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Legend of the Five Rings


New L5RLive stream going on.

Unopposed conflicts (or if the defender no longer has any defenders in the conflict) cause the defender to lose 1 honor in resolution.

Dash skill personalities cannot be chosen as targets of a duel of that type.

The speculation on province cards was right, you have to have one province card of each element.

Mulligans: First provinces, then conflict hard. Set cards aside, draw replacements, then reshuffle.

Rulebook should be going up early August, although in July there’ll be a game-play video.


Spoiler from the stream:


So the leaks are starting to flow, since apparently the game (and rulebook) was at a Paris game festival.

We now know Deckbuilding Requirements.

Hmm, so there’s a card type we havn’t heard about yet. “Role Card.” “A role card is placed next to a player’s stronghold during setup, and modifies that player’s options when building and playing the deck.”

…Sensei are totally back boyos.

You also can’t have more than 10 character cards in the conflict deck.

Also “no more than 3 copies of a single card by title can be included in any combination in a player’s dynasty and conflict decks.” So possibly there might be, say, a personality that could have versions in both?

In the Influence section, it was confirmed that, when spending influence, you can only buy out-of-faction cards from a single clan.


Strange Assembly has a new Dragon character preview: Niten Adept.


Dragon article is up: Monks of the Mountain.


Team Covenant also did their usual thing for the Dragon this time.


New Crab spoiler from the L5RLive stream:


Crab fiction is up: Dark Hands of Heaven.


Feels like the previews have been coming slower for the Crab. Guess they’ve been busy on the Wall.

The Art of WarCast podcast has one, though. Crab attachment: Watch Commander


Hype hype!..not


spoiling half of the card is something new…


Crab preview article’s up: Rokugan’s Shield.


Team Covenant also did their thing, and has a few previews in there as well.


And the full version of Kaiu Shuichi is out in the wild. Link.


Man, it feels neat seeing all the old fan sites popping up again.

Over on the Crab Clan Catastrophe, they’ve got a Crab event preview: Levy.

Was wondering if they were going to have some sort of econ boost, since their stuff seemed a bit expensive.


Another Crab spoiler from last night, by the Bad Pub crew:


Winner, winner, fire chicken dinner. Phoenix week is next, and a preview from today’s #FFGLive stream to along with it.


Phoenix Fiction is up: Risen from the Flames.


This art is incredible


For the London crew, they just announced there’s going to be a Invitation-only preview event on September 2’nd.