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Link's Adventure - The Sunny Lebeau Thread


is modded too much influence for sunny? It is a lower threshold gamble, and works on all breakers, nexus, and hopper. If you maybe run opus, that too.


I guess I should clarify by saying that I typically run her with support mu programs (datasucker/multithreader).

Her breakers are impossibly expensive without these programs. Datasucker is bad if you aren’t packing Temujin, but Multithreader is pretty great.


I feel if you’re doing a resource-light variant, Modded could work. That said, it’s a lot of influence…


Agreed. I originally slotted them in, but even with 25 influence you often find yourself cutting them for anything else.


Turns out that Multithreader is also a Drip Econ card, giving you up to 2 credits a turn, but only to use on icebreakers.

I do actually like Multithreader and it was one of the first things I tried in Sunny. In later builds, it fell off because I needed places to save on influence. And, like her breakers, I didn’t really want to install Multithreader until I absolutely had to, so it got the axe.

(Side note: Best feeling is having Nexus + 3 Power Tap and walking through Ichi 1.0 like it isn’t even there because who needs programs, amirite? And making three credits for the privilege!)


Yeah, Multithreader is drip. But its a more powerful drip that you can get returns on much immediately.

The only downside is the influence.

But yeah, I hear what you are saying. I guess I am coming around to the Data Folding idea.


Best feeling is getting paid to pass Resistor. Screw yellow.


I think Daily Casts is often a better include than Data Folding. If I don’t see data folding early game, it’s probably not getting installed. Casts will almost always pay off quickly enough to warrant the slot.


Daily Cast vs Data Folding was talked about earlier. It boils down to:

  • Data Folding wins 8 turns after; so installing a Daily Casts instead of Data Folding is a bet the game will end before 8 turns pass.
  • Sunny (currently) appears to need a critical mass of constant drip econ cards, to guarantee seeing at least 2 early enough for them to matter out of a 50 card deck. Currently, the number of required drip cards appears to be around 6-9 (And probably closest to around 8?) for this to happen.

For me, these two facts together combine to say Data Folding is worth it. But the edge is very slight.


The comparison is not quite that simple, imo. If Daily Casts gave you all eight credits the next turn, Data Folding would still be better after right turns in terms of pure credits but Daily Casts 2.0 would give you much more tempo which you can use to get much further ahead. If you spend your last three credits installing Daily Casts as it stands or Data Folding, you get one more credit next turn with Daily Casts. This means you can install Underworld Contacts without having to click for a credit.

I have not played Sunny since before Mumbad cycle but from what I know there are still the same issues with her. My version ran 3x Career Fair and Modded. These give you small burst econ and a free click to install something (the downside being you do need that something to install). It also ran Daily Casts, Earthrise Hotel and Multithreader. to take advantage of Career Fair and Modded. The deck was far from competitive with the Astro train still in the meta but I personally found that to be the best way to go. I would be interested to try that build again with Powertap as well.


My latest iteration of burst econ Sunny has 3 Gamble, 2 Laundry, 3 Modded, 2 Temujin and 2 Career Fair for burst, and 3 Contacts, 1 Visage, 1 MO, 2 Casts for drip. I definitely prefer the faster payout of Casts. Visage is essentially Underworld Contact #4, and also superior to Data Folding as tempo drip econ. Those Temujins used to be Lucky Finds. I also have Yog to make small codegates irrelevant.

We’ve talked about this at length before, but my opinion is that Magnum Opus and 2-3 Contacts is plenty of late-game econ, when you’ve already got your suite installed. The tricky part is getting there.

I strongly suggest you can get better returns out of your last 2 MU in a number of ways by spending influence, rather than leaving them fallow for Data Folding. Data Sucker, Magnum Opus, Paricia, Multithreader, etc. I’ve had decent results running Knights for early remote sniping.


I had a bit of a play around with updating my Sunny deck. I came across the combo of Citadel Sanctuary, John Masanori and Power Tap. Run a server, jackout before access, take a tag, Citadel’s trace will run at end of turn to gain your Power Tap credits and your link will make sure you can shake the tag. You wouldn’t do this if you have no money and your opponent is very rich and could make the trace stick and then trash a few resources.

It sounds really clunky but those cards have other uses. Citadel can save you from a meat damage death, John will give you a card on a successful run and Power Taps will trigger on Nexus and all other traces so you wouldn’t be relying on this combo as the basis of your economy.

I made a deck with these cards in but won’t get a chance to try it out until probably the weekend. Maybe others can give it a go before then. Does it make Sunny better? Or just a different dominate late game?


Over and over and over… More games are won with 3 pieces of Drip installed than with less than 3 installed. The problem is never installing those pieces, the problem is always getting those three pieces.

I’m out of influence. Used it on cards that accelerate my game plan (Beth, Professional Contacts, Supplier, Hostage), are my late game plan (Power Taps, Film Critic), or slow down their game plan (The Source, Employee Strike, Political Operative). I can’t use it to fill my MU, so instead I don’t spend influence and still use the MU (Overmind, Data Folding).

I can either use the MU with Influence, or use it without Influence. I choose without.


What do you think about Blockade Runner in Sunny? Might this help setting up faster, giving more of a quality draw?


I think I’d rather actually play card draw and get cards than play a card that lets me click for cards. Clicking for credits 4 times and playing Earthrise Hotel gets you 6 cards more efficiently than playing Blockade Runner and using it to get 6 cards. That’s a terrible thing. Yeah, because of Blockade’s ability you might get slightly better cards, but at what cost, man? AT WHAT COST.

Tempo. Sunny is usually slow enough as it is that I really don’t want to play more knuckle-draggingly slow cards in her deck. I don’t think it makes her or anyone go faster.


Agreed. Although I typically often find that Sunny just doesn’t want to play some of the cards she gets. They are expensive!

The answer is probably cards like The Supplier over Blockade Runner. It really is too bad The Supplier is not just a little better, as it really presents a lot of solutions to problems in Sunny… but at such a slow result that it is almost unusable.


True. And pure draw power like QT with a supplier out is much better.


So a typical Sunny turn before I get Nexus out is draw twice, install twice. Blockade Runner would fit that pattern, and one of my frequent problems is being stuck with my breakers in hand that I don’t have the econ to support yet, so shuffling those back in would be useful…

But the ultimate problem would be I’d have to use Blockade Runner instead of Professional Contacts… And ProCon pays back such astounding dividends…

That said, I’ll probably try a strict replacement, and then using the 2 spare influence on something else…


Update on how testing with this list is going:

Very well. Source helps a ton in the Yellow matchups, so that they now feel close.
Rabbit Hole being taken out is… Acceptable. It’s made the deck feel less consistent, but faster. It also helps to confirm that you basically don’t need more Link than just Nexus. (Sports Hopper is still good though.)
2x NACH is definitely right.
Losing the Turning Wheel is the only thing that stings at all. And it’s mostly because you can’t get multiaccess on HQ. Security Clearance is good enough at locking R&D, and the rest of your deck locks the remotes. HQ becomes the only safe place for agendas.
Kati vs ProCo; Turns out it feels like Kati is an influence-less and slightly worse version of ProCo. Sunny needs both money and cards, which is why ProCo works so well… But Kati is super good at providing the money, without needing influence. Basically, Kati allows me to keep more hands, and also speeds my way towards having a functioning economy. (Even if ProCo is the ideal, Kati’s a decent stopgap if I draw her first instead.)

I lost a game because I forgot I hadn’t used an Employee Strike on the Blue Sun player. Could’ve gotten in, but neglected to because he was at 0 credits. I could only have gotten in because of Security Chip. This card is good.


Sunny is the Alt-Art ID option for the upcoming store tournament season. I think I need to get much more practice in to win that card.