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Laramy Fisk: No, YOU draw

I think that the key to Fisk is using Syphon and vamp but not really floating the tags. Same old should recur Syphon. Basically forcing draws is very bad for a poor corp but only average against a rich corp. I’d run both 3x investment seminars and 3 lawyer ups. Influence spent 2x vamp, corroder, mimic, 2 suckers, 3 deja vu. Sounds like a start?

Oh jeez. That sucks! Well back to the drawing board.

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That’s why you should recur Syphon and Vamp, not Fisk seminar.

Deja Vu Seminars?

I like the flavor/mechanics of the Fisk Investment Seminar.

Fisky holds an inspiring seminar which causes the various boards of these companies to speed up the R&D pipeline of potential investments, causing them to flood into HQ for approval to go to market.

Being the criminal that he is, Fisk then infiltrates HQ and steals the plans of the corp he just gave his seminar to, knowing they’d be ripe for the picking.


Sure, but once you start the train, it’s better to recur Syphon anyway.

I don’t know, tag me is harder, and siphon is harder to play effectively, especially when geist is so good at it. Deja Vu for seminar, Eden shard make a run, levy?

Don’t take this as an attack, it’s not, but what you described is way too janky. Simply going syphon spam, using lawyer up to occasionally clear tags and keep drawing, and FIS to keep the whole engine going is enough to setup a maximum powered Legwork that would win the game. You don’t really need resources beyond SoT.

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Well, it’s janky, but one of the cards involved is a draw cards, which tends to solve problems with finding cards. I’d say having a one of Eden shard shouldn’t be a problem, and could really help with denying the Corp good cards, or taxing Jackson. Otherwise, just use the siphon as an aid. That’s not the whole plan, but if you have the cards in hand, it’s a good play.

Also, being attacked is inconsequential, my honor is at stake! Kidding.

I think Fisk might be the first runner to really benefit from running all three shards. If you can get them out (Career Fair?) you’ve got a pretty potent combination there.

FIS on your turn, plus a central run with Fisk, ideally when they have 4-5 cards in hand and/or are trying to score an agenda. Then, at the end of their turn (before discards) pop Eden to make them draw even more. Then Utopia them down to three and go check Archives for crazy value, potentially using Hades to make sure Jackson can’t really trigger.


It’s a neat trick but it’s pretty setup heavy. I look forward to tooling around with him but I really don’t think he has enough support yet.

Running eden is not an issue but I don’t think it’s really necessary per se. The game is not “milling the corp” but “agenda flooding the corp”. Utopia is probably more useful in case of a Blue Sun match up but influence Is quite tight already. Keeping the corp at zero credits while making them draw 2 cards per turn (one mandatory, one from fisk) is already exceptional pressure. Occasionally making them draw 5 with FIS is just icing on the cake.

I have played a bit with Fisk but IMHO Medium is a really nice include in him. Once you have medium down, every new turn with a loaded medium will net you more new cards since the Fisk ability fires before the accesses of the Medium. Other than that, standard Criminal stuff, Legworks fir the bloated hand of the Corp and Femme for the easy way to sneak into the RnD.

It has posted some good results but not against great competition.

Medium Hell (not the difficult one, just medium)

Laramy Fisk: Savvy Investor

Event (20)
3x Account Siphon
3x Dirty Laundry
1x Emergency Shutdown
3x Fisk Investment Seminar
2x Inside Job
2x Legwork
3x Special Order
3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (5)
3x Desperado
1x Net-Ready Eyes ••
1x Plascrete Carapace

Resource (10)
3x John Masanori
1x Kati Jones
3x Same Old Thing
3x Security Testing

Icebreaker (7)
1x Alias
1x Corroder ••
1x Faerie
1x Femme Fatale
1x Mimic •
1x Passport
1x Yog.0 •

Program (3)
2x Medium ••••• •
1x Self-modifying Code •••

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Universe of Tomorrow

Deck built on http://netrunnerdb.com.

Just still a rough version, less than 15 plays with it.

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Sidenote, the Fisc is the french IRS. So in french, Laramy sounds like Laramy IRS there.

Siphon & Legwork is quite fluffy :slight_smile:


FIS is making me learn Priority Events. I’m doing so many takebacks on my turn its insane.

It’s crazy we got this event subtype in Lunar and I’m literally learning it now because every Priority has been decidedly trash.

I’m surprised nobody’s tried headlock-style with him. If you’re hitting HQ with Lamprey AND forcing draw AND they have to purge before you poke them to 0 credits, it seems like you’ve got the corp in a pretty sticky spot.


Then run Vigil instead of Desperado!

Wait, that’s a terrible idea :smiley:

EDIT: Not intending to sound dismissive; I actually like the idea of Headlock Crim with Fisk. But my first idea when you mentioned it was Vigil and then I realized I was being an idiot :wink:

If you can get the lock on, it is a one-card draw engine that’s not a resource. But I think that if you’re breaking with Faust and don’t need that much money, you might be better off with Drug Dealers or John Masanori unless you’re planning to float tags.

I’d go with Desperado and Drug Dealer and dare them to waste time and money trashing resources.

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I don’t think the point of Eden is to mill the Corp. It’s to overload the hand further, likely in conjunction with Utopia Shard.

If you can take a Corp at 5 cards on your turn and put them at 10 on theirs (FIS, Fisk’s ability, corp draw) then you’re going to be forcing them to discard two cards for sure (and it’s obviously more painful in the middle of scoring a 5/3). With the two shards, they’re at 12 cards (two of which you can deny them until just before they discard) and push them down to three, meaning that they’ll have to ditch at least six cards. Since Eden can help overload without Utopia, and Utopia can drop hand without Eden, they both seem worth it, to me.