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Living the dream


Sometimes when my mind wanders, it starts churning through tons of netrunner thoughts: new deck ideas, ice placement strategies, bluffing tactics, etc. The most fun kind of thoughts are unlikely blow-out play sequences. I’m making this thread as a place to share such “living the dream” moments.

  1. You and NEH are on 6 points but they have an astro counter and a fast track in hand, so you know you’ve got one turn before you lose to Breaking News (no clot). Indexing sees 0 agendas. Put something trashable on top, run again to trash it, Indexing again to see another card.
  2. After the runner siphons or vamps you down to 0 credits and runs your 2 unrezzed ice remote, rez Pop-up Window and then Quandary. Alternatively, rez an IQ with 0 cards in hand. Bonus: have a live Adonis Campaign with which to score the agenda you just protected.
  3. The runner has 7 programs worth of memory supported by 3 Q-Coherence Chips. Power Shutdown for 0. :boom:
  4. With 3 cards, 3 credits, and a Deus X and SMC installed, you run into Merlin + The Twins out of The Foundry. SMC for Crescentus.

What have been some of your best games recently, win or lose?

When you are Making News and your idiot opponent says “I guess I’ll go tag me.”


This actually happened:

Playing CT doubles against ETF glacier. Running R&D second click with a full rig out I hit Janus. I click twice and spend every last credit to break the other two subs with Femme.

He IAAs into a three deep remote (all unrezzed).

My next turn - Power Nap for 9, Sure Gamble for 4, run - break Heimdell 2.0 with Lady (4), Ichi 1.0 with Femme (7), Eli with Lady (1). Steal Pri Req to win the game.


I’m ETF glacier vs Kit. Built a 4 ice deep remote that was extremely taxing before even putting anything into it. IAA a card into it. His turn. He runs it, spends 18 credits breaking ice, but couldn’t break an architect, which let me install an upgrade from my hand into the server. Run is successful. I rez wil-o-the wisp and he accesses aggressive secretary. Woops, he just lost his rig.

This happened this last monday on league night. I ended up winning that game.

(that same game started with a hand that was Hedge fund x3 and two agendas, and at one point I had a five agenda hand. I don’t own Jackson yet.)


Simple one from a few days ago. Playing Edward Kim versus Blue Sun. Late gamish. Run R&D with one ice on it. Corp, at 14 credits. He thinks for a moment, and says “Well, I hope you can’t blow this up” and rezzes a Curtain Wall. Bounce.

I have a Knifed in hand, and a Corroder and VoicePad (and some miscellaneous breakers/hardware) on the table. Count my credit pool. 9 credits. Click for credits twice, knife R&D, blowing up the Curtain Wall. Access… an Oversight AI. Apply hammer.

There’s something about smashing 28 credits worth of value right in your opponent’s face.


You only picked the ID for the meta game bluff. IM NOT SCARED OF YOU NERD.


Runners discarding Feedback Filter/Net Shield/Public Sympathy and/or playing I’ve Had Worse to draw cards when I’m playing a combo CI deck that deals 6 net damage in one turn. :smile:


Funny you mention that, I played against someone with a similar name to yours, as Making News, and he said the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I didn’t say it was my dream.


Playing HB against Calimsha Kate in the SSCI. He Dirty Laundry’s R&D with Mimic, Lady, and Cycy (on R&D) installed. I rez Mother Goddess with Architect as my only other rezzed piece of ice; run ends.

I want to trash a runner’s Utopia/Hades shard with Foxfire.


I made it 26 cards through my 49 card Corp deck before I finally mandatory drew into my first Hedge Fund. I took this screenshot for Flanzer and slysquid. Clearly, this deck would’ve been better off as an NEH Glacier deck. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But seriously, where’s Ash when you need it? That Atlas counter is just waiting for Pri Req…


Runner plays Retrieval Run. Before the run is successful, rez Blacklist.


A cute one I saw on reddit is to use career fair to play hades shard from 4 credits when the corp is waiting for you to hit 7 before jacksoning.


Flatlined someone running a remote with a combination of janus and Shinobi. He had a faerie to break the Janus. He didn’t have money to get throufh the Shinobi. Best thing? The card in the remote was Jackson.


I’ve had 4 instances of NEXT Gold rig destruction due to corporate troubleshooter pumping out of datasucker range, and one where I popped a cyberdex to achieve the same thing.

I’ve now officially given up trying to flatline with it though.


Playing NEH against one of the top CT players. Turn 1 Ice, Ice centrals and install a naked remote. Click #1 he installs SMC, click #2 he stimhacks the remote, SMC’s for MOpus and accesses my psychic field. I won psi game but it took me a second realize what had just happened. My quickest win to date. After resetting though I didn’t fair as well in the rematch.


The feeling you get topdecking the Astro your NEH opponent was looking for and making $2 for it because of Human First.


I realise I just clicked like to everything on this thread!


Can you pull money off cache and get to 7 and install hades before the corp can jackson? I’m going to leave a cache 1 counter on it in noise 1 day just for this if so.


No you can’t.
It takes a click to install your Hades Shard and the corp can react with their jackson to you taking money off cache since both are paid ability.