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Link's Adventure - The Sunny Lebeau Thread


4 to 6 means you probably don’t lose to Scarcity ever but you instead lose a bunch of other matchups where you are dedicating 4-6 slots to cards that barely do anything.


This is why I like Power Tap so much out of Sunny. It’s Link until you get up to 5 total, then it’s just Actually Drip. Basically the only reason to not run Power Tap in a Link deck is the fact that it doesn’t count as Link for Cloud/Phones. Sunny doesn’t have that problem, so why not run Power Tap?

I did come off the Rabbit Hole train finally. Enough people pointed out that you don’t actually need 5 or 6 Link… The deck-thinning aspect is Real, though.

No, see… I play Sunny because I want the 2 Link start and influence-free Nexus, Jak, Chip, and Breakers. The 50-card ID is a detriment, and mitigating that is Good, that’s why I include duplicates.

This is why Employee Strike is my Current of choice. It’s a shame I can’t have Film Critic and E-Strike… Critic happens to be useful in every match because of The Source, so E-Strike gets binned… And I need to find some other Current to use. FTE is the best as it, too, does something in every matchup. ADAP is second-place because it’s influence- and credit-free Scarcity destruction. It just doesn’t do anything, in any matchup, even if I weren’t running Film Critic.


Is Black Hat going to be the answer to Sunny’s Multi-Access problems, or did Jak + Turning Wheel do just fine?

I like that I won’t have to pay influence for it anymore (as influence has ALWAYS been tight in Sunny), but I’m just not sure how much better Black Hat is (if at all).


I’ve seen a few Sunny decks play something besides the Turning Wheel + Jak plan… stuff like Legwork, Deep Data Mining.

I don’t know if Black Hat replaces Deep Data Mining (though playing them together sounds really exciting). It probably replaces Legwork though.

And we are due for another card even sooner than Black Hat! I don’t know what it is going to be, but if it is anything as transformative as Emergent Creativity and Assimilator I’m very excited.


Reddit seems to have a text spoiler of what it is, from Council of the Crest. Grains of salt et wot until we see images, but… holy carp?

White Hat
Sunny-Lebeau Event
Cost: 0 •••••
Play only if you made a successful run on a central server this turn. Force the Corp to “Trace3 If unsuccessful, reveal all cards in HQ. The Runner may choose up to 2 of the revealed cards. Shuffle those cards into R&D.”

EDIT: Odd, dunno why the spoiler tag isn’t working.


I just tried it, and removing the extra line spacing fixed the problem.

White Hat
Sunny-Lebeau Event
Cost: 0 •••••
Play only if you made a successful run on a central server this turn. Force the Corp to “Trace3 If unsuccessful, reveal all cards in HQ. The Runner may choose up to 2 of the revealed cards. Shuffle those cards into R&D.



Huh, yeah, that worked. The internet: kinda weird sometimes.


Too many cooks spoil the broth, but too many line breaks unspoil the post?


I’ll get my coat.


Is DDM worth the influence, though? Honest question, as I haven’t used it yet.

It just seems that Agendas are going to pile up in HQ, not R&D, by the time you are ready to play it. Which means Legwork > DDM and you get two for one, influence-wise. Then again, maybe I’m playing Sunny (like a Big Rig Criminal) differently than others.

That spoiled card looks intriguing (if true), but I don’t actually see a use case for it in my deck ATM except as yet another Power Tap trigger. I could see running one 'Hat or the other, but I’m already only running to probe, not to win, before I’m set up for remote lock. The only other thing I can think of at the moment is to tech against a rich Jinteki before my HQ power run.


Super cool Sunny card! I like that it kind of incentivizes a link or two and that it provides yet another reliable trigger for Power Tap. It also kind of helps with RNG Key. Between Globalsec Security Access and White Hat you should have a pretty good idea of what your opponent is running or what is actually in their hand.

I think by pack 6, Sunny will always pack both White and Black Hat, which means you will be able to reliably get two ish traces a turn thanks to Sec Nexus.

Is that enough to justify Power Taps and RNG Key in Sunny?? Probably?? I think the consistency of RNG Key is probably the biggest boon to the plan right now.

At least she won’t need to splash all those spiky multiaccess unless she wants to post Black Hat.


Looking forward to an endgame of
Black Hat
Run R&D, access 3
White Hat, shuffle away 2 operations/ICE
Run HQ, access remaining 3 cards (or skip run if no agendas)

Also fun:
Start of turn: Jak run on Archives, Find The truth/Globalsec to check R&D.
Run R&D if agenda, trigger Key
White Hat, reset R&D, and check if HQ worth hitting.


So has anyone had any luck with White Hat yet? Having been playing Sunny for a while I just can’t seem to build a deck that makes sense to me. It seems that her hats really favour a Power tap based deck but I’ve never been able to make a Power tap deck work. On the other hand, if you replace her multi-access with her hat you suddenly have a bunch of influence spare with nothing obvious to spend it on and your multi-access is no longer as good.


White Hat was better than I expected in my deck (used it because Black Hat isn’t out yet). I can reliably beat ASA-FA and Jinteki “Can’t Touch This” (AgInfusion into Excalibur + 1000 cuts). But those are both against one guy and he doesn’t build to combat Film Critic.

That said, it is a connections Power Tap deck. OCA is still a great accelerant, and RNG Key helps as well. I switched back to Power Tap after a long while because of Citadel Sanctuary and the Hats. Nothing like making them go broke rezzing big ice, running the Nexus trace and purposefully failing to double dip on the Taps with the citadel trace at the end of the turn. I’m still tweaking things and I have a couple packs that I still need to pick up…


Sunny’s Got Connections 3.2 (50 cards)

Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist

Event (3)
3 Career Fair
3 White Hat

Hardware (6)
3 Security Nexus

Resource (33)
1 Aeneas Informant
1 Beth Kilrain-Chang
2 Citadel Sanctuary
2 Councilman
2 Daily Casts
3 Data Folding
2 Fall Guy
2 Film Critic
1 Globalsec Security Clearance
2 Jak Sinclair
2 Maxwell James
3 Off-Campus Apartment
3 Power Tap
2 Scrubber
2 The Source
3 Underworld Contact

Icebreaker (6)
2 GS Sherman M3
2 GS Shrike M2
2 GS Striker M1

Program (2)
2 RNG Key


In case you missed it, I went undefeated with Sunny in a Store Championship, only losing in the Grand Finals in the CtM rematch. (Yeah, I know. Read the report…)

Always Sunny Cards - Undefeated in Swiss, 2nd place SC

Sunny Lebeau: Security Specialist (Data and Destiny)

Event (12)

Hardware (6)

Resource (26)

Icebreaker (6)

25 influence spent (max 25, available 0)
50 cards (min 50)
Cards up to Terminal Directive

Decklist published on NetrunnerDB.

This was pre-hat, pre-MWL 2.1 meta.
Most of the deck discussion is there.
RNG Key is inconsistent, don’t run it.
Emergent Creativity is Amaze-balls, but couldn’t get enough testing to get a reliable list that I liked.
Power Tap Sunny is where we want to be now.
OCA still is too many cards, not enough cassssssssh.

Going forward…
In my brief testing, White Hat is really good.
DDM is also really good. You can poke R&D, White Hat, then DDM R&D for Massive Value. It’ll only get better with Black Hat.
EC+White Hat might be good enough to drop The Source package. You set up really fast.


I did see that, and definitely want to try it out, eventually. In my few games, I haven’t exactly been strapped for cash, but my testing has been limited; I haven’t played on Jinteki in quite a while.

Added note: Were you trying to run 1 or 2 EC (or 3?!)? I agree that it’s absolutely crushing, but that’s 15 influence to get your console up reliably fast. Dropping The Source seems like something I wouldn’t be ready to do. He not only stops FA, but before I’m completely set up, he forces the Corp to telegraph (what would normally be) NA’s as well.


I was on 2 EC, 2 DDM. 18 influence used in four cards. Worth! I’m not sure what my other influence was… I think I kept 3 Career Fair and at least one Film Critic. I think I was trying two Aumakua, under the theory that I could actually power out Nexus/Turtle fast enough to contest early and often…?


I had trouble squeezing just the one in, never mind to.

I’m on Overmind, too. No influence spent on the AI, and you just want to make your very specific value runs, rather than keep running, though Aumakua does synergise with Jak.


Do you still see yourself using DDMs after Black Hat comes out?


7 accesses from R&D
foams at the mouth

Ahem. Yes. Yes I do.


More seriously, with Black Hat, there’s less slots in the deck, so it makes sense to use a ton of influence on a few cards. It’s part of why I started looking at DDM in the first place; had too many cards to use 1-2 inf on cards, so decided to spend big.