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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


I’m certainly going to be jamming out casual games with at least 1x Oduduwa… Hard to resist!


Spoilers have been shared.


Sees Endless EULA



So, if you apocalypse with consume out, do you place a load of counters and then flip (for crazy assimilator synergy) or do you just flip?


Also just generally wow!

Bio vault and Rashida are both nuts! The new trap ice looks juicy too.

Brain damage / hand size decks might also finally hit ‘good meta choice’ status.

Citadel sanctuary is also looking more and more like crim’s best card.

Shaper Program also looks really solid.


I think other than Pachinko, every legal barrier NBN has is better than every barrier Weyland has, and this new one is certainly no exception =P


Dies to Para…- oh wait!


Place counters on trashing corp boardstate, then flip.


overall a great pack

start packing some link, y’all


Desperado is back. Now it’s just Knobkierie (anarch console, place a virus counter every successful run) and Cache.


Knobkierie is only on the first successful run per turn, though.

Is Rogue Trading/Citadel Sanctuary as big a deal as I think it is?


Knobkierie only triggers once per turn.


Sanctuary just got a counter in the resource blanking HB asset. And you can rez it after their last click.


“Knobkierie only triggers once per turn.”

Goddamnit, it does say that right on the card, doesn’t it.
Still, if you have 3 Caches installed, it’s totally legit run-based econ. Just needs 4 easy-to-install pieces…


Still only one virus per turn.

The card you’re looking for is Imp


Is “Combos with Friday Chip” is the new “Probably not competitive”?


If it only combos with Friday Chip, yes.


Whispers in Nalubaale, pack #5 of Kitara, has a US release date of 5/3.


Since this is the last unspoiled pack, any speculation about what might be left in Kitara? Jinteki reprisal? Another tracey Upgrade Ambush or two? I had been hoping for an Anarch decoder, but it seems more likely that each Runner will only be getting its two best breaker types this cycle.


Just working from assumptions of more-or-less even distribution of iconic cards (which is absolutely not necessarily true but as a non-scooplord I make do with what I’ve got)–

Sunny gets two fancy new hats this cycle, Apex gets two Apex cards, but Adam’s only gotten one new toy so far (doozy though it is). So, I bet that Adam gets another card.

Looking at 5-influence cards by faction, Adam, Crim, and Shaper each have one while the other factions all have two. Adam’s hypothetical second card makes sense at 5 influence (all the mini-faction cards have been 5 inf this cycle). Given that there are 5(!) 5-influence cards in the last pack, and there were 3 5-influence cards in The Devil and the Dragon, it doesn’t seem crazy to have 3 5-pippers in this pack.

We’ve only seen 5 icebreakers in this cycle, which seems a little low. Clicking through NRDB by cycle looks like most cycles have at least 6 or 7. Even though Shaper got the pirate monsters, I’m guessing they’ll get another breaker so that all the factions end up with 2.

Agendas are pretty evenly dealt out so far, but HB needs a 4/2 to make things square.

Not sure what else we could hope to deduce. Every faction has gotten a new ID this cycle, so I’d be surprised to see another ID (then again, Anarch got an extra ID in Flashpoint, so who knows).

edit: Also since we got the announcement from FFGOP that there will be no new MWL for regionals, I’d be a little surprised if we saw anything totally bonkers in this pack.