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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


Coins for Jackpot come from the bank like every other card that doesn’t specify. (Cold Read, Corporate Sales Team.)

Gebr-: says until end of turn.

I’m loving the Clone Chip/Hive Mind combo. I imagine you can get a lot of work done with that, and it might end up getting one of Hivemind or Trypano restricted to stop it happening.

Trypano is fine. “3: Trash any Ice” is not.


All you guys freaking out about Hivemind and Trypano - do you not remember that Parasite and Hivemind were legal at the same time? Remember all those Parasite + Hivemind decks tearing up the meta? Yeah, me neither. Also, you don’t even really have payoff now since Medium rotated.


The difference is that Parasite + Datasucker was the combo instead. How many decks played these with Close Chip back in the day? (Genuine question.)


Sure, but that doesn’t change the fact that you could have done Parasite and Hivemind. Since Para + Hive is better than Trypano + Hive, don’t you think that if Para + Hive was actually obnoxious then it would have come up? Datasucker is significantly easier to charge than Hivemind and has way more synergies, it’s not comparable.


But that’s my point. There’s no point playing Hivemind when Sucker does the job so much better, and both cards are legal.

Sucker doesn’t do anything here, but Hivemind just turns Trypano and any Clone Chips into just “Trash an installed Ice”.

I’m sure if Parasite was legal nobody would look at this card, but it’s not.


We all thought Credit Kiting would be the new siphon, but it wasn’t. We all thought Hippo would be the new Parasite, but it wasn’t. Spoiler game on point, FFG! :wink:


Yeah, but you’re saying that this is something that might get Trypano or Hivemind restricted. What I’m saying is that the Parasite/Hivemind interaction is almost identical to Trypano/Hivemind, except a little better. My point is that if this combo existed before rotation and wasn’t powerful enough to even see play, what makes you think a worse version of it is going to be a game-warping problem now?


Because people were already playing it with Datasucker, and Parasite got hit by the MWL. Datasucker was so significantly better that Hivemind didn’t get a look in.


I guarantee you that people tried it. I definitely did!


Hippo will be a better Parasite replacement than Trypano. Also, very excited about Embezzle. Runner crim may be back.


It’s cool that they wanted to keep parasite’s ICE trashing ability but knew how problematic it was to tie that to ICE strength (in terms of keeping the viable design space open). It would also have been neat if they printed a card that kept the strength-reduction aspect but didn’t trash on hitting 0.

I liked that as a way to use Parasite (enabling Mimic/Yog/Morning Star), but it was clearly just never going to be as good as trashing the ICE outright.




Partial credit: Logic Bomb is 5 influence, at least.

He’s heating up

He’s on fire!

So I guess that time will tell on Trypano. Will be interesting to see how disruptive Freedom Khumalo is. My sense is that Val with Mining Accident is better at handling horizontal decks and Kim has been trashing operations for years, so the biggest differentiator for Freedom is hosing ICE from centrals (meh) and putting agendas into Archives (for scooping with mad dash/FTE/avoiding the need for Film Critic by winning in a single access). If Freedom decks turn out to be really nutty, people will just play a mix of CVS and/or Reverse Infection and be done with it.


I think between Compile and Reclaim I’m really starting to buy into the idea that FFG is planning on rotating out Creation and Control, perhaps when they release R&R. They’re pretty much more balanced versions of SMC and Clone Chip.


I’d definitely like to see the deluxes rotate. The power levels are just all over the place; C5C is full of problem cards, most of the other boxes carry a huge amount of deadweight which is inexcusable in cards that are eternal, as they end up being nothing more than a burden (money and familiarity) on new players.

The biggest difficulty is the mini factions, but that’s a little way down the line and they could be brought in through another reign and revere type box, (either adding one more or with a minifaction corp - probably the government?).

A different mildish hot take - The mini factions were a mistake

Not to mention Engolo, aka Kit.exe, aka The Transmigration of Rielle Peddler.
An arguably fitting end for our favorite transhumanist.


I, like everyone, would love to see the Deluxe Boxes rotate. Not to mention much shorter rotation cycles, of course.
However, I feel like the mini-factions are a cool/colorful part of the game that a lot of fun design has gone into. Not to mention how many people have such love for them. I wouldn’t mind seeing exact reprints of the three ID’s in the new box that replaces the ones they rotate out. They feel like they should be an eternal part of the game. There is certainly no harm in it either.


It’d take more than that, though. Adam can’t play with only one directive, and it wouldn’t be that easy to build legal decks for Sunny or Apex either with the loss of so many neutrals and all but three or so in-faction cards.


Wild idea: FFG announces that all the faction-specific big boxes (C&C, H&P, O&C, D&D) are rotating in the relatively near future.

FFG also (simultaneously) announces the upcoming release of a new all-faction big box. Let’s call it “Hackers and History”. Said big box contains a “best of” from the rotating big boxes, similar to what was done with Core 2.0. This plan enables many beloved cards to be saved, and trash on either side of the power bell curve to be removed from the game. The minifactions (and many/all of their in-faction cards) would obviously be saved.


This is a great idea. Hopefully Bogg’s stimhack shadow account is reading this thread :slight_smile:


I’m equally hopeful that we rotate down to only 2-3 all faction big boxes instead of the 5 (including TD) we have now. I’m hopeful that after R&R we get a best of like you suggested which saves a portion of the cards from the current deluxes and introduces rotation of big boxes. That said, I think even the “saved cards” box should rotate eventually.

As per saving the mini’s in it I think it’s a bad idea to do it in a deluxe. They were half of a deluxe, and that would leave a very small amount of cards spots left to reprint older deluxe cards in.

That said @Kesterer had a great idea in another thread (link to that post) of saving mini’s through a new campaign box which has only the mini-faction cards from D&D as tournament legal cards. The mini-factions have such a rich lore surrounding them there’d be plenty of narrative to explore in a new campaign box. Alternatively, FFG could just print a data pack with those cards (20 unique mini faction cards + IDs) in it and sell it for the standard $15 for new players that want it post rotation of D&D.