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Living the dream


I eat two babies as my morning routine.


Supplier with Hades Shard sitting on it; forever. When the action window opens after install you get a chance to use it before jackson can be used, but the constant threat while you stay at at least 5 credits means jackson won’t be on the board long.

Not as good, but still pretty awesome. Or alternatively… have it in hand with hayley and install some resource off of Street Peddler during an opponent’s turn.

Plenty of ways to sneak attack with that shard.

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Flatlining someone thanks to Chairman Hiro. Worked once in ~30 games, still worth it.


My best moment happened a month ago, I was Noise vs Jinteki.
Was 5 times brained, no card in hand, stack size 0.

Won by score 8)


Flatlined Andromeda because of her Desperado face-checking a Cortex Lock. Beginner mistake, but still, taste the tears!

Not as flashy as all of these. But I rezzed an Adonis on a Breaker Bay Grid for the first time recently. Felt great.


I’ve thought about throwing one in just for Adonis. How often does it actually fire for you?

One copy of Breaker Bay probably won’t be very consistent for you. You need it installed before you rez Adonis. I run 3x Breaker Bay in ETF with Adonis, Ash, Caprice and Will’O and even there it doesn’t appear as consistently as I would like.

The timing of install is a little restrictive. You want it installed after your remote is iced up but before you need to rez the upgrades or Adonis. Still pretty sweet when it does go off.

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I tested 2 BB with 3 eve, 3 adonis, and 1 director haas in HB FA, it was pretty good, but…not earth shattering

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Hmmm… sounds like it’s fun to fire but not worth the slots. Maybe if it wasn’t a region it’d have a little more utility.

Well, it is a must trash thing though, so you’re adding 2 or 3 (whatever it is, to the trash cost of that server, which is nice for 0).

I cut 2 PAD for 2 BB in HB Caprice Glacier (Selevin SSCI deck), so I don’t have SanSans competing with it.

Living the dream?
That feeling when you are feeding the runner Agendas, and they decline to run that Philotic Entanglement…
Letting them beat Ash, to hit Edge of World.
Anything involving biotic labor that does not involve scoring that turn…

BL->IAA naked 5/3->Mirrormorph 3 ICE over the new server. #LtD

Biotic Labour, PSF times 4 for the win. Back in core.


Click 1-2 install Wyldside and Adjusted Chronotype
Click 3 faceplant into Enigma
Click 4 swag


I tried 3 Breaker Bay Grid with 3 Eve, 3 Adonis and 2 The Root and it was huge. I was never sad to see Breaker Bay grid and often I wanted to draw it more than anything else.


You can even rez Caprice and Ash for free and save mad dollar.

Get some Shell Corps and Strongboxes involved