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Link's Adventure - The Sunny Lebeau Thread


So if we wanna win Sunny alt art with Sunny. What are we playing?


I’m still voting for a House-party lockdown build of some kind. Strong, resillient and with an insurmountable endgame.


the new card


Since I have no idea if anywhere near me is running said kits (due to living in the middle of nowhere), I’ll probably end up playing the eBay game.

Because I require this.


I need someone to teach me the ways because she seems unplayable against any rush deck.


Get gud.

But, no, seriously: She is pretty bad against rush decks. That’s just kind of a fact of life with Ms. Lebeau. Nothing to do but try to get to late game ASAP and cross your fingers.


I still really like Faust Sunny. Faust covers a lot of her weaknesses, and Nexus Faust’s.


My general strategy is “let 'em have 4-5 points, then win”. You’re not gonna stop the rush unless you get a REALLY early Nexus. Focus on playing solitaire and setting up. Once you get a lock piece down (my preferred being The Source), you can safely transition into the lategame.


Depending on its use Peace in Our time might be the card to help Sunny pivot from early to late game faster. One use gets you burst money to install your console or twoish breakers.

All comes down the cards influence cost.


Come down to Ann Arbor again. We should have a few kits as soon as they are released.


Agreed, here.

I started winning a lot more with Sunny when I realized that winning 7-0 with Sunny just doesn’t happen. You can let any corp get to 4-0 and then skunk them 4-7, that’s fine. Letting corps get to 5 points is the danger zone, though.

Also, holy crap, The Source does a whole lot to slow down Corps that want to rush out. It’s almost like you have a single-use pocket Leela.

All this said, don’t rest on your laurels and let the corp have those points, if you can avoid it. Force them to fight you for them. This is why I’ve been advocating Overmind for a while. Sunny doesn’t have the draw power to fuel Faust, but she certainly has the MU space to use Overmind.


There’s a local here that has been doing Sunny (and similar long setup dex) that uses the Sauce. Yeah, it’s surprisingly effective for allowing Sunny to build a few more turns.


Has anyone else been trying out Aaron Marron in sunny DLR? I find he an nice addition on laying off the reliance of Citadel Sanctuary.


Marron is a godsend to just about every Sunny build. Sunny suffered immensely to Breaking News/All Seeing and now you can just sidestep that nonsense.


Question is if we can remove New Angeles City Hall now, or if we still need it? Sunny can usually get up to enough credits that trace-tags aren’t an issue, but NACH can still be useful for doding Nexus- and Masanori-tags.


I would personally say it seems largely unnecessary post Aaron.

Him + Sanctuary should be more than enough.

Unless you are on dlr. But even then you should be okay.


Something I’ve been debating playing with are Peace in our Time and Tapwrm.

Actually, I guess that the former might be some jank with Jak, since as long as the run’s happened before your first click you can still play it, right? It just stops you from making runs after you play it.

The latter feels like it could be a interesting use of memory, since it at least can scale up past just 1c a turn for a card slot if the corp is rich.


I don’t think Peace and Jak are jank. I think they are incredibly solid. Especially since you can get through one piece of ice, get an access and still peace +set up.

You also can continue manage assets with jak.

Peace just seems win/win for Sunny builds.

Tapwrm is a great idea! I like it. You have all that extra my, why not cram it with more drip?


Oh, yeah, it’s definitely neat. I was thinking of the positive form of “jank” in that it feels a little dirty, but fun.

Been playing around with a build with both Peace, Tapwrm, and Aaron. Seems interesting, although frakking Scarcity of Resources keeps showing up first turn, which suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks. Also tried sticking a On the Lam in there in case of HHN, but hasn’t become relevant yet. Aaron’s definitely been a MVP, though.

Debating trying to cram Power Taps back in there, but influence and card slots are super tight right now.

…goddamnit, I just realized that basically all the influence in this deck is Criminal… so I almost need to call the deck Blue Sun.


Employee Strike is my counter to Scarcity. If influence is tight, Aonther Day also seems viable, especially if you run Power Taps.