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Living the dream


I point a temujin at a naked jeeves sitting on the board, get a couple of triggers off it. My opponent, @nordrunner clicks for some credits uses friends to pull back another jeeves and rezzes it to trash the existing one and leave me with no server targeted for my temujin. Neat little trick


The other day I was looking for a way to close out a game vs @ossa, with me on CtM and him on either Temu Whizz or Powertap Andy, I forget which. Either way, he was poor and having a difficult time getting into my servers. I had a Breaking News stashed away in a secure remote, and an Exchange in hand, so I opted to click for credits twice and throw a naked Global Food on the table with the plan of advancing it next turn if he didn’t run on it. Seeing a naked remote, he throws down a Temujin click one on it and runs… scoring the Food and turning off his Temujin. Having only 2 clicks left and the same amount of money he had at the beginning of the turn, he finds there’s nothing he can do to get into any servers, and loses the following turn to the exchange.


Lies! CtM players don’t dream.


Me living the dream:
everytime some chump brings CtM to an SC I attend :slight_smile:
they make the cut, and then I win.


Did he do it after you’d an initiated a run on it for the max troll of costing you a click?


Firing an Archer when my opponent couldn’t break and they had 5 programs hosted on Scheherazade. Took all 6 of those plus their Sahasrara. Live on camera



Max troll was accomplished. :smiley:


maxx troll?


+1 for Weyland suit and for the Neotokyo soundtrack, easily one of the most underrated pieces of music ever IMO.

Question: how are you enlarging the text for the credit/agenda counts? I’ve always wanted to do that.

Other question because I’m lazy, What does the “Video Mode” even do? (I know it’s not public but I’m curious.)


My friend made a piece of code for me that adds that button that enlarges all the text you see in the video. He is not comfortable with me sharing it publically. The button is what activates the code.


Triple sweeps in my opening 5 cards vs Andy. Probability of occurrence 0.054% or 1 in every 1842 games.


Did they respond with triple Siphon??


Philly Regionals 2014 -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7_OBheAFdo

Triple Siphon at 2:30 courtesy of Dan


When you use a clone chip with reaver to install cache while your opponent is fast advancing and the reaver draw is clot which you then piggyback into play with hayley’s ability.



Seriously though, I’m thinking more and more that Incubator is underrated, at least in casual play. It’s easy to overlook because it’s practically never played, and if it is aggressively purged, it buys you time.

Plus who can say no to this:


I always run an Incubator in my Professor builds. Great with Medium, surprise Nerve Agents, emergency Parasites, or even Imp to make IG cry lonely tears.


Played a tournament today as PU, expecting to do pretty well against a mix of Smoke or Anarchs on Obelus or SIFR, maybe some Andy without much recursion.

Instead, my first pairing was Apex. He installed double-Reaver, Heartbeat, Brain Cage. Damage prevention, draw, and handsize for days, and he Levy’d after an excruciating 20 minutes or so. Still, his only multi-access was Turning Wheel, so he’d only stolen a Fetal and a House of Knives in all that time. He poked HQ 3-4 times seeing a Pop-Up Window each time.

Not a lot of money in my PU deck, so I was scraping by most of the game. Finally crawl my way up to 12 credits and he runs R&D with Faust and MK-Ultra installed. I rezzed Chiyashi and he just conceded.


Enjoyed that last round yesterday. Still very pleased with that Architect save of my ABT even if it didn’t win me the game :wink:


Agreed, that save was a nice play, and it was all around a great game. Fun and dramatic way to end the day.


Great game between Argus (me) vs Andy (opponent) yesterday. It Involved two things that were pretty fun.

First turn when andy puts down a Temüjin and names archives but still needs to install a bunch of stuff? That’s when you shove your shock(s) in archives and watch as she decides how much she wants her credits now. Good Times.

As the game developed, it turns out she was on the citadel power tap plan with a boatload of economy. (temu, kati, dailycasts, desperado, sec testing, power tap, and citadel). We are at a turning point in the game where she’s about to outpace me on money. I’m sitting on about 25 credits and she is at 18 or having just stolen an agenda on her last click out of R&D (2-2) letting the citadel trace fire. What she doesn’t know is that I have my man bryan stinson sitting in the remote masquerading as a prisec, so I spend the 19 credits or so like its nothing. Worried, that I have the kill combo in hand, she matches me to prevent the trace. This is just find and dandy since I rez brino stinson to hit hedge, restructure, restucture in archives for 39 credits. So at the end of my turn I’m sitting on 45 credits and she is at like 2. Say what you will about the man but Bri Bri Stinson is absolutely hysterical.

As it turns out, I can’t find agendas for ages and she has time to recover :frowning: . I do have 2 prisecs in the remote though and finally install advance advance oaktown behind a double Veritas. She runs 3rd click with only one mongoose gets hit with 3 tags and 4 meat damage, but can’t clear all the tags in time. End up trashing citadel and double scorching her, so all’s well that ends well.

I think that’s likely to be my last hurrah with Argus for the foreseeable future, so it was good to go out with a bang. (heh) Aaron Marrón proved to be the straw that broke the camels back for this deck.