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Link's Adventure - The Sunny Lebeau Thread

Seems like the Adam Thread was a good idea, so let’s stop clogging up the general spoiler talk with our Sunny ideas, shall we?

Initial reports have her playing a bit slowly and suffering for it – Big Rig Shaper of yore, sans any tutoring to make up the difference. I think she could still work out well, but there seem to be many pitfalls present when planning a decklist for her. Before that, though, let’s look at her cards themselves.

She’s a 50/25 ID with 2 Link. The large decksize makes her influence less abundant than it might seem, and makes her lack of in-faction tutoring or draw something that needs to be addressed. That said, as far as IDs go, she’s pretty straightforward to understand, in the same way that Chaos Theory is.

First up is her breaker suite, because I feel like they really set the tone for her, in some senses. They all have the same “stats” aside from cost, they’re Strength 1 breakers that cost 2c to break all subs and 2c to pump by 3. Useful as increased subroutines continue to be a thing, and do well against big ice, but are expensive when handling things like Enigma, Architect, or Neural Katana. However, they also all take up 0MU so long as she’s got 2 or more link, which she never doesn’t have.

GS Striker M1 is the Decoder, which costs 4. Easily the worst of her in-faction breakers, comparing unfavorably to Zu.

GS Shrike M2 is her Killer, which costs 5. It’s pretty good, as Sentries tend to have multiple subs, but it struggles with the 2- and 3-strength ice Mimic excels at overcoming. Komainu’s a walk-over, though. The price is also fairly steep, a Sure Gamble lets you install it and run through an Ichi or other 4-strength multi-sub Sentry for cheap… but only by going broke. Not so nice.

GS Sherman M3 is her Fracter, and far and away her best breaker as it costs only 3 to install. It’s in the same range of efficiency as Corroder, and against bigger Ice or barriers with multiple subs it might well be better. Ashigaru, in particular, folds to it. The only way for Corroder to be cheaper there is if the Corp has just one card in hand.

It’s pretty clear that those Breakers alone aren’t going to get her in anywhere, certainly not cheaply or easily. Luckily, she’s got some hardware to assist with that.

Security Chip
A bit of 0-cost hardware, you may trash it to increase any one icebreaker’s strength by X, where X is your link. Alternatively, you can do the same to any number of cloud breakers. So there’s some obvious synergy right there. Learning when it’s worth firing them will no doubt be important, since hardware recursion isn’t really a thing and you’ll only have 3 in your 50 cards. That said, the ability to boost all your breakers to suddenly make a run cheaper is by no means a small thing. Even just boosting by her base link makes a big difference in dealing with both 2-3 and 5-6 strength ice, the ranges her breakers could most reasonably considered “weak” against on their own.

Security Nexus
Sunny’s Console gives her +1 MU and +1 Link, and is one of the most divisive cards she has. It costs 8, which is much too much for a console, particularly one so crushed by the Vanilla test. At the same time, it has an ability that might be good… or just another trap, depending on who you ask. Once per turn, when she encounters a piece of ice, it lets her forcibly start the Corp on a trace5. If they win, her run ends and she takes a tag. If she wins, she bypasses the ice. It’s a potential Inside Job or Femme that can be used as needed each turn, providing her with massive opportunity… but that trace is pretty high, maybe too high to be reliable when the Corp can just pump it.

The question then becomes: Do you run additional Link? Some, myself included, think it’d be well worth it to turn a tax on you into a tax on the Corp, or just guarantee that the runs will be relatively cost-efficient. Paying to bypass means an already expensive console is expensive to use, while out-linking the trace means you’re spending more clicks, credits, and cards on making an already expensive console usable. I don’t know what the right answer is, or if there is one yet.

Sunny also has a couple of resources to round out her faction. The first is Globalsec Security Clearance, a 2c virtual that you can only install if you have 2 or more link, which she does. It lets you lose a click at the beginning of your turn to look at the top card of R&D. It’s non-mandatory, which is nice, but I’m still unsure as to how much I’m interested in using it, myself. It provides a sort of quasi-R&D lock without requiring runs, but the click loss could really add up, especially if you see something you do want to be running on.

Jak Sinclair might help a little with the click loss. He’s a 3 cost connection that has his price dropped by the amount your link is, which means Sunny never pays more than a credit. At the start of your turn, he allows you to make a run clicklessly if you wish… but you cannot use programs while you do. Useful with cards that want you making lots of runs, bad with iced servers. One of the reasons some are so keen on Security Nexus is the idea of making it so that Corps can’t avoid Sinclair runs without double-icing everything, allowing Sunny an easier time collecting from cards like John Masanori or Security Testing.

Now, that’s all she has. But that’s not all there is to her, by any means. She possesses more ability to run support programs than any other runner – so long as you’re using her cloud breakers she has a minimum of 4 MUs free for people to fill with datasuckers, multithreaders, imps, mediums, or whatever else they want.

There’s also the detail where she’s the only runner that can play Underworld Contacts without needing anything more to make them work. While drip econ is historically pretty bad, Data Folding is the other example of “from the get-go” drip econ, and it costs more and has a harsher restriction on collecting the money than UWC in Sunny. So that may be of more use than one would assume.

Card draw is obviously vital for her, as she’s utterly lacking in it. Earthrise Hotel is a solid option, and John Masanori has potential to combine well with Jak Sinclair. That’s still very few cards out of her total, so either supplementing with Symmetrical Visage or importing something seems advisable.

As so much of what she has is expensive, cards like the Supplier and Modded become pretty valuable. Outside of drip, she doesn’t actually have a lot of economy readily available, but there are a few other things that seem like they might work well with her. Power Tap fires every time she uses her console, which might finally make it tolerable to run if the meta also shifts to include more tracers, as it’ll never be totally dead. Compromised Employee may do similarly, as if you can discourage the Corp rezzing ice your bypass remains valuable longer each turn. Security Testing combines nicely with Sinclair, assuming there are servers you can access. Other than all that, neutral options like Daily Casts, Kati Jones, and Sure Gamble are likely what she’ll rely on.

What do you think of our ass-kicking mother superior? Are you excited to play a proficient security specialist that isn’t always working against the Corps, but goes after them hard when she catches wind that they might be breaking the law? Are there deck ideas you’re just dying to try?


I definitely think that 3x security testing is a good start for her. I’m not sure what other influence to build in, maybe 3x supplier also?


I wanna try a Connections deck.

3x Underworld Contacts is mandatory. We need card draw, so let’s throw in some Drug Dealer. We need more card draw, so let’s throw in Off-Campus Apartment. We’d kind of like to not lose creds from Drug Dealer, so how about Dr. Lovegood, and if we’ve got Doctor Lovegood we might as well play The Source, huh? Maybe also Donut Taganes. We’re playing Kati anyway. We’ve got Kati and The Source, and a loaded Apartment, so Fall Guy is probably a good idea, which means that Tri-maf Contact is probably also a good idea.

This seems like enough to justify Calling In Favors.

I just wish Technical Writer was a connection. COME ON FFG

I think the main thing to think about with Sunny is how to make her go fast

She has Val’s problem without Val’s built-in solution–50 cards with no Blackmail.

I think 3 x Modded and 3 x Career Fair is needed. 3 x Earthrise too.

She has her breakers built in, which allows for a lot of building room. I think a good portion of her influence should be spent on cards to make her more efficient. 3 x Inside Job would probably be pretty nice.

I think multi-access can probably be RDI and Legwork, standard.


My initial thought is

Cloud breakers, but not the code gate cuz its booty. Replace with something else. Gordo prob? Overminds for early pressure? Synergy with that 0 cost hardware, and even better with you run Dysons.

Datasucker, probably.

Legwork, no RD multi, just run the lose a click thing.

Neutral econ, neutral draw, as much neutral as i can get.

SMC? QT? Career Fair?

I dunno. Itll be a very basic barebones deck focused on drip econ. A great deck to hand to a new player, and just say ‘nothing is confusing, just play the cards.’

Shaper is my creative side. This, while I love it, is not. Lol.

Sunny’s built in breakers (well, aside from the decoder…) seem to stack up pretty well against big, multi sub ice, the archers and the curtain walls. This leaves them rather lacking against small single sub ice, though, the quandries or the Wraparounds. However, I feel that there’s a solution to this, one that can take advantage of a rig that otherwise uses no MU… Overmind. Overmind takes care of anything below str 3 fairly efficiently and is AI so applies some nice early pressure where it can deal with most stuff. You’re lacking faerie for dashing through Komainu or archer, so digging for that cloud sentry breaker is a priority (or grab her console to bypass altogether…). Once your drip rig is online you should have enough cash to use your regular breakers even on the small stuff and can ditch the Overmind.


Have you tried to connect with a writer? We be cold as ice.


What card is Drug Dealer? google doesn’t help

It’ll be in here: http://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/24049/netrunner-spoilers


I’m still trying to balance out using overmind as my other program suite versus using suckers and parasites.

The problem with both is that we’re always paying four to break lotus (with the cloud decoder, overmind, or even imported zu) which isn’t strictly terrible, it’s just not great either in my opinion.

The benefit of sucker/parasite is it makes a lot of your breaks much cheaper (architect becomes manageable, etc. ). This seems well worth the influence, but I’m not sure what else to go for, nor which console. Grimoire seems obvious with parasite, but it feels like a chunk of wasted mu. Maybe use medium to assault R&D? What’s the rest of the influence? 3 sucker, 3 parasite, 3 clone chip, 2 medium, 2 Grimoire is full influence and is reliant on masanori, earthrise, and baby for draw.

Meanwhile, overmind plan has plenty of room for influence, and doesn’t feel like a bad Anarch deck. However, some ice just becomes annoying. Luckily, the cloud breaker helps with next silver, as it is only two to break, which is so much better than anything andy can provide.

Basically, I’m just rambling here with the two ideas I’ve had. I’ll take a crack at a overmind deck tonight and maybe post it if I feel it’s not total shit.

Part of why I’m so focused on keeping her console is that importing just seems hard on the influence.

If you want another easily imported utility program, though, I highly recommend Multithreader. Each one is effectively a free use of your breakers, two mean you can get through an Ichi 1.0, NEXT Gold, Ashigaru, Eli, or Lotus Field at no cost every turn.

It seems expensive up front, but assuming you use it each turn you’ll have made more money than a Sure Gamble from turn four onward, and it pays for itself the second turn. Think of it like a Daily Casts that costs an MU in exchange for never running out of money, but which you can also start getting cash from the turn you play it. So a potentially better Daily Casts so long as you keep running.

I don’t know that you need Grimoire overly to make parasite work, it lets you instant-speed it a bit more easily but there’s very little keeping you from having all three datasuckers out which means you should be able to get more than enough counters to kill ice quickly via Multithreader and the like.

Either way, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

I experimented with Special Orders, Mimic, Yog, 3x Datasucker, 2x Desperado, John Masanori and Jak Sinclair. It was pretty awesome to run click 0 and get 1 c, suckers and a draw. As OP said, her barrier breaker is amazing so that rig is pretty efficient until you start running into big ice in which case her other cloud breakers come in handy, especially with chips and datsuckers.

Career Fair, Earthrise and Daily Casts also seem like a good place to start.

After playing it a bit I felt like I wanted Clone Chips and Parasites as well. Having 2-3 MU free allows you to play all your Datasuckers which makes ice destruction easy. This line of play also opens up Jak Sinclair into clone chip parasite, bypassing the icebreaker restriction.

I haven’t figured out a great mix of multi-access, tutors and draw but playing her as a pseudo crim seemed good in initial testing. I’m not sure if Data Folding is worth it or not, it may be simply because filling out 50 cards with 25 influence is kind of difficult.

Well, she doesn’t really need a console. Her icebreaker rig takes 0 MU which leaves pleny for auxiliary programs. If you don’t like her console and don’t want to spare precious influence for one, just don’t run any. Personally I’m looking forward to testing her console with Power Tap and Rabbit Hole. (Since she starts with 2 link and gets +1 from Security Nexus and +3 from Rabbit Hole, all Nexus traces will be base 5 for corp and base 6 for her.)


Program restriction. Parasite’s still an option, but datasuckers aren’t. Though with parasites and datasuckers you can kill whatever they play to protect themselves and suddenly it’s open again.

Having read over the ideas in this thread, this is my first draft. A touch over 50 which will need correcting but can’t be bothered right now.

Event (12)
2x Career Fair ••
2x Legwork ••••
2x Modded ••••
3x Special Order ••••• •
3x Sure Gamble

Hardware (5)
3x Security Chip
2x Security Nexus

Resource (22)
2x Compromised Employee ••
3x Daily Casts
3x Earthrise Hotel
2x John Masanori
2x Kati Jones
2x Symmetrical Visage
3x Underworld Contact
3x Globalsec Security Clearance
2x Jak Sinclair

Icebreaker (7)
1x ZU.13 Key Master ••
3x GS Sherman M3
3x GS Shrike M2

Program (5)
3x Datasucker •••
2x Multithreader ••

Her console may turn out to be bad, but it seems so much fun that I’ll have to at least test it. It made me want Modded, but I’m not sure only 10 targets is enough to justify it, will need testing. Could swap them for the 3rd Legwork, Fair and/or Employee, or another Zu. No idea if I have enough draw either, again testing will tell. Went for Employees as supplementary ‘link’, as one of them effectively puts you on equal footing with the corp for the Nexus trace if they’ve just rezzed the ICE. Also I love the card for the way it discourages rezzing, it always seems to have a bigger psychological impact on the corp player than it should. Globalsec Clearance seems it could probably be Sunny’s best asset, giving her an extraordinary late game against non-FA corps. She can just sit back and collect drip econ until they try to score or she sees an agenda on RnD, then pounce, potentially bypassing their best ICE on the way in. Yes I know I’m tunnel-visioning on the best case scenario but deckbuilding’s way more fun that way :smiley:

This may be totally wack, but has anyone considered collective conciousness? She has the MU and needs the draw, plus 2 link is good for facechecking. I also might look at Angel Arena for both her and Adam, especially if it synergises with career fair and the supplier as I think (Adam can also think independently of it, but thats for the other thread).


Here’s the deck I came up with after some screwing around at work. No idea if Liberated is worth it, just wanted another Career Fair target. Also, unsure how great Security Chip will be when it’s only pumping by 2 at most twice a game. Other than that, I think this is just a sorta standard money and breakers deck:


Event (18):

3 Career Fair (3)
3 Sure Gamble
2 Stimhack (2)
2 Uninstall
2 Legwork (4)
3 Diesel (6)
2 Dirty Laundry
1 Infiltration

Hardware (4):
2 R&D Interface (4)
2 Security Chip

Resources (19):
3 Liberated (6)
3 Daily Casts
2 Kati Jones
3 Earthrise Hotel
3 Underworld Contact
3 Data Folding
1 Symmetrical Visage
1 Same Old Thing

Programs (9):
2 G5 Sherman M3
2 G5 Shrike M2
2 G5 Striker M1
3 Overmind

Oh yeah, Uninstall may be unnecessary, as I have no idea how much presence Overmind will have and whether you’ll need it more than twice. I may try and build this tonight and take it for a spin tomorrow in a handful of test games. I’m afraid it’s slow, that’s why Stimhack is in the deck. Same Old Thing is really only targeting Stimhack and Infiltration as well, so it may go the way of the dodo.

According to the Eureka ruling, Angel arena does not synergize with cost reducing effects. It gains counters equal to the number of credits you actually spent.

The Eureka ruling? If so then awww. :frowning:

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i like Overmind in Adam, but I’m not sure how much i like it in Sunny.

i mean, granted she has Chaos Theory levels of MU with Overmind, for anything low strength you’d want to use it on (when her in-faction breakers will be too expensive), it doesn’t seem like it’ll save you enough credits to make the install worth it. i’d probably just rather import Multithreader, Datasucker, and Parasites

also re: thread title, i was hoping for It’s Always Sunny in New Angeles