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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


Cyberdelia text says : (…) each turn (…).

My guess : won’t see play.


It’s the cheapest 1 MU chip atm though : cost 3c, WILL refund 1c (unless you lose before), and maybe refund more.

I think it may replace any chip shapers already plays (aka not so much). I don’t understand the 3 inf cost, should cost no more than 2 ?


Setup of By any means is very hard to make it harmless I think ?

The one runner card that is a concern to me is that new 419 Crim console. Triple GPI and that, couple of au revoir and TTW, and you make Aumakua Silhouette a runner again.


By Any Mean, have a Jargo Mercs or a Hopper and enjoy ! Add an Hyperdriver and get a Keyhole feeling.


Or just play imp ?


Not excited about the slightly increased probability of crim becoming “the expose faction”.


They look like some pretty cool cards!

Weyland gets some nice stuff with Reconstruction Contract, and I really dig Puffer, pity it’s 4 inf as it would be great out of faction. Like wise, once per turn really takes a lot of shine off of Cyberdelia.

The NBN upgrade looks insane too.

That said, I think corps need something beyond FA to compete with the top shapers.

Interesting how both breakers are MU hogs. I wonder is this will be a theme.


yeah, i miss zaibatsu loyalty, too


I’m liking this theme of a Weyland deck that’s a bunch of ticking bombs. Mess with them, and they’ll explode in your face (Wake-Up Call). If you don’t stop them in time, they’ll explode in your face. This could be SSO’s game plan? Put enough threats on the board that the runner can’t deal with, and one will slip through?

Reconstruction Contract could be a interesting way to get a Contract Killer to fire after you chunk the runner for some damage. I wonder if PSF could actually work it’s way back into a deck if you can actually land tags on the runner. (HHN?). All that single meat damage from it could actually be fueling your FA options. Maybe to score a Cleaners, and THEN put the runner down?

Wake-Up Call could be also fun if you’re running Commercial Bankers. They might be less inclined to run it to deny you credits if it means their expensive toys could explode too.


One of the cards missing from the spoiler album, an HB ID, is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Netrunner/comments/7lk36r/another_kitara_spoiler_from_sovereign_sight/


Looks pretty decent! I was wondering wether the number of revealed cards added up to 20. Isn’t the new Apex card (Assimilator?) in this pack?


Supposedly it is, but they didn’t post a picture of it in the spoilers for some reason.

Word is that it’s a 5-cost virtual resource that has a Click, Click: Flip one of your face-down installed cards face up. If it’s a event, trash it.


So does By Any Means get around on access effects and agenda steals? It looks like it does. If so, the card is pretty nuts.

Also lookslike being a pretty big pack for PU as well. Data Mine replacement, and a Jackson effect.


It certainly does! About the only downside I can see with it is that it’s non-optional, every single non-archives card accessed is going to blow up and damage the runner.
Although there’s already a ton of ways to turn self-damage into a strength (like clan vengeance, or titanium-ribs + IHW) so it’s hella strong.


That’ll help calibration testing be a fast advance tool


Kitaras all about filling holes left by rotation, and the biggest hole (in my heart) is our beautiful virus boy Noise. With all these viruses some kind of virus anarch must be coming, right? Right? Please?


Inb4 it’s something bad like “whenever you install a virus program you may pay $1 to put 1 virus counter on it”


see that actually sounds good especially with these “use a virus token on any installed card” lmao, would speed you up a lot


I know this is a joke, but “the first time each turn you place a virus counter on any card, you may pay $1 to put 1 extra virus counter on that card” could be kind of reasonable?

EDIT: try to clean up the wording to make it clear that putting four extra counters on four different cards was not intended.


If it could be worded to include cyberfeeder somehow it would be a pretty cool id. I would love a reason to play cyberfeeder.