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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


I would assume yes. DDoS worked on the next ICE when you trashed the outermost.


T1 IAA Obokata. Run it for Cortex lock or Aiki ? :slight_smile:

Don’t forget best nets you can snipe as a corp are T1, since the cards you can get comes from a mulligan. If the runner trash his hand in early game, trading this for 3 agenda points is actually a risk you can take (depending a lot on what you have in hand).

I did that quite a few times, this risk won me more games than I lost: this is an extreme version of Jinteki love affair theory.


Am I misreading something? NRDB says:

Once per turn, when the Runner approaches a server, you may install a piece of ice protecting that server in the outermost position, ignoring all costs. The Runner is now approaching that ice.

If the ID says outermost, the innermost piece of ice doesn’t change.


I’m reading the text on the card called Mti Mwekundu (bottom left in image) from the recent spoilers:

I don’t know what NRDB says.

Edit: Made image a spoiler for those who are worried about such things.


I think the text on NetrunnerDB is in error. Looks like it says innermost to me too.

I’ll suggest an edit on the GitHub page to fix it.


You can survive Cortex Lock, but Mlinzi (the new Jinteki ICE in the same pack) can kill you - or blow 9 (!) cards off your stack. Which is ridiculous in itself, and now is potentially on every server.


Well, I intended the response to be about asset spam, which 1st turn IAA Obokata Protocol is clearly not. Given that however, if you do as you describe and rez anything but vanilla, it’ll be another two turns before you can score that Obokata Protocol. Also, an Aiki doesn’t prevent the runner from stealing it if they win the psi game.

In that situation, we’re probably looking at 4 net and 3 off the top in return for the corp going near to broke and having spent what’s likely their only damaging ice. It hurts, but it also hurts the corp.


Yeah I think you’re right that the optimal runner strategy is to force a rez and faceplant it. That’s still a lot of t1 value for the corp though and I think its probably still busto.


Don’t forget Brainstorm

And if you want an early agenda, mushin no shin

Install Special Offer on your turn and keep the ice that does the work in hand. https://netrunnerdb.com/find/?q=Special+offer

I’m gonna keep going. Remember Melange Mining Corp? Fell out of favour because not worth naked install, even if you got away with it for one turn it was just a hedge fund. This ID lets you click it after getting away with the naked install and still be able to protect it afterwards. It doesn’t cost influence like Commercial bankers and it won’t turn off after you ice it with the ID ability


You’re right, but each time the runner did not mulligan, and I could Shipment + 3/2 after, or having a plan to score quickly after, letting them pay lots of their starting cards is priceless… This kind of move kills the runner momentum.
Anyway, sure, this is a hothead move. It’s just one weapon among many. :wink: I’m not sure but I do not see people using this much.


Mlinzi is busted as hell, better than DNA Tracker IMO because you could dodge the credit hit if you wanted to tempt a Rez and eat some damage. There’s no way around Mlinzi terrorizing your hand and/or stack. That ICE is nuts and should have been unique


Someone in my local meta told me he thought it meant you basically only shuffle around ICE already protecting that server. I think he’s correct, as it doesn’t say “install ICE from HQ”.


Nice catch, we’ll need a FAQ/UFAQ for that one to be sure…


But that’s not the wording for moving ice. You can see cards like Sunset that do that and they don’t say install.
It also doesn’t mean to install from archives, because it would have to explicitly call out archives if that’s what it meant.
So why does HQ not need to be mentioned? Because the normal way to install a card is to install it from HQ.


I was thinking about the same thing yesterday. Milling 15-20% of the Runner deck is very strong : if that triggers, there is at least 7 cards put in the heap (5 nets + 2 stack discard from 1st).
Will replace all DNA / Komainu by Aiki / Mlinzi in my Thousand cut decks.

Not sure Palana is still great compared to MTI running that, Cricks and PADs.


idk man, FFG’s templating is terrible. Have a look at this: Bloom

(Also, lots of other examples where HQ is explicitly mentioned for some reason, and the only other effect I found “swaps” ICE, which this wouldn’t do, you just install in between if that makes sense)


Oh. My. Gosh.

Do I got MTI wrong since the begining ?

“Once per turn, when the Runner approaches a server, you may install a piece of ice protecting that server in the innermost position, ignoring all costs. The Runner is now approaching that ice.”

It seems that “once per turn, an installed ice in the server he runs moves innnermost and the runner must break a second time”, no ?

I though it was “once per turn, install an ice from HQ innermost in a runned server ?” but the card actually say “protecting that server” ?

That means the ID is more in the kind of Midori (minus HQ swap) than a free install I was fantasying about ?


Yeah, that’s my take on it as well. To clarify, we have seen swap and rearrange effects, and Redtree does neither, instead if allows you to move one (already installed) ICE to a specific position (if I am reading it correctly). The “installed” in the first part of the sentence leads me to believe that my reading is correct though.


Oh. Then the ID is actually semi-crap :confused: (unless playing Midori moves which won me a few games, but is very erratic to play).

So, this is definitly where you play Aiki, Crick, Inazuma, TL;DR and Susano I guess. And maybe a few Bioroid.

Now the question I’d have is whether or not Quicksand lose its counters if you install “from” somewhere it is installed. I’m really not sure but if it lose the counters (or advancements on space ice) then the ID is crap.


I don’t know why it would, it doesn’t leave play so it keeps them. Quicksand counters remain even after derez.