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Living the dream


That’s me! Thanks so much for listening! I’m trying to get back into releasing at least every other week, so there should be another next week.


Don’t know if its living the dream but I found this aesthetically pleasing


If that’s the board state on the scoring remote, I’m taking my ball and going home :slight_smile:


If that’s the board state on the scoring remote I’m winning out of a different server.

Literally any other server will have 0 Caprice and 0 FC3.


he ended up falling on his sword to cobra batty on rnd :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds more like your sword!


Having a Biotic Labor, Red Planet couriers, two triple advanced Hortums and a Vanity Project. So good :laughing:


That’s the indomitable runner spirit. That we will crush.


Install Cache, and take leave 1 counter on it. Then take that counter during a Cold Read run so that you can feed Cache to Cold Read. Bonus: do it out of Ken.


Playing a second game against a really beefy Weyland Gagarin kill deck. Full of traces, traps, and punitives. The first game I played, I blundered into a Gv’t Takeover and got punitived all over the ground. In our second game, later, I got to a point where I just couldn’t do anything, and the corp put out a naked server. Could be a trap, could be a gv’t takeover to kill me.

Mad dashed it. Gv’t Takeover. :grinning:


I’m playing Corp, BABW:

Walter: Hi, have a good game
Runner: Likewise

Corp 1: Ice HQ, Ice R&D, Hedge fund
Runner 1: Inject (Paperclip, Paperclip, Black Orchestra, Black Orchestra), install Liberated Accounts, use LA twice

Corp 2: Ark Lockdown Paperclip, Ark Lockdown Black Orchestra, IPO
Runner has left the game


I had the best runner turn of my nearly four years of playing this game last weekend at the Euregio 7 tournament.

I was playing Kit with Study Guide and Multithreaders against a CI glacier with Sandburg. So I am actually quite ok, because at one point, I don’t really care about high str ICE anymore due to a strength-X Study Guide.

Anyway, the following position arose with me on my first click:
HQ was protected by a rezzed Turing, while a single-advanced card was in a remote with 2 unrezzed pieces of ICE and an Upgrade - I was pretty sure it was an agenda + Ash.
While I had some money, it was not enough to beat an Ash-trace, so I needed to get in twice with enough money to trash the Ash on the first run and still enough to be able to get in a second time.
My study guide was already at about strength 5 or so and I had two Multithreaders.
There were no other ICE-breakers and no tutor in hand, so I needed to pull off this:

Click 1: Escher into HQ, swapping the rezzed Turing with the outermost ICE on the remote.
Click 2: Tinkering on the innermost piece of ICE on the remote
Click 3: Stimhack on the remote, having barely enough credits to get in and trash Ash
Click 4: Mad Dash on the remote, stealing a Paper Trail :smiley:

The card that was trashed due to Stimhack damage was luckily not the Mad Dash but a freedom through equality.


While it’s fairly common for my Sunny deck to beat NBN without ever installing a program, and sometimes without installing a Nexus, today I beat a CI + MCA deck without installing a single program or useful hardware (even through a Stinson turn!).

Turning Wheel, Jak Sinclair, Data Folding, and face-checking every bit of expensive ICE he had… trashing 2 MCA, and then Rigged Results to get past the inner Rototurret on HQ for a 6-access 7+ point final turn.


Corp installed a 3rd ICE on HQ in front of Hortum and Colossus.

I was happy, since now my Na’Not’K would not need to spend 3c to boost to get past colossus. I had a gordian blade installed, so a Mausolus wouldn’t be awful to deal with.

I never expected it would be a Hortum.

The corp paid a click and 6c to install and rez an ICE that made it 1c cheaper for me to run on HQ.

I promptly sniped the agenda in HQ for the win.


I was having a brutal battle with a Maxx deck, playing my Skorpios.

I had shot most of her breakers, but she’d got a bunch of points. Ultimately she needed 2 steals to win, but the next time she stole she’d lose her last breaker.

She installs a Maw, and goes into a blockade strategy, trashing my deck a piece at a time. When I finally put the Oaktown in the secure remote she uses Mad Dash on my archives.

If she hits at least 3 points of agendas (IE, hostile takeover and a 2 pointer), then she wins. I use an Armored Server token to try and hold her out, but she discards on through, hitting archives with 3 cards left.

No agendas, 3 Breached Domes. Mad dash kills her.


That feels good. Love it.


More living a nightmare, but:

I’m playing Jesminder. It’s a bit of an underpowered ID but it is nice having the security of knowing I’m not going to be picking up a lot of tags during a run.

I’m playing against CtM. I run a remote with two face downs in it.

I access a Mumbad Virtual Tour first. I have to trash it, and do so. CtM trace fires and I take a tag. The CtM tag can’t be prevented, so my Jesminder ability doesn’t do anything.

I access a PriSec. The corp pays two for it, and I take a meat damage and a tag. This isn’t the first tag I’m taking on the run, so my Jesminder ability doesn’t do anything.



Should have accessed the Prisec first. :wink:


Playing a janky argus deck with MCAAP, Mr.Stone, Zealous Judge. I have a scored cleaners. Opponent has a handsize of 8 due to a braincage and a memory diamond but is luckily poor since they made a run last turn and trashed my Illegal arms factory.

My Turn:
Click MCAAP placing 3rd power counter.
Click MCAAP gaining 4 clicks.
Rez Mr.Stone
Sea Source -> 2 damage.
Rez Zealous Judge
Click -> 2 damage
Click -> 2 damage
Click -> 2 damage
Click -> 2 damage


Me as Laguna Lock Hayley versus Palana non-Nisei.

IP Block and an unrezzed ICE behind it protecting R&D. (Miraju is my suspicion.)

Indexing, Stimhack, “Freedom through Equality”, Lady, and 3 other cards to start the turn in my hand. (Opponent had rezzed Agroplex, and Beth draws me a card.)

12 Credits. 4 points stolen. Time in the round is about to be called (and is called mid-turn.)

Relevant installed cards: SMC, Femme Fatale targeting an ice on the remote, Beth, The Shadow Net. Meanwhile Test Run and most of my programs in the heap, and 1 Fan Site in my score area.

After calculating if I have enough credits:
Non-Click: SMC for Clot (cheapest remaining program) to trash Femme, install Lady from hand. (-8 credits = 4 credits)
Click 1: Freedom through Equality. (-3 credits = 1 credit)
Click 2: Forfeit Fan Site to The Shadow Net to play Test Run from heap, installing Femme, targeting inside ice on R&D.
Click 3: Indexing. Boost Lady by 1, break IP Block. (0 credits remaining.) Opponent rezzes DNA Tracker. Uh oh! Current cards in hand: Stimhack, 3 other cards. 3 net leaves Stimhack alone in my grip. Indexing puts a Medical Breakthrough on top.
Click 4: Stimhack R&D. Boost Lady, break IP Block, bypass DNA Tracker, steal for the win.

0 cards in hand, 0 real credits, 0 clicks, 0 turns, impending lethal brain damage, but sweet sweet victory!