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Living the dream


I won extra hard because of that siphon :smile:; I can’t remember if I psycho-bealed to win or scored of sansans, but I won both the moral victory and that game.


Oh, man, I need to put Aryabhata Tech in my How Much Do You Want That Bad Publicity, Anyway? deck. That’s just brutal. Please tell me you’re combining it with Surveillance Sweep!


It was in NEH, so unfortunately no, but the traces are helped substantially by Aryabhata Tech. It can engineer a situation where you can’t beat the bp trace if you want to break subs. It doesn’t always work, but the cards have enough synergy that I enjoy playing it against non whizzard. Else I just try my damndest to score am Astro


Playing Leela, had a Hades Shard on the board and suspected an agenda in Archives. Made a run against unrezzed ice and used the Hades as a discount Inside Job.


Fired a Fox on his gang sign earlier too, and had the surprise Aryabhata Ash for the win basically.


Playing as MaxX. Eater is my only breaker. Corp is on 4 points and just IAA. he knows I run Apocalypse, but that Enhanced Login Protocol makes firing it difficult.

Click 1 --> Account Siphon wear tags with pride
Click 2 --> Keyhole trash ICE
Click 3 --> Retrieval Run… for no install, access 0 cards (corp: oh no…)
Click 4 --> Apocalypse!

came back and scored out of the ruins of the corp’s servers to win.


6-0 down on jnet, using a Blue Sun kill deck with 6 agendas v Hayley Pitchfork.

Won 9-6 by scoring out Government Takeover after a Priority Requisition. First score of GT ever, for me.


Well, just followed that up by winning on the Runner’s Turn 1 after he ran an unprotected Snare and then hit the only other one in the deck of the top of R&D.

Now where the hell is my lottery ticket…


i made a argus few days ago,

dream 1 . i have 2 remotes on field both at 2 or 3 advancements not sure(bounty and atlas ). playing vs max, she checks my hq, checks my rnd, going to archives. shit. im getting apoced… good thing i threw a agenda in the bin. she’s like o shit. but hey, 2 scorches at archives? tag is the safest! getting apoced. feels bad. draw card, draw card, scorch. she had 3 cards. : )

another one, i have a huge remote with 3 ice, all unrezzed, all rubbish, runner doesnt know that, i have to do something cause im losing so bad, install, adv adv ,he’s going in, no rez, no rez, no rez, he’s thinking. jack out, boom scoring High Risk investment and getting like 20 creds next turn : ) )

last one, probably will never happen ever again, posted bounty sitting on 3, another remote on 2, runner has 5 or 6 points. sweating, he doesnt run(haa no sea source), over advance atlas,get scorched, posted bounty, rip

argus with ghost branches/mushin and things is so much fun.


Geist vs. Haarpsichord.

I have two fully loaded OCAs. Fall Guys ready to go for saving me from the kill. 1 Forger installed and another hiding on a Street Peddler.

Opponent scores a second Breaking News. They dig hard and find 24/7. They play it to give me two tags.

Trash one forger to avoid a tag (and draw a card and gain three creds). Trash Street Peddler to install second Forger and trash it to remove second tag.


Geist runing against Blue Sun. Thought I the worst I could run into was the Curtain Wall the corp had pulled back from an OAI the turn before.

Corp Rezzes Janus 1.0.

I don’t have nearly enough breakers to break Janus. Luckily I ran click 1.

I also had Savoir-faire installed with an Autoscripter on the board, so naturally I used Savoir-faire to install a crowbar from my hand, gaining a click. I then clicked through Janus.

I only wish it had been an OAI Janus so I could have clicked it to death…


Advanceable ICE, it whurks!!!11

Been having fun with this jank.


When you’re playing noise and start with wyldside in your opening and plan your first turn as install it take 3.

After installing it, you realize R&D is wide open… So you take it.

Access archangel. :crying_cat_face::


So yesterday I was playing Noise against Foodcoats in a small tournament. We’re both at six points for a long time, failing to find any agendas at all. Setting the scene: He has two unrezzed ICE and an upgrade in the only remote he has. There are a lot of cards I milled into Archives, and an unrezzed ICE in front. In front of R&D (which has four cards left) are an Architect and an unrezzed something. He installs something in his remote and advances it once. The turn goes to me, time is called. Let’s play Netrunner!
I Wyldside into my last two cards, Cache and Deja Vu. I’m at ten credits (he’s at fourteen). I unfortunately can’t mill him out, so I decide to Deja Vu->Levy and try to bust the remote. This leaves me at three credits. He declines to rez either ICE, but rezzes the Ash. I figure that he has an NAPD in that remote and complain loudly how dumb I am for going <4 credits like a scrub. Obviously, I don’t trash the Ash, because I can’t steal the NAPD anyway. With my last click, I run Archives, praying that there is no Turing there. It’s a Turing. This leaves him at eight credits. I bounce and say gg. He grins, plays Biotic and scores the Global Food (!!!). Mindgames!

This is why I play Netrunner. If I lose like this, I’m not even mad.


Some very hypothetical dreams:

  1. Use Leverage against IG
  2. Playing CI against Hayley, and she has used Archives Interface to remove all your virus purgers and has Clot and multiple Sacrificial Constructs and a rig that can get into any remote. But she’s on 0 points and doesn’t play Hyperdriver, so use double (or triple, with Biotic + AM) Shipment from Mirrormorph to make more remotes than she can check in a turn and hope that she doesn’t hit 4 agendas (i.e. hits at least one Jackson) and leaves you with enough (now Clot immune) agendas to win
  3. Playing CI with ~9 cards left in R&D, some of which are advancing shipments. Try to go off by self-milling with 2 Diags, but first install an ABT and hope to hit enough advancing shipments to score it and mill yourself 3 more cards


Opponent was Haarpsichord, who opened with Sweeps Week - Install - Install.

Opening MaxX hand was Siphon, Deja Vu, Plascrete, Keyhole, and DDOS.

That game lasted 5 minutes.


One Mid-late game against MaxX (I was Blue Sun), I installed 3 cards in remotes, 2 unprotected.
They ran another server (R&D I think) for their second click, I rezzed 2 Museums of History.
As I suspected they would, they immediately ran them both and trashed them.

Which left me free to score the under Chronos Project and leave the MaxX player with just their hand.
It was over not long after.


I didn’t get to do this, but watching a runner use Archives Interface to remove Shipment from SanSan from the game against CI was a funny way to make the corp player squirm. I believe the combo still fired, but it was an interesting use of AI that I had not considered when I slotted it into my deck; it can kill combo decks by removing key cards.


Playing a NEXT Design Rush deck at a store championship. I have an advanced concept hopper behind a chimera. He runs the remote click one, I rez it and name barrier. He installs Zu and Mongoose but doesn’t have the corroder. I score out in about 9 turns before he finds the corroder.


Yeah, Employee Strike was put into my Whiz deck for the weekend to deal with IG, but man were the Blue Sun players pissed!