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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


It reminds me of Apex trying to trash corp cards… That Chiyashi you have rezzed, I use it to prevent some damage… that was Worlds 2016 right?


Indeed it was, but as silly as it was, it was in service to a serious point: FFG templating has left a huge portion of the game open to interpretation, and we are frequently at the whim of FAQ and errata to clarify what cards actually do (I’m looking at you, Standoff).

This is another instance of the same thing, can we just template everything to use the same phrasing, or at least get new cards onto the same standard? These inconsistencies do cause real confusion, and sometimes games played by inconsistent and seemingly arbitrary rules (e.g. CtM v Slums).


Really this red tree thing is just a click compression bit. Not much to freak out about


I think the Standoff debacle highlights that they sometimes have no idea what their cards are supposed do, let alone how to phrase those effects unambiguously.



‘Install’ means ‘From HQ’.

Case closed, move on. :wink:

(Not actually an official, though.)


This is actually not the best example you could find. Beside HQ, you can’t install from archives, there.

On the rules thread, @Absotively talks about Modded & Shipement from Mirrormorph which are better examples.


I think looking to really old cards isn’t gonna help us. At some point installing simply meant “from HQ” because insfall “from archives” hadn’t been invented yet.

So pointing at these old cards is a red herring in terms of FFG’s templating, I think.


This is because they were from the first cards with install effects ever.
(Core 1 #35 for Modded, and Core 1 #60 for Mirrormorph).

Usually, when this comes from Archives/Stack, it is said clearly, so I won’t continue to seek something in this direction.
I still “beleive” this is CDE but I have to admit both explanations stands.

It’s strange, because if it were A+B, there is actually simpler way to explain this, like texts inspired from Caprice mixed with AG :
“Once per turn, whenever the Runner passes all of the ice protecting a server, the corp may install an ice in the innermost position of this server at no cost. The Runner approach that ice.”

Now they got that quantic text. That’s a build-in-nerf conspiracy ?


So why does the Revised Core printing of Shipment from MirrorMorph not specify where the install is from, when it definitely installs from HQ?

Because I’m pretty sure that one doesn’t install from Archives.

(Note that NBN: Making News text did change slightly in the Revised printing.)


You might notice that the text box on mti is actually already very full


Doesn’t stand : they’ve got 192 signs and this A+B fix put 188 and yet I could actually cut this with “when”, cut some “the” and use commas to avoid upper cases.

The C+D+E fix would cost them 2 signs (reinstall instead of install).

Corp ID can be longer : AGInfusion is 198 signs and SSO is 197 for exemple.

Cards could use better attention for writing especially with complicated effects : this makes them lose their time ruling stuff. Too bad that we’ll have to wait lots of DP for this one to know if the cat is dead or alive.


From the Corporation basic actions: “Click: Install an agenda, asset, upgrade, or piece of ice.” Why haven’t we been arguing that you can install things from anywhere or rearrange ICE with a click as a basic action? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: HQ is assumed when a zone isn’t specified. This is true for many, many cards (Shipment from Mirromorph, Lateral Growth, etc. etc. etc.).


Install a News Hound from your left neighbor’s HQ, if your right neighbor has a current active News Hound gains “End the run” until they finish their game?


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready for Netrunner Unglued.


Sure. But don’t take those old rules by the letter, or else reading those rules leads to infiny clone chips for runners : “Clic: Install from, well doesn’t care, just install”.

Scan these and do tell where installing a card for the runner specifies grip or hand ?


3x Reclaim
3x Same Old Thing
3x Diversion of Funds
3x say Emergency Shutdown

Good Stuff Crim is back, dudes.

Gosh, “virtual”. Great. You can now Black File forever. Dang, not even that :confused:


My point is exactly that we have never taken the old rules by the letter, we’ve understood that they imply installs come from grip/HQ unless stated otherwise. The fact that we do not use a basic actions to install cards from Heap/Archives affirms this.


Cards comes from HQ for the basic install action for the corp, and for the runner from ??? is what is written in rules.

(I’d happilly move on to a discussion like “hey, what will be the unsleeved man’s card, is this for this cycle ?” or “omg, that nombo is so op”, since we will know what this card is about in monthes or something)

I’m thinking about what opens hardware recursion with Reclaim since that virtual ressource recursion only is meh. I was thinking about some crash test dummy decks, until I realize the said dummy rotated out :confused:

Cool crash anyway. Can’t die if Larla-ing.

Hardware recursion was something I wanted since C&C, but it actually lost a lot of its power with Kate out and the rotation :confused:


Given this reply from @jakodrako in the rules question thread, I think we can settle that Mti installs ice from HQ.

It seems really strong to me and definitely hits early run-pressure runners pretty hard with Jinteki’s spiky ice. We will see how it plays out.


I made a new Jinteki card for this great expansion, which I love.