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Living the dream


This is a play that my opponent did:

He’s on Tag Me Obelus. I’m on Space Camp Tennin I think.

He starts the turn with 1 cred and needs to money up to deal with what I’m doing:

Click one (of four): Amped Up, gain three clicks, on 0 credits, take a brain damage
Click two (of seven): Click for credit
Click three (of seven): Click for credit
Clicks four, five, six and seven: Day Job, go up to 10.

Doesn’t come up often that Day Job isn’t a priority event.


Beginning of a chat log from a ridiculously charmed game I just had.
I’m running Khan, OPPONENT is on Jinteki PE

OPPONENT spends [click] to play Mushin No Shin.
OPPONENT installs a card in Server 1 (new remote).
OPPONENT spends [click] to install ICE protecting HQ.
OPPONENT is ending their turn 1 with 5 and 3 cards in HQ.

Whoo, big start!
wombat929 started their turn 1 with 5 and 5 cards in their Grip.


wombat929 spends [CLICK] to draw a card.
wombat929 spends [CLICK] to draw a card.
wombat929 spends [CLICK] to make a run on Server 1.

OPPONENT has no further action.
wombat929 accesses Show of Force from Server 1.
wombat929 steals Show of Force and gains 2 agenda points.

After that, it was like the RNG Gods said “this person has verve and gusto. Reward with excellent draw.” I sniped an agenda from R&D, played my Yomi right to steal two more agendas from naked servers without a misstep in the shell game. It can’t feel good that my deck is all about inside jobbing past early Ice anyhow.


Somtimes you win that gamble and sometimes you faceplant a Cerebral and just count clicks for the Corp to finish off your drooling foolish life. :wink:


Had the silliest case of living the nightmare at our meetup this week. My after mulligan opening + draw consists of 3 agendas and 3 assets. I decide to get cute and install all 3 assets thinking it will divert his attention.

His turn then goes: click one indexing, misses. Click 2, legwork. Sees the NAPD but can’t steal it, steals the other 2 2 point agendas. Takes a credit, then mad dashes HQ, winning the game. Brilliant.


I was playing a Thousand Cuts PE vs. a Katman deck with no cards left and the game winning Fetal AI on a Film Critic. No cards in hand and no net protection.

I have one turn to either score an agenda or find a Neural EMP.

I mando draw into the last Project Kusanagi. With enough money to score it.

I install, advance and advance, savoring the killing of careful and clever opponent.

I go to score it, ending the game…

But I can’t score it. My opponent installed a Clot toward the mid-game to use up MU for Cortex Lock protection. I had totally forgotten it. Who the f*** worries about Clot vs. PE?

I had no other out, so he won with on 7 points and my last Neural EMP 3 cards under that Project Kusanagi.

MWL Tier 3 Clot please!


Here’s a funny one. I’m playing as Aesop’s Noise vs. your average kill SYNC deck. A poor mull and me being kinda dumb got me Hard-Hitting News turn 2. So now I can’t get my engine going. My opponent starts to Ice up centrals.

I start to face check, knowing I’m dead soon anyways. Locked out of HQ. Turns out there’s a lonely Archangel on RnD however.

And then it hit me. Archangel must fire. He has to pop something back into my hand.

So, with one Cache, my next couple of turns are install Cache (get the money and the mill), run RnD to see a card and bounce the Cache back and repeat that turn/check Archives.

Once I stole 5 points from this ridiculous strategy, my opponent rage quits.

I mean Noise did say “It’ll be funny” so he wasn’t lying.


Playing Armored Servers out of Titan with Komainu… put a Komainu in front of a Cobra and popped the Armored Servers during a run. Runner died. Felt great.


Me playing Making News DtD lock. I’m at 6 with three beales and my opponent is at 4 with a GFI and a PSF. I install an Astro into my scoring server with 2 Prisec, an OP block and a News Hound. I know he only has a 4tman so I stnsll a Wraparound just to be safe. Its his turn, he installs Gordian and a Lady. I would be doomed but he made the critical error of playing Stimhack. I let him through, he steals Astro, takes 2 hits from Prisec and the fatal Stimhack damage.



Euros round 7, playing @mediohxcore as Faust Hayley against his Moon EtF. I’m on 4 points (incl Project Vitruvius), Dan is on 2 (he has a Vitruvius as well). I have ABT on Film Critic, R&D is Architect into FC3 (both rezzed), I have Rumor Mill in the trash, SOT on the table, so I use Laguna Velasco to dig furiously for Mad Dash. I find it finally and I’m ready to win the game next turn.

Then Dan, out of all harmless things he could do, scores his last Vitruvius with a counter.


It took me a while as to why you were digging for Mad Dash but I am assuming your plan was to run into the FC3 to trash your Film Critic forcing the ABT into archives. Then to Mad Dash archives so you can get 3AP and win rather than just the 2 AP. That would’ve been a pretty sweet play.


A fun (and probably more common) play is to pawn the FC and then Mad Dash archives for the win, but the FC3 play to trash FC is strait up sick.


I pulled this off in round 5, not for final 3 points but for first 3, still this helped a lot as the third agenda was very hard to get and I would likely not get the fourth one before my opponent scored out.

The problem is that you need one more combo piece (while finding a FC3 was not hard during this event) and that the play is way more telegraphed as you have to sell the Critic before playing Rumor Mill or play it the previous turn giving the corp a chance to counter. I was quite sure Dan has a Jackson somewhere on the table so I didn’t want to give him a chance to react.


Skip to 04:47:51 <3

(The whole game was great, it starts around 04:19:00)

Achievement unlocked.



Not my story but @MurphyAt5BrainDamage had this beautiful server at today’s GNK:

Yes, that’s not one, but THREE Awakening Centers in the same server. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many cards in a server.


Oh doge, this is just hilarious. I never realized you could stack them all in one server. Genius.


The Set Up:
Runner: Sunny Resources
Me: Jemison Takeover

2 False Leads Scored.
Lots of Connections out.

I had the combo.

The Pledge: Fast Track for Government Takeover.
The Turn: Install It. Trick of Light it. Sacrifice False Leads. 6 tokens, 0 clicks.
A single Jak Sinclair.
Me: lol
Runner: lol
Runner makes a run on server 2.
NothingPersonal would like to take actions before accessing.
The Prestige: NothingPersonal rezzes Project Junebug


Been out of the game for a bit, but decided to dip my toes back in with the core 2 annoucement…

Me: Core Set 2 BABW with a scored hostile, atlas, and cleaners
Opponent: Derez all the things Los with a scored hostile.

I have 6 credits, my opponent has about 30 so I’m in serious trouble with no real way to score out.

Opponent runs HQ with 2 cards in hand, I rez data raven. He takes the tag and then derezzes data raven and continues the run.
Opponent Commits to access and I rez DRT praising our dearly departed jackson that my opponent has no damage protection.


Playing my terrible Builder of Nations deck against a much better Alice Merchant. I’ve got ice in front of each central and one remote, but it’s proven to be pretty porous and I’m running out of options. Alice has 4 points, I have 2 points. So I put out a naked Global Food, hoping I can use Red Planet Couriers next turn if they don’t check it. I have 6 credits.

So Alice runs R&D and finds nothing, then runs the remote and steals the GFI. Ends turn with 3 creds, 1 link, and 4 cards in hand.

My mandatory draw gives me a punitive counterstrike. So I play it for click 1 and take three of their four hand cards. Now I’m stuck with nothing to do, so I draw for click 2.

And get my other punitive counterstrike.

The runner reveals that the one card I didn’t hit with the first punitive was “I’ve Had Worse.”


Last night on Jnet playing AgInfusion against a Criminal (Gabe, I think):

I have both HQ and R&D double iced, all unrezzed.

I Mushin out a Junebug and advance it. The runner doesn’t bite.

Next turn, I Archived Memories for Mushin and use it to throw out Labyrinth Servers. Again the runner doesn’t check, so I score it the following turn.

First run my opponent makes, I immediately spend the Labyrinth Servers counter, trash the ICE and send the runner over to Junebug city for the Flatline.


Is this Wombat, creator of Install from Heap? Just found your podcast and really like it. It’s a cool intersection of Netrunner and Life. Can’t wait for more episodes.