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Link's Adventure - The Sunny Lebeau Thread


Heh run that Citadel, use Jak/masanori/console to self tag and then get money off the tag clearing trace.


I think her current is actually pretty underrated. I was cleaned out by it in a game where I got to six points quickly and Sunny then got 30 credits off of the current over the rest of the game, giving her the tempo to keep me from scoring out. This includes ridiculous plays like topdecking an agenda from RnD while making a profit and gaining the credits to break into my remote and win the game.

The current effectively prevents the corp from winning just by jamming agendae in the remote each turn until the runner can’t get in twice in a row.


completely agree. i’ve had similar experiences with Sunny where the corp was up 4, 5, even 6 points before i scored a single point, but as soon as i started scoring, i kept the momentum going and ended up winning. i think Sunny is the kind of runner that takes a while to setup, but that late game tsunami momentum is hard to stop, and her current just feeds into that gameplan so well imo


So, with that current, the nexus and the upcoming citadel there are now 3 cards I can think of where the runner can force the corp to trace. My not-so-secret dream of Power Tap Sunny grows ever closer to reality.


One can hope it reaches fruition soon. Power Tap rotates in the not too, too distant future.


We have the rest of Flashpoint, then all of the new Mars cycle before rotation, yeah? That’s like a year. Plenty of time for more stuff that lets the runner force traces to be released.


Power Tap was Lunar. So not only do we have Flashpoint and Mars, but two more cycles before it rotates. It’s nothing to consider at this point.


I’m hoping that Blockade Runner will help out with the selective draws Sunny needs. Maybe it won’t be great, but if I am getting cards that I straight up don’t need yet it would be cool to shuffle them back into my deck while simultaneously looking for the stuff that I need now.

Could also be shit, but I guess we’ll see.

Oops meant to reply to @CrushU


I doubt it will be bad with Sunny. I would probably rather use them to fuel Eureka! hits, but that is a different janky build.

I think its going to be Peace in our Time from pack 6 that is going to help Sunny out the most (from the spoiled cards). Being able to get the seed money for two breakers or your console with a single click is very strong for her, especially since she probably doesn’t care as much about giving the corp some cash too. She also dodges the no run caveat easily enough.


Forgot it was Lunar. Thought it was Spin.


Re: Power Tap…

Do you play Underworld Contacts?
Because Power Tap has the exact same text on it, as soon as you install Nexus.

Re: Sunny’s Current…

Unlike Adam’s Directive, a Current for Sunny is the last card type I would want for her. (I’d actually really wanted a 4th directive for Adam, so that’s pretty cool. For Sunny, she needed another money event; perhaps a Calling in Favors variant that gives money based on current Link.) She benefits so strongly from Employee Strike and Freedom Through Equality that she doesn’t need to run more Currents. Furthermore, the Current’s ability doesn’t really help Sunny that much. Yes, it allows you to keep a snowball rolling, but if you’re in the stage of the game where you can run once a turn, you don’t need the Current to do that! It was mentioned that it keeps the Corp from jamming agenda after agenda into a server… But it does absolutely nothing if the Corp jams asset after asset into the server, which, by the way, is one of the few ways out of a Sunny lock. (FA is the best way out of Sunny lock)

As mentioned above, Power Tap is a drip econ card when combined with Nexus. Actually all Link cards become drip econ when combined with Nexus, but Power Tap is more directly Drip Econ, especially if you have Link 5 already.


@CrushU do you have a functioning powertap list you would be willing to share?


Power Tap Sunny

Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist (Data and Destiny)

Event (9)

Hardware (9)

Resource (23)

Icebreaker (9)

25 influence spent (max 25, available 0)
50 cards (min 50)
Cards up to Blood Money

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

This is a slight experiment. The tested version of the deck had -2 The Source, -1 Kati Jones, -1 NACH, +3 Rabbit Hole, +1 Turning Wheel. Decided to experiment with dropping the Rabbits entirely to shore up early game with the Source. (I’m also not one hundred percent convinced on Kati, mostly because ProCo and Kati compete for clicks… But worth trying.)

However, the rest of the deck is rock-solid. You absolutely need a Nexus out. You don’t even install your breakers until they’ve got at least two-deep on HQ, R&D, and their scoring remote.

Against FA, you basically have to pray and then lock R&D once they hit 5 points. You only care about SanSan City Grid and Sensies Actor’s Guild. HB can have all their campaigns. Money assets don’t bother Sunny, since she wins at the end. Card-Draw and other forms of raw Acceleration are what Sunny has to shut down before they shut her out.

Against Glacier you wreck their servers, even if they’re all the way set up. Batty Rigshooter out of Palana is about the only Glacier that beats Sunny, which is why I have 2x of the breaker suite.

NA’s one of the trickiest to play against, because you can only barely afford to run their scoring server every time they put an Agenda down. You much prefer to just use Globalsec Security Clearance and win off R&D.

You must find and install drip economy. Roughly, UWC > Data Folding > Power Tap, though once you have Nexus out, Power Tap is better than Data Folding.

I’m still trying to determine ProCo vs Supplier first install off Hostage. So far, first choosing ProCo is doing the best, though there are situations where you want to find Supplier first. (Hand full of drip econ resources, OR you have two Hostages in hand and a drip econ piece.)

CtM gives me the most trouble, but it’s actually because they run Sensies and HHN, which most other decks run one or the other. You have to trash Sensies as stated earlier, but your econ usually isn’t able to handle an HHN until turn 5 at the earliest. (This happens to be another point in favor of Power Tap, btw…)


Seems solid and like a great place to start for modern Sunny.

I could see swapping some pieces out to accommodate a DLR version too.

I like seeing this deck evolve! Keep it up!


Thank you, how has it been doing.


I feel it’s in general somewhere between 40-60% win rate. Slightly worse against Yellow decks that play both Sensie and HHN, and better against any deck that runs 5/3 Agendas. (Even GFI)

The easiest games are against HB Glacier. Argus/Weyland Rush is an interesting prospect that emphasizes how much you need Security Nexus down early. I haven’t had the chance to play against Blue Sun yet. Kill Decks are interesting as well, and it depends on whether you get the NACH down before you start running. Hoppers are an interesting option to help with Not Dying.

If the meta turns back to Glacier, I’d definitely take this deck. If the meta is filled with CtM HHN/Political Asset Spam decks, I probably won’t use this one. Which annoys me, because I started looking at Sunny again specifically to try and get around the CtM traces. The problem is that she’s just too slow for those matchups and they can accelerate out enough to lock her out of the game by the time she can get an economy going. It’s not ‘Well, I lose’ and pick your cards up as soon as CtM fires a Sensie trigger, but it’s like 10-20% that I win the game from that point.


She needs burst to be competitive against CtM. Burst value cards can certainly vary and it is debatable which ones are the best for Sunny, but I do love me some Temujin. Against CtM it is great value and against glacier it helps fund additional runs that turn.


Temujin is, without a doubt, a superb card.

I just don’t like it in Sunny. Or Kit. Or PPVP Kate. Or basically any runner who wants to make only one run a turn.

Reasons not to run Temujin in Sunny:

  • 2 Influence (Can’t be ignored…)
  • Security Nexus only triggers once a turn
  • Against CtM, it does help keep your money up, but it also forces/requires the Run, which opens you up to HHN. And remember, the problem is that CtM has Sensie’s. You must trash those, so that’s not a valid Temujin target.
  • Running is not an integral part of Sunny’s economy, unless you’re not playing UWC’s. If you’re playing Dirty Laundry, then Temujin becomes better, but as it is, Sunny wants to force the game as long as possible to get as many triggers from her UWC’s as possible.

I do agree she wants burst cards. I’ve not been able to find any that I like outside of Sure Gamble. Every other option costs too much Influence or otherwise doesn’t fit with the style of Sunny. (Calling in Favors is the closest I’ve found, but it only works for specifically OCA Sunny.) Kati Jones sort of works?


Kati works great.

I just think too much drip for her is kind of a trap ultimately. You need burst to get her breakers and console online and to keep pace with HHN. With her stellar link, especially when upgraded you can usually dodge HHN and the new tracey resource might even free up a click when clearing tags. I typically don’t bother beyond UWC because of the deck slot cost of running 6-9 drip cards.

Sunny basically has 3 options right now for econ and none seem totally optimal.
1.) Connection/Resource heavy
2.) Temujin Sunny w/Deuces, and Dirty Laundry. - I like this one right now because it is like a super PPVP, that stretches the corp ice a little thinner, trading a stronger early game for a weaker drip and late game. It really is too bad High-Stakes Job is 3 influence because sunny really likes that card.
3.) Opus, dabbling a little bit in 1 or 2. Just click a bunch and run at some point.


This is what I keep worrying about. Which is why I tried a more aggressive bent with Account Siphon. It performed worse.

This I disagree with. More than anything else, Sunny’s breakers point at Drip Econ being what she needs. Unless you know of another way to pay those monstrous breaker costs she has… Those costs are what keep taking me back to 4+ free credits a turn, because not even Opus can keep up with that level of money needs, so you’re looking at something like PPVP, but in a 50 card deck that’s not really an option, especially when all of those pieces cost more and more of your precious influence… (I do want to try a PPVP Sunny build that runs 3x PPVP, Lucky Find, and Deuces, and see how well that works…)