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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


There does seem to be quite a bit of virus support coming, notably Friday Chip, Exer, and the one you can sacrifice to gain a bunch of credits when they purge away all your counters.


I like Cyberdella because it lets you gain up to 3 clickless credits per turn for doing things you’re already doing, plus it gives you memory to enable use of other utility programs more comfortably that might not otherwise fit in, like Multithreader, Equivocation, or Paricia. Alternatively, it enables Deep Data Mining in decks that might otherwise not run it.


To get 3 credits per turn, you need to spend 9 credits and 3 cards installing them all. There are no hardware tutors besides Artist Colony. What games go long enough for that to be worth it?


Well, it’s kind of complicated. Davinci and modded are possible includes and the extra mu actually isn’t terrible.

But yes, you have to cut something else to put it in.


There’s a couple other hardware tutors that barely see play. Trade-in lets you trash an existing hardware and gain a portion of the cost to search, but of course you need to have hardware to trash for it. Tyson Observatory is a resource that lets you search repeatedly but takes two clicks each time, it’s probably the better of the two outside of strange techwriter hardware spam or something.

There used to be the funny Replicator + Bazaar combo that could drop all copies of a hardware on the field in one click once you got one in the hand (like 6 spy cameras) but Replicator rotated out. XD


I am having trouble seeing Cyberdelia being good. Putting aside MU, cyberfeeder breaks even with 2 uses, is more flexible, and gives you the money up front-- Cyberdelia won’t get you through vanilla when you’re on 0 credits, but Cyberfeeder will. Cyberfeeder is OK but hasn’t really seen much play outside of Noise.

Maybe it could work in a stealth deck where you are mainly using recurring credits to break ICE, and Cyberdelia gives you real credits.


I think Cyberdelia is meant for stealth suites, where you spend recurring credits to gain real money (via it & Net Mercur). The existing console choices for stealth aren’t overwhelming (the value is better than Mirror most of the time) so it fits in there. All this said, I rarely play Shaper so I’m not super opinionated on it. MU and money in one card rarely happens and when it does it’s usually good.


Gives you the memory you need for Data Folding


Seeing it as a console is a good point for Cyberdelia, even outside of stealth deck. It’s far from being as good as Desperado, but in the realm of Shaper, it could end as being the second best console after Astrolabe.

Now, even though it doesn’t have console restriction, planning to install several for adding up MU feels janky. Effective decks rarely play additional MU outside the one (or two) offered by consoles.


I actually wonder if we’re going to see more stuff that can take advantage of free MU more. Puffer’s a interesting start (quality of the actual card notwithstanding). Maybe something that interacts with cloud breakers?


I like this idea. People have played +link cards but never really played +MU cards outside of consoles. Maybe opening up the design space would be a good thing?


Name him “Roxorz, the Icebreaker” then :slight_smile:
That sounds like a Mortal Kombat character but,


That’s not an econ card, that’s a MU chip. A 2c +1MU chip. Just see it like that.
It’s not a 3c +1MU chip because you will install that to win at least through one server. So it’s 2c. Likely 1c. Maybe 0c.

You need to gain 6c for it to be seen as an economy card (compared to clic money twice instead of “clic draw, clic pay and instal”).

So 6c are 6 turns and many things happens in 6 turns : for some corp, this is half a game. If Kate were alive, she could use a Tech Writer to void the cost and here, you could start to see that as an econ card. Same with Personnal Workshop. If your plan is to drop them with Modded to change the scope of this card, this is quite a very bad plan imho (Memstrips / Data Folding tier).

Of course you can imagine things like full Memstrips + Datafoldings + Modded + Overmind + Cyberdelia + whatever idea you have. This will be just you with 45 clics of draw / install, while watching a normal corporation player installing stuff behind any cheap gearcheck.


What decks are hurting for MU that need a little more? Looking at the popular decks on NRDB that used akamatsu, most of them were hayley + aesops builds that need lots of cheap hw to pawn, and intermittently need extra mu. As you point out, stuff like overmind/sage/etc are too clunky and slow for general use.

Fair point that looking at it purely as econ sells it short, but looking at it as a potentially-free akamatsu is selling it much shorter.


It’s not that hybrid though : if it was an econ card instead, you wouldn’t run after 6c, but 8c (Gamble)… 8 turns is quite the end of the world :wink:


There are a few that could use the mu.

Honestly, with shaper cards like Upya, Paricia and Maven +mu is tempting. It is too bad that you basically have to play mass install though for it to net you the efficiency for it to have a shot at competitive.

Also multiple cloaks could fit here.

Worth a shot, might make mass install better.


This thread needs more MemStrips in it.


With Maven, you want to have 3 Dhegdeers first (they can give more MU and count as programs), then most likely Astrolabe (as long as horizontal decks are a thing) and only then you might think if you want more MU. But I think you don’t, at least as long as there is no program that you want to have out 3x. Pre-rotation I had a Maven deck which had all other breakers, FF and Au Revoir/Snitch combo, still Astrolabe, Dheegders and being Chaos Theory provided all MU I needed.


I have a question and concern about friday chip:

Is is not true that milling a card from RnD is trashing a corp card?

Is it acceptable that a grave digger would be able to mill 1-3 cards for the near entirety of a game?

It is very easy to trash a corp card so a hard-purge from the corp matters little I reckon.



For what it is worth, Friday Chip and Gravedigger do not combo in the way I think you are describing it. That is to say: using Gravedigger does not put counters on Friday Chip. The corp is trashing cards from R&D with Gravedigger, so Friday Chip doesn’t get counters from that.

That said, that seems like a decently strong interaction to get some free mills from the corp.