedge, 50% as efficient as Hedge


Yeah you definitely don’t ever pop NGO immediately for money, it’s a poor hedge. You pop it after the runner passes all ice protecting it. NGO->ice could be a nice play in ASA?


IAA is the same as credit-credit-hedge, except that you need at least 2cr for the first play whereas you’d need 3cr for the second


Yes, that card has really increased my estimation for Credit Kiting…

I could also see a Power Tap-Nexus deck that uses Liberated and Kiting to set up.

I generally like to have ~3x as many targets for similar install discount cards, I could see going:

1x Femme
2x Nexus
3x Liberated
2-3x Credit Kiting

But this will probably put us in a really bad space for fracters…


I’m expecting a power taps nexus deck to emerge that cheats out nexus super early with credit kiting. I doubt it will be good but that’s where I’m taking this card. Other use cases like Liberated Accounts are better served with career fair. After seeing some of the spoilers, crim seems like it is going to have a big rig to set up, and that’s likely the direction this is supposed to go. A clunky in faction modded.


Don’t forget about PU (Metal Tree/Rust Tree/Red Tree)


When I first glanced at Amina I thought it was the new Leviathan. Then I actually looked at the numbers, and, wow, it’s actually decent, especially with Credit Kiting!


RNG Key / Equivocation : “nope you don’t draw that PAD, but I’d say mmm 2 ? Oh 2, how lucky I am, thanks for the 3c. Well, I’m trashing that then. :p”

Anyway, there is a lot of cards that seem very good there !


I’m still not feeling Credit Kiting. Early game, when there is an open central: 2 clicks for a free install (if you can float tags), otherwise it’s 3 clicks and 2 credits. Best case scenario you’re getting an install and 6 credits for 3 clicks-- only marginally better than Modded + clicksy-credsy twice.

If there are no open centrals, then a card that helps you install the tools you need to break/bypass and make a run on a central is much less useful.

If you’re already on the power tap/nexus bandwagon, though (or you’re using cheaper methods of clearing/avoiding tags like crash space or Geist + forger, deuces, etc) then it starts to make more sense but then we’re talking about a 3-card combination for a modest effect.


I agree, I don’t think it’s there yet. I think it needs a good deck that has 6-9 installables in the 6-9 credit range.

I don’t think the Nexus deck is good yet, since the last one leaned heavily on Andy to manage any tempo at the start and used her link. Without Temujin or Account Siphon, it is more important than ever to import some econ, which eats the influence for your fracter.

There is probably some way to make it work, but the best answer is probably to start by cutting credit kiting.


Wow. That Jinteki corp is there.

First turn Hedge / Cred / Cred, 1c from Chiyashi range, do you run ?

-edit- All Grail + PAD + NASX + Mental Health Clinic I guess ?


Even with say 9 targets for Kiting, there are going to be many games (i.e., less than half if you mull for Kiting) where 2-3 kiting are in the bottom half of the stack. In those games, you’ll be stuck with a lot of expensive cards in hand. I already feel set back when I have to pay for an early Earthrise or Casts without a Career Fair…but at least those cards help me recover. The reliability of an econocombo like this becomes a real problem if you can’t afford the target cards otherwise.

I’m guessing that to play Kiting you’ll also need to play Peace to get sufficiently reliable economy. If Temujin ever moves Restricted, I think Kiting will be much better to build around.


This is a strong ID. No need to ICE up, every server has effectively an additional face down ICE on the first run. Celebrity gift turn 1 to bring a reveled Chiyashi into play.


@analogBrad This can play horizontal too I think, since all remotes also have 1 ice :slight_smile:
I edited my message so if you did not see it : Grail ice have a great place there. You’ve got a good reason to keep them in hand, and you can choose to install the one that the runner can’t yet break. Add 3xCricks, 3xExcalibur and 3xArchived for the lulz ?


All excellent points. The effect is so strong that you almost need it to install some of these cards, which isn’t a great place to be in.

I think Liberated is an ok use of kiting, particularly if you can use citadel to clear the tag, since it will give you all econ from the install with essentially very little cost, which will hopefully give you enough credits to hard install something else later.

It’s a really big engine of many very big pieces, that doesn’t fit well with my idea of what criminal more traditionally is, but it is an archetype I have played with before with some success*.

*not tier 1 competitive success, but enough to win a few SCs