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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


Eh, I’m not sure I want to extend my credit that far yet. However, based on the rest of this cycle, I’d be surprised if anything too bonkers was released just on relative power level alone.


I actually kind of wonder if there’s something else for SSO in that pack. Everything so far for Weyland in this cycle feels a bit… scattershot? Supporting all sorts of different themes, but at least when a new ID comes out, it usually has cards in that pack/cycle that specifically are themed towards it. And there… well, isn’t, other than City Works Project. Maybe a piece of ICE, since they’ve only seen two so far. Perhaps something that gets nastier if protecting a face-up agenda or rezzed asset? (Which could be nice to help protect those Urban Renewals from earlier in the cycle.)


One of the leaks that had Rogue Trading and Emergent Creativity also mentioned the other Adam card being a 0 cost resource with “trash: bypass the currently encountered ice. lose all unspent clicks”.


I think Jinteki’s reprisal card is in Reign and Reverie


Does Hangteki end up in the same category as The Board? Cards that prevent the other side from winning, but don’t do much to move you toward winning tend to be overlooked/passed up/become part of the Binder Corporation.


News Team may be a more apt comparison.

The runner can choose an alternate option, which depending on the game state could be very bad and trigger a quick win for the corp, but most of the time they will just take -1 point.

Depending on the corp strategy, it can be quite good, but it doesn’t just slot into any deck.


I think Hangeki goes into a six-agenda Harmony Medtech deck. It fills mostly the same role as Shi.Kyu, but with two advantages. Hangeki can win the game outright if the runner chooses to access a lethal card, and Hangeki is proactive rather than access based.

Hangeki is much more consistent in setting up the Runner having to find three of the already elusive six agendas to win - a Corp advantage that is not insignificant.

EDIT: I originally misread BubbaTheGoat’s post. My response still stands, but more in support than as a counterpoint I thought I was making. Reading is fundamental. :wink:


Hangeki may be also useful for a deck which plays a lot of small agendas and aims to kill the runner with Philotic Entanglement.


I just realized you can earn bonus style if you direct Hangeki to a Shi.Kyu, virtually guaranteeing the -1 agenda point.


Hangeki onto Psychic Field seems good in most scenarios. Lose the Psi game and then get Neural’d? Or Snare if they’re on fewer than 3 cards. Or even just some random card if they’re below 3, they’ll probably assume it’s a Snare and take the -1 point.

Against Anarch you’ll need a real trap though. Turn a failed Junebug into -1 point. Or even a triple-advanced Philotic Entanglement for the truly bold play.

Edit: I’ll be disappointed if there’s no virus decoder in this pack. :frowning:


I’m really hoping for some additional Shaper cards (or neutral) that benefits you financially for breaking all subs on a piece of ice. Smoke and Wu could use some more money to help compete with NGO, Economic Warfare, HHN, and the like. All of their traditional economy engine cards are on the MWL, which is rough when it’s competing for Film Critic, Strike, Clone Chip, etc. :frowning:


Sixth pack is going to benefit Wu greatly (Reclaim/Flame out), but that’s true for every faction really (Criminal gets new Siphon, Anarch gets neo-Parasite, Weyland gets super-boom, etc.)


Whispers scoops:


Not only was the (great) Adam spoiler on point, we’re getting Parasite 2.0 :open_mouth:


am I the only one that finds trypano less interesting than parasite? I get parasite has problems, and those problems partially rise out of what made it interesting, but it interacted with strength, so made the ice you chose matter a lot more, and still did stuff even without trashing. Trypano just feels kinda bland. I get its a hard card to make interesting and balanced, but still
edit: also datasucker being the main way to speed up parasite was really interactive, trypano doesn’t have that with any cards that wouldn’t also target parasite


So these are pretty cool. Hot takes:

New Beta Test looks pretty good. HB rush here I come (again)! /shame the other HB stuff doesn’t seem as good. Maybe the ICE will find a home, it’s decent vs MKultra, and a better facecheck than Ichi.

Laamb is the nuts! - I could even see quetzal getting a run out off the back of it (probably not, but the Surfer synergy is real, and the card crushes big barriers) - on reflection, may be too dependent on not running into a load of IP blocks and vanillas.

Slipstream also looks strong, but only in the right deck - probably Apoc-Steve.

Embezzle seems good too. With diversion of funds coming soon though, HQ might be too locked down.

Masvingo - Anyone remember Tyrant? No, me neither. Either way, it’s no coincidence that this appears in the same pack as:

Trypano - The parasite replacement, will definitely be good, and even better with support. Seems unlikely to travel, but could have enough of an impact to change the way we look at ICE like Kagugo (expensive, no facecheck). In which case:

Envelope - Barrier that hurts, slightly more taxing in terms of creds. Will almost certainly still be overshadowed by Kagugo.

New Adam card looks really good, shame you can’t Apoc / Shutdown etc. with it (aside from through Comet?).

All the other cards are either NBN, in which I have no interest, or stuff we’ve already seen. Special mention to Compile which I’d forgotten about and which seems pretty good. even better with the upcoming flameout.

Edit: the ethiopian distance hardware seems alright too. Probably good if Laamb becomes a thing, otherwise I’m not sure where I’d put it.

Edit 2: popcorn at the ready for the Masvingo flavour text discussion


if there’s drama over something as simple as recognising that people exist who use pronouns outside she/he then I’m honestly leaving this community. It may seems like a small and easy thing for ffg to do, but it means a lot to the people affected by it, so I’m glad they did. And if anyone wants to “hur dur two genders” I will gladly throw any gender theory book at them for being a pathetic troll


Is it just me or does Embezzle seem strong? Honestly seems stronger than new Siphon; I must be crazy.


The releases we’re getting now are still from the back end of last year. Wizards still used the old Chicago style guide. I don’t know how much this affects Netrunner, but WotC does publish it, so maybe.

MTG officially moved back to using they literally this weekend (hooray) so hopefully the new cycle, possibly R&R, but I’ve not looked at those.

EDIT: Also, Embezzle does seem absurd. I’m definitely be on it.


Trypano can be installed om unrezzed ice… Hivemind anyone? Instakill also possible as with parasite.Since the tokens on hivemind dont have to be spent : Clonechip to annihilate servers…
Where does the money on jackpot come from? Bank or creditpool?
Gebreselassi is whole turn’