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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


We’ll see how it shakes out but my thoughts are pretty far from yours. I think a tag is often worse than a brain, Stimhack combos with needing to run which is a more common condition than having an expensive installable, and Shadow Net -> Sure Gamble is pure money which is always more flexible than a Career Fair/Modded effect. The way to maximize value is to not care about the tag since a click & 2 credits to remove is a substantial cost (puts this very close to Modded if you value a click at $2) but Criminal struggles to import the tag-me suite and Anarch probably doesn’t care enough to run Kiting. Couple all this with few playable cards where the full discount is usable (thus why I mentioned Femme), the card just looks hard to get value out of.

The tag can be avoided so if Geist ever wants something expensive maybe there’s a Credit Kiting Geist that immediately avoids/removes the tag with Forger. But I’m not sure what the expensive card would be, again Femme is all that comes to mind.


It’s also another card that could have been good with Jesminder if it was worded a little differently. :smiley:


I think your thoughts are pretty close to mine. (I said the same thing about brain vs tag.) maybe it wasn’t clear that I think this is not a T1 card. I’m basically saying that this is worse than stimhack, Gamble, and shadow net. Maybe better than modded…maybe. A free install for a tag will see play in crim like Bank Job sometimes does.

But it doesn’t come close to replacing temujin or account siphon and shouldn’t be compared to them.


Oh so you did, apologies for my poor reading comprehension :flushed:


So… Emergent Creativity - >Monolith decks at the ready! After which you Trade In the Monolith for Ubax of course (pity The Toolbox is out of the game).

Seriously though, the card seems insane and maybe even worth the influence in a big stuff deck out of faction. You could even use Windfall…

Little bit wierd how Weyland get a tagging ambush, but it certainly helps. Seems bad though, as if you have a huge money lead, they won’t run without an answer to HHN that would also deal with this.

I really dig the new shaper as well btw. Awesome concept. Could mean Brahman sees a bit more play, maybe with cycling cloaks.

Edit: Also seems pretty crazy with Chameleon. Though there isn’t currently a way to put them back in the deck.

Takobi is definitely solid with Chameleon though. Lots of options!


I don’t believe Kiting is the Siphon replacement; it’s just a new card. Currently only worthwhile for Femme, but threatening a Femme remote challenge from low credits isn’t shabby.

Threat Assessment NEH is gonna be my first deck built after this pack drops. Play a similar style to CTM, swap Bankers for Launch and play Ash to make scoring fast a real option, prob go back to a Closed Accounts over the second EOI. Draw into Assessments and gas with NEH ability, punish them for challenging you, and score if they durdle


I guess you could play Inversificator for free too, but that card isn’t quite as prevalent post MWL. If it was off the MWL it would probably be an ideal second target for credit kiting.

I like the Threat Assessment Angle.

Also, the fact that Weyland now has an in faction Snare! of sorts is still kind of blowing my mind. Especially since Wake Up Call was just last pack. I think they are really pushing out some nasty Green Cards this cycle and I am loving it (for now).

Exciting times!


That Weyland ambush seems horrible. It does exactly nothing if the Runner has a few bucks; it disincentives playing Hostile Takeover. Compare to News Team and Breached Dome. This ambush needed to trigger from Archives to have even the remote chance of being playable, IMO.

Cards like Breached Dome that can soft protect Archives are very good for the game, IMO. They create a good element of danger and thinking to the checking of Archives, and create bluff potential for Corp. this is a more interesting way for the Corp to protect Archives than ICE

NBN reprisal is so much better than Wake Up Call, and this long awaited ambush is a whiff IMO. The design teams seeming blind spot when it comes to a Weyland is still frustrating me, 5 years into the game.


Huh. So, uh… this just happened. (The final pack of Kitara got spoiled somehow.)




Mlinzi is possibly more broken than FC3… wtf?? Non unique too

Zero seems busted good in Clan Vengeance decks

Kasi is not 1 per deck, potentially 3 free points against naked assets (granted click intensive)

This feels like a Damon pack, I love it.


My example equated it to snare for a reason. You will certainly have to pay into it for it to fire most of the time. However unlike Snare! you can at least force a tax regardless of your credit total and the amount you pay is flexible.

Forcing the runner down 4 and then hitting them with an economic warfare + hard hitting news sounds pretty back breaking.

It is also an upgrade ambush. So you can do some never advance with it.


Good lord False Flag is terrible. 1 tag per 2 advancements is already a drastically worse Ghost Branch (a card that already doesn’t see play at all). Trashing for 2 is also stupidly low for the bargain-basement power level of the card. Beyond that, if you advance it 7 times, sinking a whole 3 turns of not doing a damn thing… you can then pay 2 credits to rez it, and then use a click to score a whopping three fucking points. The joke on the card that it’s imitating G-Takeover is funny, because when you’re done advancing it you’ve actually spent the full 9 credits a Government Takeover would have taken you, except you only get 1/2 the points. It’s nice the runner can’t get the points when accessing, like a real agenda, but this this is craaaaaaazy slow, and craaaaaazy expensive for what it does.


What about some Dedication Ceremony?


The climax of the Kitara cycle is insane. Siphon Boogaloo, a fake Government Takeover, 2 tag Scorch, a mother***ing glacier KILLBOT, what isn’t to love?

Jinteki ID: I assume the purpose is to make the runner have to fight your scary ICE that they didn’t know about? It’s funny: We have Black Tree, had White Tree, and now we have Red Tree.

NBN Agenda is great, operation is inf free Economic Warfare but you need tags, seems good.

HB More NEXT is great, Reprisal is groovy, especially for CybDiv.

Shaper has Kabonesa and kit support, Anarch Yusuf suite confirmed. Hardware is a little scary, methinks Zero is a little OP with Clan nonsense. Hippo is parasite 2, but cant be countered and somewhat telegraphed. Also only works on outer, so I think its ok.

Criminal ahhhhhhhh. Siphon 2, mini Tapwrm (amazing flavor text), Mega decoder, probably support for Credit Kiting.

Great pack, hype is real.


Econ denial by a thousand cuts seems to be the theme for Crim here.


Huh, I wonder if this is going to be a pattern for mini-runners.

Apex has a card in packs 1 and 4
Adam has a card in pack 2
Sunny has a card in pack 6.

So I’m betting that Sunny will have another card in pack 3, and then Adam again in pack 5.


Crim decoder breaks Tracker and FC3 for 4 bucks which is pretty insane


Looks like some reasonable stuff. Really like Flame Out, obviously works with the new Shaper, also Reclaim.

The Shaper decoder also looks pretty solid btw. Like a less rubbish Mass Driver that doesn’t need to be played in Kit.

Can someone please clarify at what point the runnner approaches a server. If it’s after passing all ICE, then the new Jinteki ID looks pretty good.

I’m also digging Kasi String, though I doubt it’s really that great. Mostly a meta card, but it goes in my Notoriety + Lib-Chela deck too perhaps.


For the people hating on Credit Kiting, notice that the Criminal breaker spoiled in the final pack is pretty darn expensive to install but is also pretty good. If we see a new suite of Criminal breakers that are expensive up front but really good at denying the Corp money and efficient at breaking ice, Kiting suddenly looks a lot more appetizing.


False Flag enables a scoring plan where you get to 7 points via scoring assets only (2 False Flags + 1 Public Support). It will likely be scored using some combination of Dedication Ceremony, Mumbad Construction Co. and any other tricks, in a Gagarin deck. Scoring assets means you can search for them with Tech Startup or Executive Boot Camp and you are immune to Clot. Not sure how strong this will be, but I think False Flag is definitely meant to be scored with tricks instead of the hard way.