Ladies Night Event in Seattle

Hey all, just wanted to let you know about a one-off event we’re having in Seattle. Our leagues first ever Ladies Night. Here are the details:

Ladies Netrunner Night - Casual and Learn to Play Event

When: Monday September 14th. 6:30 - 10pm

Where: Meeples Games (

Cost: $0

Hosts: Hilary and Emma

Details: Hilary and Emma of the West Seattle Cyberpunks invite you ladies to come out and get into the amazing world of the Android: Netrunner Living Card Game (LCG).

New to the game? Emma, Hilary and other experienced female Netrunner players will be on hand to explain the differences between Ice and Ice Breakers.

Already know how to play? Come out and play a few casual rounds with other female Netrunner players or teach some newbies how to score Agendas.

Don’t have cards? Don’t worry! You can pick up the base game at the event. If that’s not an option, come anyway! The experienced Netrunner players will have multiple decks available and they can teach you to play with their cards.

This is an all female event, not to exclude men, but to give girls a less dudely environment in which to learn this amazing, diverse and challenging game.

All participants will receive 10% of all Android:Netrunner merchandise the evening of the event (courtesy of Meeples Games).

For questions about the event, please contact the league administrator: Connor at


I’m not really a fan of gender discrimination. You don’t fix exclusion with more exclusion.


Except that netrunner events are mostly 95% male. It’s nice to not be the outsider at least some times.


It really is a lot bigger problem than many people think. I have some female friends who I’ve invited to play Netrunner out at a nearby FLGS, and they’ve told me that many of the game shops, especially when card games are concerned, often end up feeling like a “Boys Club”.

Anyways, I hope the event goes well, and just maybe we might see some fresh faces on this side of the net soon.


Hope event is a big success! Looking to do something similar in the future in an attempt to grow a more diverse community in my area.

I wonder if these sorts of events may benefit from also including the transgender community? Women only spaces can sometimes feel unwelcoming to those who fall outside of the gender binary. If the goal is to grow the non-cis-male part of the community, it’d be a shame to only try to appeal to women.


You also don’t fix it by telling women where they can and can’t play Netrunner


I support the event and I’m not going to post any more here, but saying there shouldn’t be women-only events isn’t “telling women where they can and can’t play Netrunner”. I’m sure endgame is fine with each individual women showing up a tournament - the complaint is about telling men “where they can or can’t play Netrunner”.

That said, having this extra event doesn’t hurt non-female Netrunner players at all because it’s not like there’s a finite number of tournaments that can happen - in fact, it probably helps by encouraging new female Netrunner players and increasing the number of people available to play Netrunner with in the area.


Ladies planeswalker society has been a huge success for the game of magic and for the women that play it so I’m happy to see someone take initiative and do this.


Sometimes marginalized people need a defined safe space to do their thing. It’s not about exclusion it’s about creating a buffer from bullshit they have to deal with everywhere else in the world. Why is this so hard for people to get?


Sorry are you suggesting that men are the bullshit, since they’re the only thing being excluded here? That’s pretty offensive. You should probably delete that bit.


Yes… multiple people have told me that they are uncomfortable in play spaces dominated by men… I’m sorry if your offended.


That’s fine, people are quite entitled to hold sexist views (although freedom to act on it in various public capacities varies according to local laws*). Just so long as no-one minds, or is surprised, if people who believe in egalitarianism pull them up it.

(* See the Kentucky marriage clerk for a similar situation in the news at the minute, in regard to discriminatory views on sexual orientation rather than gender.)


It’s pretty well established both in scientific literature as well as personal testimony, that even beyond individual personalities, its intimidating/harder to enter a space were you’re a minority. This is also more true of typically marginalized people (women, ethnic/racial minorities) were they’re more likely to be intimidated.

Creating a space where said minority is not the minority helps them enter into the broader space. This is the purpose of a woman’s game night, its a place where women don’t have to worry about being in the minority, and allows women to enter the netrunner community which in turn has the potential to get rid of needing to do this at all by making the entire netrunner community less male-dominated (having more women).

Unless Seattle stops having netrunner nights in general, men aren’t being excluded from the broader Netrunner community because they still have places to play. So creating a women only netrunner night doesn’t harm men, but in fact helps them by making it more likely there will be more players who would otherwise not have entered netrunner in general will do so.

This is all pretty mild stuff as far as getting women into gaming go, and should basically be accepted by anyone who doesn’t want gaming to continue to be a primarily male space/culture.


When you’re “egalitarianism” results in the continued existence of gendered/racial/class barriers that result in more men being in gaming than women, it’s pretty reactionary and not at all actually egalitarian. When your opposing things that will result in more equal (or egalitarian) membership of a space, that isn’t egalitarian in any sense.


@popeye09 - not everything is about you, buddy. Sometimes people want to do things for others.


More on topic, this is great!

Can you do a post-mortem with how it goes?


Popeye, are you also one of those “all lives matter” people? Are you completely unaware of the looooong history of violence, discrimination and harassment that women have suffered from many (not all) men? Are you unaware of how in most (not all) cultures female voices are marginalized and silenced by male voices? Have you never witnessed women treated different because they are women?

This isn’t about whether or not you are a bad person personally. This is about women getting a space to let their guard down. Where they don’t have to worry whether any given man is “one of the good guys” or not. They don’t have to consider it at all cuz there just isn’t any. As men it’s a feeling we’re just far less likely to understand. (With a number of exceptions of course) But if yr just looking to play victim I can’t really stop you. But then, if yr just playing victim you’ve prolly never actually BEEN a victim.


Absolutely! Thanks for the kind words!


I’m not sure what an “all lives matter” person is, I don’t recognise the term. Is it something American?

It’s not about men. It’s not about women. It’s not about who gets to play Netrunner or who doesn’t. It’s about whether condoning, or even promoting, the idea of treating people differently based on their gender is the best way (either short- or long-term) of persuading people not to treat people differently based on their gender.

To be specific, the idea of women-only Netrunning giving “women a space to let their guard down” is wrong. Women-only Netrunning would give only misandrist/androphobic women a space to let their guard down and play Netrunner. I would hope that you could appreciate that, even if you feel a different approach is preferable for whatever reason, there is a valid and reasonable view that giving succour to such sexist viewpoints may not be beneficial to the same egalitarian goal that you share.

You don’t feel great about ladies night in particular, anywhere, do you?