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Legend of the Five Rings


I guess it does depend on how much deck-building options you have when only building a single-core deck. Heck, building a Dynasty deck feels like it might just involve taking all possible options and mushing them into a 40-card deck. Granted, we don’t actually know what all goes into one yet, and if there are still some more card types we havn’t see yet. I think they mentioned in the first stream that there was one still?

It’s going to totally trip me up for a while that conflict card actions are now called Events, since historically there was a Event card type that went into your Dynasty deck that did something when flipped. Wonder if they’ll be making a comeback?


Couple of previews so far today.

Phoenix spell - Know the World

Lion character-Honored General (Might have to scroll down a little bit.)


They don’t stop comin’ and they don’t stop comin’

Courtesy of Podcast of Five Rings, a Lion attachment, Honorable Blade.


Oh, apparently all these previews were because the fiction got pushed back to next week due to the holidays.

From Facebook, Lion character: Deathseeker.

Hopefully that link works. freaking Facebook.


Lion event preview: Ready for Battle.


New neutral province preview: Night Raid.

Should be a nice anti-swarm defense.


Lion fiction’s up: The Price of War.


In retrospect, spreading the news makes it harder to actually get into the events… but the Herald’s gotta do their job.

More event tickets for the Thursday and Friday GenCon events will be going up on Sunday, 12 PM CST.

Couple things they mentioned:
-The Thursday event will specifically be called the Kiku Matsuri, or the Chrysanthemum Festival, in case you were wondering about storyline implications.
-They’ll be a chance for generic tickets to possibly get in to fill empty seats.
-No matter how many tickets you personally have, you’ll only be getting one core set. Don’t be a dingus.
-Deck-building for this event will be 30-card minimums on both decks.
-The Friday event, they’re actually duplicating so it’ll be a separate event instead of adding seats to. Prepare for Grinders!


And apparently it’s not just “a few” extra seats. The Thursday event is going up to 700 seats, while the Friday is going up to 256.

Related, new neutral Event preview: Good Omen.

EDIT: The Friday’s event page got updated.


that is actually an insane #


Hype train manifests into real train carrying 700 people.


The hype train continues unabated, those tickets sold out in minutes again. Got in this time, though, for Thursday.

EDGE had a card fan with some French cards, and at least one familiar face.


New neutral province preview: Pilgrimage.


Lion preview article is up: Masters of War


Team Covenant also did a Lion preview video with at least one new preview, Venerable Historian.


Any chance anyone here has a spare ticket ? I missed the train…twice


Dragon fiction is up: The Rising Wave.


damn tagoshi look so cool

i ll commit to dragon for sure


There’s going to be a Lion L5RLIVE stream this week on Friday to make up for last week’s missed one, with possibly some bonus DragonTalk.


New Dragon event preview, courtesy of the Winter Court podcast: Indomitable Will.