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Kitara Cycle: I bless the rains down in africaaa~


Crim still sucks, but at least a different minifaction, Apex, got an interesting card in this pack!


I feel like that’s how 2014-15ish Replicating Perfection played like. And to a lesser extent 2015 Foodcoats.


I’ve had some (extremely) modest success in the past with a 2-remote Architects of Tomorrow (where you put something like an FC1 over a marilyn or adonis in the second remote). The extra AoT trigger frequently either discouraged the runner from trashing an econ asset or at least defrayed the expense.

I could see something similar working in BoN, where the runner doesn’t really want to take a meat damage (and give you a reconstruction contract counter) in order to hit what would otherwise be a soft asset that they would trash on sight (like a launch campaign or something).


If you are anarch, also throw in incubator. Virus Breeding Ground + Incubator means you get two counters for one click and you can pop it and drop it on either Aumakua or something.


Toss in a few festers and they then have to prepare for an econ hit and a tempo hit. What could go wrong?


Out of faction, Criminal can handle the lockout with bypass effects and Shaper with Atman, Inversificator or subtype change effects — is Kit the best Runner for Yusuf ? Also Yusuf is one pip cheaper than Paperclip in influence.

Edit: typo.


I am reasonably certain that if you import Yusuf, you’ll want/need to import at least one other Virus, too. (Possible exceptions: Criminal with Cache/Pheromones/Aumakua)

I’m fairly certain because of the 2MU cost you’re going to want either a MU-less way to get Virus counters, or extra MU. Which, again, speaks to Yusuf’s fragility and need to have at least 2 cards instead of the 1 Paperclip…


I don’t see the need for another Virus out of faction, apart for urging the Corp to purge.

For the 2 MU, yes, I forgot them. Too bad, I was thinking about Endless Hunger as a back-up breaker…

Edit: it appears I also forgot that you can use other cards virus token. Nevermind.


Virus Breeding Ground is never empty, even after a (non-CVS) purge.

I’d try that in Quetzal : VGB, Acacia (Next dp), and some “got to purge” viruses.


Yes, that would be a second card costing more influence and card draws than just one Paperclip.

VBG is very good for Yusuf, though, because Yusuf bypasses the two restrictions on VBG: Only move to a Virus with a counter already on it, and Click to move.

Yusuf looks like a successful effort to keep a card in Anarch, even at only 2 influence.

The meta needs to shift to be very hostile to Paperclip to make Yusuf a good breaker, imo. It’s not impossible for this shift to happen, to be clear.


Speaking of viruses, pack 5 just got announced.

Did somebody call for nuWhizzard?


Freedom Khumalo seems pretty good with yusuf. There’s a lot of stuff with a rez cost of 0 or 1.


I’m loving the art on the pack cover, too. The Mzwanga Upgrade is seems fun; a neat econ card too. Shame you can’t use the money made from those accesses to pay for Snare.

(side note: there seems to be a series of new player posts on the FFG Forum board; thankfully someone swung by there to answer their questions. It makes sense that someones “first forum posting” might happen over there and not here. To keep the community growing, might be good to stop by that forum board every now and then and drag those folks over here :slight_smile: )


Absolutely agreed.
More on point, I can see Freedom wanting to run 3x VBG and 3x Fester, where most other IDs have to make some excuse to run those cards. Virus-centric deck can definitely happen here.

Freedom is the kind of card that can make Yusuf a better breaker than Paperclip. Note: can


I suspect Khumalo/Friday/Cache will be a very strong meta deck.


After viral weaponisation you could try to kill someone with door to door

Mwanza city grid in PE with Punitive counterstrike?


Yay. South African runner, and he’s pretty great. I think I must get this pack and roll-out my national champs playmat a bit :slight_smile:


Trashing vanilla, resistor and pop up window from r&d for free seems a little bit op


Freedom seems pretty crazy. He also kills exchange, and often closed accounts.

If Jackpot! is take all credits and trash when an Agenda is added to your score area, do people think it’s good? It can’t ever be that bad with pawnshop around.

Like wise Compile looks like pulling a program from your stack during a run (paying all costs) that then gets shoved on the bottom when the run ends. Not as convinced it’ll be good, but does have sick synergy with Window. Also Cache, if it’s whenever you encounter. I could be wrong about the reading though.

Standard proceedure looks good too, but it’s not clear there a good deck for it to go into. Obvious synergy with Salems though.

Not sure about overeseer matrix however. Very strong with Prisec, but I don’t really see there being slots for it. Nor does it help you when the runner’s on Game point.


This Anarch ID is suuuper exciting cool … but why is it that those Anarch cards are always so much more exciting and powerful than those Crim cards? :frowning: