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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


I hate TD because it only supports two factions from each side. Super frustrating.

A new TD might actually help with the mini-faction rotation thing. NBN/Jinteki Vs Anarch/Mini factions.

Might be hard to implement.


only?? did you mean to emphasize that?

all the other big boxes but R&R and D&D only support one faction each side


Yeah, but now they’re all even because they all got a box. Another TD could solve that, but that’s again more big boxes people need to buy.


Beginners love buying big boxes though! They’re more approachable than datapacks, because there’s so many different packs that you don’t know where to start. I also think they’ll start rotating out the big boxes, simply so they can print more without the game imploding under its own weight.


I like Big Boxes, I just want them to be like R&R.


I like big boxes, I cannot deny.


I personally like the Game of Thrones style deluxe, which does a deep dive on one faction but also includes 2 cards from each other faction.


I’d like that. It would also allow FFG to improve the campaign mode, implementing some improvements based on the feedback they received for TD.


It’s not super surprising, since it follows the release pattern so far, but Kampala Ascendent has a US release date of 5/31.