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Living the dream


Great game between Argus (me) vs Andy (opponent) yesterday. It Involved two things that were pretty fun.

First turn when andy puts down a Temüjin and names archives but still needs to install a bunch of stuff? That’s when you shove your shock(s) in archives and watch as she decides how much she wants her credits now. Good Times.

As the game developed, it turns out she was on the citadel power tap plan with a boatload of economy. (temu, kati, dailycasts, desperado, sec testing, power tap, and citadel). We are at a turning point in the game where she’s about to outpace me on money. I’m sitting on about 25 credits and she is at 18 or having just stolen an agenda on her last click out of R&D (2-2) letting the citadel trace fire. What she doesn’t know is that I have my man bryan stinson sitting in the remote masquerading as a prisec, so I spend the 19 credits or so like its nothing. Worried, that I have the kill combo in hand, she matches me to prevent the trace. This is just find and dandy since I rez brino stinson to hit hedge, restructure, restucture in archives for 39 credits. So at the end of my turn I’m sitting on 45 credits and she is at like 2. Say what you will about the man but Bri Bri Stinson is absolutely hysterical.

As it turns out, I can’t find agendas for ages and she has time to recover :frowning: . I do have 2 prisecs in the remote though and finally install advance advance oaktown behind a double Veritas. She runs 3rd click with only one mongoose gets hit with 3 tags and 4 meat damage, but can’t clear all the tags in time. End up trashing citadel and double scorching her, so all’s well that ends well.

I think that’s likely to be my last hurrah with Argus for the foreseeable future, so it was good to go out with a bang. (heh) Aaron Marrón proved to be the straw that broke the camels back for this deck.


Playing Argus vs. Andy.

Turn 1 hand : sweeps, punitive, punitive, clone suffrage, and GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER + hedge fund on the draw.

Sweeps, hedge, install suffrage.

Andy installs a bunch of stuff including citadel and runs last click with Legwork. steals GT. Has to use some money to get rid of tag with Citadel trace. Not much money to contest.

Turn two mandatory draw brings the third punitive! Can safely say that was a really dead runner.


Me on a Gagarin Mushin trap deck vs Reina. Early in the game I Mushin a Show of Force and advance once. He looks at it and quickly dismisses it as a trap. I mean; why would you Mushin an agenda naked? In Weyland?

The poor fool…

Later I draw into a Vulcan Cover-up and another Show of Force. But I had no Mushin.

Install Vulcan, install Show and advance Show once. Ok now I’m really pushing it. 5 points on the board with no ice protecting any of it.

My opponent looks at it, thinks hard, and decides to ignore my advances. He does some more board state set-up.

I give him one more turn to think about it. Advance Show of Force 3 times.

“Are you sure that every one of these cards are traps?”

He declines. So I accept.

Next turn, advance Vulcan 3 times.

“Son, I think you’re ready. I’ve raised you to be the perfect Weyland board member. There’s just one more bit of business.”

“What’s that, Father?”

“Pull those levers. Kill the runner!”

And from then on, he could never quench his thirst for runner brain matter.


I have one of these decks and it is great fun to rez all of those Contract Killers and score those agendas all at once. Here’s my list: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/39665/ruelle-shell-game-of-survival-2-0


Mine is very similar, but I just took out alot of the fluff. Its just junebugs, agendas and contract killers. And cheap ice just to hold them out of centrals. Its surprising how many times you’re able to score a naked Cleaners. Or back channels a junebug for 30+ credits. Lots of fun.


I’m running MaxX against HB ETF. I’m on 6 points with a full rig, featuring Sifr, Yog, Datasucker with a few tokens, Femme, Medium, and Paperclip. That’d be great except R&D is super taxing (Ichi, Fairchild*, & Macrophage) plus all my Parasites have been removed from the game. Then the corp Ark Lockdowns my Black Orchestra, which seems random until I run the scoring remote first click and get shut out by Lotus Field.

But I can still figure out a convoluted way in: Same Old Thing -> Retrieval Run, luckily there’s an Architect on Archives which lets me install MKUltra from heap to overwrite Femme, Ret Run the Femme onto Lotus Field, last click run the remote and bypass Lotus Field to steal the agenda.


That, sir, is just good netrunner.


I’ve had a lot of Living the Dream moments with my recent TItan Rush deck:

The most basic one is to IAA a Reversed Accounts that the runner ignores, trying to get ahead on credits to avoid Midseason tags. Next turn, Dedication Ceremony Reversed Accounts, Fire reversed Accounts (runner loses 20c), Use Bryan Stinson to rfg restructure for +15c.

One turn for a 35 credit swing puts a lot of life into the Midseason game.


I think this qualifies


I am part of a group playing our way through Flashpoint, so I had to build a deck using CTM with cards only through 23 seconds. Also, I am not a great player, so the “living the dream” moments are rare for me.

I was doing okay keeping my CTM deck alive against a runner who was ahead of me on the econ game. I scored an early Restructured Datapool and had two Scorched in hand, and was just waiting for a chance to use them. The runner had been running through a data raven on my R&D for a while, taking the tag and then clearing it, and had been pinging my HQ occasionally through my one unrezzed ice. Just after the runner stole his fifth point from R&D, I got the draw I needed and put a second ice down on HQ. He ran first click in the next turn and I rezzed another Data Raven. He took the tag and advanced, and that’s when I hit him with Universal Connectivity Fee. All his money was gone. He took two clicks to get money and clear the tag, but that left him with no money. Next turn I used my restructured data pool on turn one and then scorch/scorch for the win.

I know that’s a relatively mundane win for competitive players, but for me it was a sweet, sweet victory. :smiley:


Andy is so good right now that recently I detoured from actually winning the game to fire Exploit de-rezzing 3 zero cost ICE for the ultimate troll.


So we should stop feeling blue for Criminal decks now?


I stopped feeling bad and moved on to winning with blue when Citadel Sanctuary was printed.

But I win with Weyland too, so maybe I just have a way with jank.


Getting Seminared into an 8 agenda hand, then drawing Alexa Belksy for my mandatory draw. i audibly sighed a breath of relief.


R&D was sparsely defended, and my opponent didn’t realize the mass stupid I was about to unleash. So, with a full breaker suite, an Equivocation, and a heap full of Out of The Ashes, I went to town.

Combined with an investment seminar, I had a nine run turn, and made the Corp draw 10+ cards.

I lived the dream, and it was good.


So I probably just played the best match of my life. Let me set the stage:

Me - ETF. I have a scored project vitruvius with 1 counter (important), a rezzed jeeves, suffrage, sponsorship, and an unrezzed assembly lines (also important). I have some ice out, but nothing rezzed.

Opponent - Hayley, degenerate dyper deck with equivocation and keyhole, about ready to bring the hurt. Important to note that they don’t have any clone chips out, but do have enough false echos for it not to matter.

I have just scored my second agenda, an ABT, hitting an enigma, suffrage, and sponsorship. Praise be to jackson! I plop that engima over r&d and am about ready to call it a day. I already have a sponsorship out so install the suffrage. I hit jeeves to install a facedown jackson behind a vanilla.

My opponent pops all 3 hyper drivers and ddos and kills jackson, and then proceeds to Escher away my enigma :frowning: They hit r&d next, burning through their false echos and they mill an ABT. I use my previously unrezzed AAL to install architect from HQ onto R&D, hoping beyond all hope they’ll have to dig for their third clone chip. Alas, it was not meant to be as they install the 3rd clone chip and bring back false echo. Defeat looks certain.

But then a very curious thing happens. My opponent plays interdiction and puts themselves down to 2 credits and proceeds to mill away 10 points worth of agendas 2x ABT, 2x Vitruvius, and … 1 NAPD! they run archives, only for me to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat when I use my Vitruvius token to add one of the Vitruvius back to HQ. They are stunned and only at 6 points. I still have 14 cards in hand I need to deal with though.

2x biotic and a subliminal later, I’m sitting on six clicks. I shipment out 2 pieces of ice over r&d and archives, as well as the vitruvius. 4 advancements later, I have an overscored Vitruvius and a freshly reinstalled AAL which I pop for a Jackson. Lateral growth puts me up a few more credits to rez ice and protect jackson. I end my turn with 5 cards in hand and enough credits to rez some hard ETRs.

My opponent tries to make something out of nothing but can’t, and I use the suffrages to bring back biotic and lateral growth to score the winning NAPD from archives thanks to my vitruvius counter and jeeves.

I love this game.


Nothing Personal uses Fast Track to add Project Atlas to HQ
Nothing Personal installs a thing in server 1
Break Sapper
Break Spiderweb
Runner access Prisec
Runner Accesses Prisec
Runner Accesses Prisec
Runner Accesses Snare
Runner is flatlined


So I’m playing NBN: Making News, the deck with all tracer ICE, Door to Door and Aryabhata Tech. No FA tools.

My opponent loads up Sunny Lebeau, and has within three turns 6 total link (Nexus + Rabbit Holes).

On the following turn I rush out a Beale. Two turns after that I rush out Restructured Datapool, thanks to my opponent forgetting my Making News credits for the Nexus trace. Turn after that, I install-advance a Net Quarantine and pray to Jackson that it looks like some kind of weird trap.

My opponent uses Jak Sinclair to run R&D.
My opponent plays Peace in Our Time.
My opponent installs an Icebreaker.
My opponent installs an Icebreaker.
My opponent realizes their mistake.

I score out. Without a single effective piece of ICE in my deck. More than slightly proud.


Did I still lose? Yes. But it is hilarious to actually scrub those tags after a midseasons.


Playing AoT against Leela. I have 3 ICE on my scoring server. They Inside job the first, which is a fairchild 1.0. I rez an Eli for free which they break with clicks. Then I rez Zed 2.0 and Batty, winning the psi game. 4 brain for him!