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Limbhack (A Game of Thrones, 2nd Ed:)

So… how much interest is there in getting into 2nd edition AGOT? I’m one of the grumpy old 1st ed veterans, and will probably be getting all the cards, though I’ll be focusing on netrunner as my main game. The game mechanics are simple enough - the most interesting aspect is the plot game, where, every turn, you choose and reveal a pot that affects how many resources you have, who goes first, how powerful your attacks are, and have a passive game text that affects the board state.

yer im a first ed vet, so hanging out for the new addition! although will be sad to see all the cards become fodder for my fireplace!, for the night is dark and full of terror!

Completely diff from netrunner which is great, because im addicted to both!

I’ve actually lost a lot of interest in 1st ed because of the ridiculous swinginess and other obviously broken aspects of the game

I’ll definitely be checking it out. I’ve never been taught the game before, but I expect a lot of people locally are going to be getting into it.

I’ve been following the development since the reboot was announced last year. I haven’t played the first version but I’ve been watching some YouTube content to see how the game played. I’m still undecided due to time and finances though (mostly time). I play way too many games.

I’ll be checking it out. I’ve been a Thrones boy way before the show dropped (twirls hipster mustache) but the 1st. ed. card game was too developed for me to get into when I discovered that it exists. Reboot is perfect for me.


Like a turn one Balerion the Black summoned for (virtually) nothing? Lol.

For the game is broken and full of (design) errors.


Reading this article (very interesting actually, http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/index.html/_/articles/quill-tankard-regulars-volume-ii-issue-1-r1345) makes it seem like they’ve adopted the “timing structure” rules that Netrunner has–this looks like the “timing structure of a run” chart:

Challenge Resolution

The final thing we’re going to touch upon in today’s lecture are Challenges, and what they look like in 2.0. Now, Challenges are the heart of AGoT, and haven’t changed all that much, but there’s a little devil hidden in the details.

Here’s what a challenge looks like now, from a rules perspective:

4.2 Challenge is initiated.
4.2.1 Defending player declares defenders.
4.2.2 Compare STR to determine challenge winner.
4.2.3 Gain challenge bonuses.
4.2.4 Apply claim result.
4.2.5 Process challenge resolution keywords.
4.2.6 Challenge ends.

The “action window” seems to be the same as “paid ability window” in Netrunner. From what I’ve read, one of the confusing things about GoT 1.0 was figuring out when you were able to do things, and that this will make it much more elegany. Excited to see how it plays.

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I never played 1st edition, but I’m super excited for 2nd edition. GenCon can’t get here fast enough.


I played 1st edition, but got out and sold my collection just before they announced the reboot.
I’ll check it out for sure, but I probably don’t have time for two games so it will play second fiddle to A:NR.

A lot of Portland’s netrunner community seems to be interested, and then there are players from other games as well as AGOT 1.0. I play Game of Thrones 1st edition still(I borrow cards), and I find it fun. Looking forward to buying in and being able to build my own decks and such.

I really love the new Lannister spoilers they just released in the latest article, can’t wait to try them out. Seems like the faction is fairly streamlined for the core set at least.

I played the first edition until Lions of the Rock and will probably peek into the 2nd edition but I remain sceptical and will keep my investment low, mostly because the timing/action structure in FFG games isn’t my cup of tea.

I’ll definitely be trying it out, looks fun. It’s a shame that it’s overlapping with netrunner at worlds though

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Worlds GoT tourney will be last hurrah for 1.0. There is a side tourney for 2.0, but 2.0 won’t be the main event until next year.

I’ll definitely be buying in, been a fan of the series for fifteen years now, but mostly because I need another game in my life. The Tacoma netrunner scene is really dying up, and the remaining players have no desire to play as competitively as I’d like. Hopefully with the success of the show more people will be interested in GoT

I’m cautiously optimistic about this one. Thrones 1.0 was kind of bloated and broken in its later years, and the cardpool was so big there wasn’t a practical way to get into it, so a remake could be just what the doctor ordered.

I got into 1st edition less than a year ago :frowning:

It will still be interesting to see 2nd edition, I might play it.

I’m sort of hoping to win British AGOT nationals - it would be amazing to be able to fly to worlds for both Thrones and Runner!


This is not a real forum part, we just want to see who we have to ban from this site… :stuck_out_tongue: