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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


That NBN card is gonna be pretty fun for Palana :slight_smile:


Looks pretty good. A lot of the cards look insane!

White Hat looks really powerful (but also a probably frustrating to play against)

Marathon looks really strong vs PE and asset spam decks.

Corporate Grant seems good, and seems to push the whole blue shaper thing a bit more (not my favourite way to play criminal).

I also like Crypt, and reckon it could be pretty good as a tutor for the virus breakers if you pack a few suckers. Pity Tapwyrm is now on the MWL.

Kuwhinda is cool, there might even be something in forcing multiple BD using it with the current if you can find enough money.

I thought Code Replicator was our new upgrade overlord until I realised it said approach not encounter. Probably still good though, especially with RM back in the game.

The Weyland cards all look solid. Trojan horse is scary, and Armed Intimidation is coming to a cheesy Mushin deck near you.

I also thought TechnoCo was pretty alarming before I realised it only hits virtual resources. If you can still set up your economy before running it, then it seems perfectly fair.


i agree with you for the most part, but am i the only one who thinks that Crypt is a trap?

its best case is probably that new Anarch event that just puts 3 virus counters on something, but then you’re looking at a 2-card combo when you probably could have drawn your virus by now anyway

a cyberdex in archives totally shuts this down too

idk, i’m not feeling it at all.


I like that Reverse Infection is a hate card with some general utility in games without viruses, but i still feel the other effect is a little underpowered for it to be an amazing design
edit: this is why i like the idea of aaron maron, but the fact that in practice it was overpowered is probably why this card is how it is


I think tech cards are better if they are of the power level that Reverse Infection is. If the runner has a deck that is running viruses, Reverse Infection can be quite good. If not, you still get a couple of credits when you draw it. If you got three credits from the second ability, it would be a power creeping of Beanstalk Royalties (albeit in a different faction).

Aaron was bad design because it allowed the runner to accumulate the tokens. The usual way to get rid of resources requires the runner to be tagged. The fact that Aaron’s very ability negates that at instant speed was not good design. Even if you didn’t come up against a deck that was actively trying to tag you, Aaron would still allow you to draw at least five cards in the average game. This puts it on the level of Quality Time over the course of a game but you get to draw them at instant speed whenever it suits you most. And then when you combine it with Account Siphon…


If it’s not unique, it’s a cheap virus counter generator. This may be your datasucker / djinn for those new breakers.
2/10 imo (too many moving parts, and jammed if the corp ice archives), 3/10 in Omar.

Now I’d want to know what happens with an Omar reversing the idea by expecting CybDex in archives, fielding VGBs, and Acacia.

Run there, trash Acacia, gain 10-20-30c, maybe Reclaim them, then move to other centrals.


Sure, but DS cause MU problems I think.
I think we agree that we’re talking about a stupid rig.

If each of that breaker suite cost 2MU, then you’ll have to find just a single 1x Progenitor OR a single 1xMaw (alt: Gauntlet) and you’re in conditions, instead of looking for 3x2MU + another 3x1 (which is lots of time digging in your stack).

Then Aumakua is better than DS, since lifting a counter off DS doesn’t make any better job than Yusuf / Musaazi / WhateverWillBeTheDecoderName pumping (at least against ice like Lotus Field).

VGB are mandatory there I think, but I’m not sure you can put any more moving parts than VGB/Acacia. Progen or Maw or Gauntlet as your console, and go. I think you should pick 2 and stick to these.

Then, in that deck, Crypt becomes your 0-inf-but-kinda-sucks SMC. Each run on central / remotes gives you 3 counters trhough the breakers, + 3 VGB a turn + maybe those you keep on Crypts. More than enough I think.

A long time ago I tested that kind of house of cards in a Quetzal DarwinSucker. This was too slow (unless a 40 card Anarch pops up : Quetzal screams “please reprint me as a 40 card ID”.).

After that, you break everywhere for 0. Which is fine until you fight SnareSpam (corp stops investing in ice then always can afford their snares) :slight_smile:


CardGameDB has visual spoilers for Council, for those who want to see 'em.


So where does Anansi sit in terms of big, bad Jinteki pieces of ICE? There are three now - Chiyashi (barrier), DNA Tracker (code gate) and Anansi (sentry).

Chiyashi is probably too expensive if you are looking at 4 net damage on facecheck and 7 credits to break with paperclip from then on. For this ICE to be good, I think you have to be expecting the runner to have an AI installed and to mill they stack.

DNA Tracker has been a staple of Jinteki ICE since release. It costs a moderate amount to rez but the facecheck is brutal to the runner’s tempo and all subsequent breakings of this ICE will cost about 7 credits each time (Gordian Blade assumed).

Anansi has a better facecheck than Chiyashi and maybe slightly worse than DNA Tracker. However, I think this ICE is really strong in terms of repeated breakings. Many decks in the current meta really struggle to break high strength sentries especially the ones only running Femme (funnily enough even femme’ing this ICE still triggers 3 net damage to get past it). Even MK Ultra is going to cost you 9 credits every time.

Maybe I am thinking the ICE is better than it really is, but I think the big impact Anansi is going to make is forcing runners into respecting high strength sentries again and change their deck accordingly.


It looks even more powerful on R&D. Time to dust off D4v1d, Faerie and Atman ?


There was a time when it was safe to face check as long as you had a killer installed. DNA Tracker and Fairchild 3.0 ended that.

At least these new Jinteki beasts are killers, but they break a cardinal rule: if an ice is a brutal facecheck, it shouldn’t be a brutal taxer or end the run. See Komainu for the gold standard.

Anarchs with 3 D4vid and Hippos, and Smoke with Switchblade may be the norm this cycle. Mainly the Anarchs of course.


Thinking about Hippo in Rielle, with ou without Echer.


The Devil and the Dragon has a US release date of 4/5, according to Upcoming.


My early opinion is that it’s just about Fairchild 3.0 level nutso.


I really really like Tennin and until we get spoilers I am so so excited about the possibility of us getting some sweet Weyland ice that works good in Tennin, given than SSO is coming out and I figure they are going to print some cool advanceable stuff to go along with that ID.

Think of me when spoilers come out and we happen to get an ice that is reasonably costed (or not, I’m truthfully not that picky) that gets subroutines equal to the number of advancements that is less than 3 influence.


…and then it turns out to be an ETR barrier and everyone is sad.


…but not surprised.


Tennin is fine with end the run barriers!


The lack of full spoilers for pack 4 is killing me. I need my spoiler fix!


I think Oduduwa is nice especially for Tennin as it has an encounter effect, but 5 inf… uh…