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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


excellent thank you


If you want to play with the suite of virus breakers you will probably need a memstrips… (assuming there will be a full suite).


I feel Deep Data Mining is being undervalued by the community in this respect. It requires fiddly memory management but, with Miraju even appearing out of faction these days, Indexing is not always a slam dunk.

Will I slot Cyberdelia? Probably not, but I will certainly think carefully about its value compared to Dhegdheer in my Hayley deck. Dheggy D is probably better as it can host 2MU programs like Magnum Opus or Brahman and only really costs 1 credit to install (well, assuming you’re not windmilling Caches onto your Dhegdheer, in which case it’s incontrovertibly better than Cyberdelia). A loaded Dhegdheer is also a really appealing Tithonium target, whereas Cyberdelia is just innocuous hardware and a bit harder to trash…

That said, it still looks like a card for Hayley or Ayla, if anybody. I don’t think either of the 40-card gals really have the incentive to run a Craperado when they already have their own better economies.


I assumed that Imp would be the natural choice here with Friday Chip, preferably with Progenitor to prevent them from purging all of your virus tokens. That way you can trash a card using Imp every turn for the rest of the game.


I would use Cyberdelia in a Smoke deck no problem. Cheap-ish MU, your second copy gives you a second MU for supporting extra Cloak or Equivocation + an AI/Clot/Tapwrm and isn’t dead, and it refunds real credits for recurring cred breaks on single-ice servers. It’s basically a console replacement in all but typing, probably specifically so you can stack them.


While what you’re saying makes sense, I still think Astrolabe is just way better in the card slots than Cyberdelia.

Maybe you could cut to 1x Astrolabe/1x Cyberdelia or 1x/2x. That way you’re not running more than one of the unique card, I guess?

Does Smoke ever run 3x copies of the console?


I never have run 3 copies of the console, but could maybe see the third Astrolabe in a meta with lots of Moonspam, CTM and Gagarin.

If I desperately need more MU than I’m getting from my console in Smoke, then Cyberdelia makes sense as the way to get it, but my question would be what deck needs it? I play 2x Astrolabe and have a 3 breaker rig which leaves 2 free MU to juggle Clot, Tapwrm, Dai-V and Cloak as needed. I’ve never run into problems with that. Smoke has to run so lean with her 40 card deck, that fitting things like Cyberdelia in seems very difficult.


I don’t think it’s a good idea to be honest. Smoke needs to be set up as fast as possible for as cheap as possible. Installing 1 cyberdelia costs 3 credits, so it’s already competing with net mercur which is way more efficient (it pays back in a turn, whereas cyberdelia needs 3). But most importantly, you will have to cut 3 cards to fit in 3 copies of it…and Smoke’s deckslots are incredibly tight. If you are cutting Astrolabes you’re likely going to lose vs Moons CI or any asset heavy deck, and all the other cards are more important than cyberdelia (which makes it easier to break ice, something that Smoke already excels at)


I mean, obviously it’s not as good as Desperado, but IT STACKS! Is it not as good, dare I say it BETTER, than THREE desperados? :stuck_out_tongue:


This made me laugh enough to spit up my coffee. The solution was right there in front of us…THREE DESPERADOS at the SAME TIME! :slight_smile:


Well, since now Desperado is limited to zero per deck, it’s not as good as it used to be.

Now for something completely different (picture a foot crushing this post) what are your thought about ASA Group ? Its ability looks neat at first glance, but I’m afraid it’s harder to leverage than it seems because of the need to install cards in/protecting the same server.


I am trying to build a deck for Asa now. I think it lends itself well to a game plan with two remotes, one for scoring via either FA or glacier with defensive upgrades and one for economy. I’m thinking a combination of operation economy and some campaigns with BBG and Calibration Testing is a neat way to go. But I wonder if the influence would be better spent on other upgrades. Hmm.


Two ice in the same server, an agenda/asset and an ice, an agenda/asset and an upgrade, or two upgrades. You can’t rez Full Immersion RecStudio (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/card/10108) before the ID ability triggers, so you could only do two assets if you already had that installed from a previous turn. The ID is worded such that you can’t do two agendas, and you can’t do the other card first and an agenda second although I don’t know if that would ever come up?

Apart from the combo with Calibration, another good use of this card in FA decks is being able to install Cyberdex Virus Suite on the turn you want to FA something with Biotic Labor, rather than needing it installed in advance. Here’s an example of a deck https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/47477/urge-to-merge


Assembly Lines again has that HB “ID trigger on the runner’s turn” synergy, four installs for one click. You can’t asset spam with it because of the ID wording but perhaps with utility upgrades or in situations where you’re icing a new remote it could get a lot of value.


UFAQ for Sovereign Sight is up.

I honestly didn’t think of the Cyber-Cipher and Assimilator thing, where if you flip it up via Assimilator, it doesn’t trigger the “when installed” thing and you can actually use it on any server.


That’s surprising. I’d have read “Cyber-cypher can be used only during a run on the chosen server” as implying that it can’t be used if you didn’t choose a server.


Has anyone actually gotten their hands on Sovereign Sight yet? I’ve swung by two stores recently and nothing was in stock.


This is such a silly ruling, man. The “when installed” part is a separate clause on the card! The ruling on Mganga in this very UFAQ alone suggests it should work otherwise :slight_smile: (“Trash Mganga” is a standalone sentence and is ruled to always be active regardless of which of the previous clauses was activated; the standalone sentence “Cyber-cypher can be used only during a run on the chosen server” is ruled to be conditionally active based on whether the previous sentence’s trigger occurred.)


In Canada at least, the release won’t be until mid-January.


What’s that in America time? Our schools never let us learn the conversion rates for months. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The FFG website is showing In Stores, but in metro-Atlanta it hasn’t landed. I sense haxxors afoot.