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Living the dream


Playing as Titan, I mulligan into a hand of 3x Atlas, GLC, Illegal Arms Factory, Reconstruction Contract as mandatory draw. I play GLC to look for ice, get IPO instead, so I just install one of the Atlases and Factory.

Runner turn is Diesel, credit, Casts, Casts so I don’t rez the Factory but score the Atlas. Things start looking better.

Next runner turn is further setup and some runs, they access my Reconstruction Contract but would have to spend all the money to trash so they don’t. My turn 3 I use Atlas token to get Dedication Ceremony and use in on Contract to score.

Next runner’s turn is some running but my 3rd Atlas survives, so I get an Audacity and score it. Unfortunately this leaves me on 1 credit (Factory still unrezzed because I could never really afford the rez cost or risk more flooding) so my turn 5 is 3 credits. Turn 6 is score Hostile Takeover for 7 points.


Last night I got to live the NGO dream!

I was on 4 points with some Atlas tokens as BoN rush.

Runner had derezzed my 3-advanced Mausolus with Maxwell James and snagged my Atlas. It was a cheap play that caught me by surprise, but the runner was stuck on 0 credits.

I jammed NGO behind the derezzed Maus and advance it twice, leaving myself on 3 credits.

The runner, seeing that I don’t have enough credits to rez the Maus, runs it on 0c and 3 cards in hand. I pause a moment and realize what my play is:
I rez NGO, trash it for cash.
Rez Maus, which the runner cannot break
Subs fire, 3c back, 3 net, ID meat damage lands the flatline = gg!

I feel like NGO will mess up a lot of runner math on when the remote is safe to check…


I def. am excited that NGO exists; I find it interesting that it’s a trap card and an econ card all wrapped together. Even if you can’t get someone to bite and drag them through a server, having 8 credits on standby means a Corp with 4 credits is still threatening a chiyashi, DNA Tracker, or other shenanigans.

I support your dream well lived.


I had a similar experience last night, but on HQ. Corp goes to zero jamming an IAA into the crazy 7+ ICE Jinja remote. I ignore it and try to run the unrezzed ICE on HQ because they’re at zero. They pop NGO and pay to rez HQ.


Might NGO be a meta-defining card enough to bring Interdiction into strong play?


I think if you’re not running Hacktivist or Employee Strike it’s already really good.


Playing Bendy MaxX at a Store Champ yesterday versus @PureFlight on Titan.

An unexpected Ark Lock hits both my trashed Black Orchestras and he starts making a remote. I draw several times and play Peddler looking desperately for Atman and miss. Pass turn. He jams an Oaktown behind a facedown that’s surely a codegate.

Maxx Flips 2 unimportant cards and I draw, still no dice. I trash the Peddler to install another facedown Peddler and, thank the Netrunner Gods, Atman lands on it. Run the remote, grab Atman 4 to break Hortum and snag the winning agenda!


I was super mad about this. I stared that first street peddler right in his eye for like a minute before i jammed that agenda.

I’ll get you next time, peddler man…


Adam vs Palana

kept rezzing a Genetics Pavilion, so i thought i’d go in and trash it. corp was low and i had a bit of credits. went in and trashed it and saw Bacterial Programming on top of R&D. i’m on 3 points with a Mad Dash in hand

R&D ice is a Femmed Kakugo and a piece of ice that hasn’t been rezzed all game. corp only on 4 credits, so i figure whatever. i have 2 cards left in hand after the first one, so if it’s another Kakugo, i’m still ok

Miraju. welp. ok, go ahead and fire.

I still select RNG Key on 5 just in case and see… an Obokata

choose to draw up 2 and have just enough to discard and close out the game


71 card MaxX vs PE

MaxX is milled, 2 cards in hand, nothing on stack. Breached dome x 1 in archives, Employee Strike, Maw on table. HQ with Kakugo, Black O out of the game, ice unrez in front (should be DNA).

Everything is lost.


Run on that Psychic Field, win the psi, maw.
Next run, same thing.

Run archives nothing.

1 card left

Corp instal a new remote and ice it.

Next turn, run on it, no rez, that was obo obviously. Maw.
Run archives, nothing, breached dome.

No cards in hand.
Corp say “gg” and IAA something.

Run on that Psychic Field, win the psi, maw.
I run it, that was an agenda (Hok) but should not care at this point.

Then the corp is panicing, AA then “draw”. This means one of their two card is an agenda.

Run psychic, maw, run archive and win \o/

Oh gosh it’s good to be stubborn :slight_smile:


At a small community draft event in my Meta:
Runner is on 5 cards, 2 clicks, 2 creds.
I got 4 points scored, a 2-Iced remote with Himitsu-Bako rezzed inside and a 2-advanced ICE outside. There’s a 2-advanced card in there.
Runner stimhacks the remote server.
I rez the Wormhole on the outside.
Runner breaks Wormhole.
Runner breaks Himitsu-Bako.
Runner accesses Junebug, takes 4 net Damage.
Runner is flatlined by Stimhack brain damage.


I’m on Jinja AoT vs Leela. I’m on 6 points, Leela has 5 points.
I had a Jinja on R&D, which at this point was:
Fairchild 3, Fairchild 3, Ravana 1, Fairchild 3.
Leela has a Full rig and some resources installed, and like 9 credits.
My turn:
Draw, Draw, An Offer you Can’t Refuse.
Leela takes 2 brain damage and loses all her money and resources.
Leelas turn:
Click for 4 creds
My turn:
Hedge fund, Archived Memories for AOYCR, AOYCR


Down 5-1 as Jemison; the runner has a Hostile, an Atlas, and my Food. I have a Hostile and a Standoff, but an Armed Intimidation in a secure server with 2 advancements on it. My turn comes around and I draw Exchange of Info. Advance, Advance, score Intimidation. I only have 1 click left, so my opponent takes the tags, knowing that BOOM! is off the table. I hit them with the exchange, giving them my 0-point Standoff for my now-3-point Food. Suddenly I’m on 6 points and my opponent is on 3.

Sigh of relief.


Playing an Aryabhata CtM build. Play Hatchet Job to bounce a Lib account. Drain 2. Play Salem’s Hospitality, hit all 3 copies of Lib account. What are the odds?


relevant username?


I’m on Haarp with Award Bait. Have an unadvanced SSL in a remote with a single Endless Eula protecting it. I think I’m being clever by installing Award Bait into a new, unprotected server.

Runner on 0 credits; runs award bait, I put counters on SSL (Me: a-HA!)

Runner then plays Employee Strike then stimhacks the Endless Eula sever and steals the SSL (runner: a-HA!)

Runner takes the brain, has 3 cards in hand. I play Punitive.

In a series of 3 clicks, we experienced the essence of play/counter play/counter-counter play. Can I haz more netrunner please?


Playing against skorp. Score is 3-5. I’ve got a full breaker suite, but there’s two etr’s on the remote of different types and I know he’s got a hunter seeker and audacity in hand, so I need to do something fast.

Play an indexing. See oaktown and atlas, but I can’t get back in this turn. Put oaktown on the top and atlas third from the top, then money up for next turn. Skorp IAA the oaktown.

Run, steal oaktown. Run R&D, accessing 1 extra card from turning wheel, steal atlas for game. I love it when a plan comes together :smiley:.




Down 5-0 in the second game of grand finals.


Wow. How long was the philotic sitting in the remote? In the finals? Wow.