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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


SS is available at Mead and FFG right now. Got mine Thurs.


Shipping to parts of the west coast is delayed due to the holiday. I won’t see mine til Wednesday.


Sovereign Sight has been spotted in the wild in California, so some folks are getting it.


Been playing this deck the past few days using Yusuf out of Maxx with Datasucker, Progenitor, and Aumakua


MaxX: Maximum Punk Rock

Event (21)
2x Career Fair ●●
3x Dirty Laundry
3x I’ve Had Worse
1x Legwork ●●
1x Levy AR Lab Access ●●●
1x Mad Dash
3x Mining Accident
1x Rebirth ●
2x Retrieval Run
1x Scavenge ●●
3x Sure Gamble

Resource (12)
3x Daily Casts
3x Fester
1x Find the Truth ●●●
3x Liberated Account
2x Same Old Thing

Icebreaker (9)
2x Aumakua ●●
2x Black Orchestra
2x MKUltra
1x Paperclip
2x Yusuf

Program (7)
1x D4v1d
2x Datasucker
3x Progenitor
1x Trope

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Sovereign Sight


I really like the design of Yusuf right now. It is the first breaker in a while that I can really see needing that extra mu/some of the garbage mu programs are actually useful.

It can also be splashed in Shaper and Criminal as both have in faction viruses that aren’t terrible as support pieces.


Yeah, I could see Cache being quite useful to use with Yusuf. It’s a shame Gorman Drip rotates, that’s couldve been pretty cute letting Corp actions pay for using Yusuf.


Virus Breeding Ground just popped in my mind…Has a steep installation cost, but having at least one memory-free virus token after purge may be worth it…?


Yeah I’ve thought about Virus Breeding Ground. I think the issue with that would be the same issue I’m finding with Find the Truth…it keeps winding up in the bin with Maxx’s ID ability with no way to recur the resource. I’ve thought about swapping out Find the truth, scavenge, and 2 career fair for another Aumakua and 2 indexing.


Cybfed Darwin then. In Quetzal. Add Anarch dog and Inversificator :slight_smile:


Overall, Sovereign Sight is an exciting pack, but there’s a few letdowns as well.

The Bad

  • Crim needed a huge boost and didn’t get it
  • The runner side as a whole feels underwhelming
  • I’m not crazy about the number of corp cards that are probably strongest in a spam ID (Urban Renewal, Wake Up Call, Genotyping, etc)

The Good

  • That HB ID is fun as hell
  • The Corp side of the pack is dope
  • Weyland got a bunch of Meat Damage stuff


Yeah, the Corp side of this pack feels much better and more interesting. For Crim … neither the cards in this pack nor the spoiled ones seem very powerful. The ID is interesting, but probably not overwhelmingly good. I really hope something good comes out for them in the next few packs.


You know, I’m one of those players who actually likes playing with and against asset spam, and I have to agree that seeing them jam so many enablers in one pack is troubling.


Crim seems decent at the moment with Aumakua and stuff, even if it lost its old school cards. Anarch on the other hand seems like it needs some spicing up, with only regass and self-damage builds at present, and it got a couple of cool cards. And the new apex card is good. This pack is 12 corp to 8 runner cards so I don’t expect the runners to get a lot.

When it comes to asset spam, there’s a saturation point where having more assets to choose from doesn’t make the deck any stronger. Given the low trash costs, I think you want to protect these new cards with ice or fast advance them. And urban renewal is just an inconvenience unless you build around it. So the corp side of things diversified strategies rather than narrowing them further. Overall I think it’s a solid pack.


I wonder if there could be a happy medium-range of assets out there which are best when they’re actually defended by ICE and other cards instead of just vomited out there. Maybe some stuff that are the inverse of the Political cards, where they’re powerful but have 0 trash cost when there’s no ICE in front of it to make them less attractive to spam. (Maybe decreased rez cost for every card defending it?)

I’d love to be able to have, say, two or three remotes with ICE on them. That’d probably be fair, right? Slightly worried that if more anti-asset stuff gets printed it’d hurt that style of deck more than the spam decks again.


I’m having a really hard time with Crim decks at the moment. I don’t feel like they have many strong threats to pose, and they take forever to build any kind of rig because they have no draw. Shapers have threats (indexing, DDM) and draw, and anarchs at least have tons of draw. Plus, I don’t love their econ options aside from Tapwrm, and the old run-based engine isn’t there to fall back on.

All-in-all, I feel like you need to import your multiaccess, draw, and econ, at which point you should just change factions.

Conversely, I’ve seen a lot of Anarch at my FLGS lately. A reg-ass build with Indexing seems to do quite well.

What have you been playing recently on the runner side? I’ve been losing most of my runner games the past month or so.


I would love this! But i’m not convinced it can exist. I know that in the early days of the game, assets in general were terrible because the trash costs were low and needed to be defended, but the abilities weren’t powerful enough to be worth creating a new server. So then you would just rather slot another set of tools that directly help you score (like Ash or money). Plus, the low trash costs meant your R&D was really soft. Maybe in a post-Medium world that’s less of an issue.

What if it’s a powerful ability that has a trash cost of 3, but then that cost becomes 0 while installed? Or what if there’s runner cards that get stronger if the corp has more than 3 remotes?


Part of the problem was you only had so much ice and didn’t want to spread it too thin, this was even more true when Parasite was legal. But it’s also a consistency issue, an asset powerful enough to be worth protecting can’t be relied upon, e.g. You can’t assume Melange will run your economy. That’s why reversed accounts is one of the best assets, because it does the same thing whether the runner trashes it or not.


Criminals can play earthrise hotel or else just click to draw and use tutors. I agree that the multi access situation is tough at the moment, and shapers are still in the best shape despite the restricted list. Runners have to shift their play a lot depending on what the corp is doing, with stuff like Obokata and CI out there, it’s hard to be prepared for everything, but crims do get a lot of silver bullets


Sovereign Sight acquired! Woot! Flavor Text of the pack goes to Assimilation. It’s excellent.


Yeah, I think the main thing needed is some way to slow the Corp down. Maybe that’s Clot, maybe that’s SMC, maybe that’s some sort of Build that requires purging (Tapwrm, Aumakua, Datasucker). Leela is an interesting ability here which can buy you turns with her ID ability, Fisk Investment Seminar, etc. I even like playing Vigil in Leela cuz it’s always sure to fire with the adding back of unrezzed cards and FIS.

It just seems very hard to put together a 45 card decklist out of Crim that wouldn’t strictly be better out of another faction. I guess that’s what happens when your best cards are easily imported into other factions. Aumakua is 1 influence for shaper/Anarch whole Tapwrm is effectively 1 influence for Shaper since Saccon is in faction.