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Living the dream


Gagarin Traps vs. Val

T1 ICE ICE Hedge
T2 Mushin + A a Cerebral Overwriter
Runner doesn’t bite, installs Plas
T3 Draw some cards, Play Curfew
T4 IAA Shattered Remains into a new server,
Runner: Run server 1
Fire Cerebral, leave him with 0 hand size.
Imminently concedes and leaves without saying a word

Looks like my Gagarin traps deck is getting filthy.


Runner click 4 runs into an Architect with no breaker. I look at the top 4 cards, 4 ice and an Adonis. Install Adonis, install ABT from hand. Fire ABT, rez the three ice I know is on top - Fairchild 3.0, Fairchild 3.0, Ravana 1.0. Win (a few turns later when they’re locked out).


Playing PE vs. Adam. We’re both at 6 points and he’s medium digging my R&D with a max handsize of 9… I have 2 Ronins on the board with one advancement each, and a server with prisec and a 4 advanced fetal. All my snares are trashed. He has 7 cards in hand. He runs R&D click 3 and I jackson the snares back in. He hits one and I go down to four credits. He runs again and hits another and goes down to 1 card in hand and I’m broke. He draws 1 for safety first. I click for a credit, rez Ronin, play dedication ceremony, and click the ronin for 3 net damage.


I was playing Nexus Andy against a Sol Glacier. I had 3 Account Siphons and Femme in hand, and I know the corp is trying to score GFI behind a Tollbooth with a SSCG in the same server. The corp is on 17 credits.

  1. Install Femme, target HQ ICE
  2. Siphon (no rez)
  3. Siphon (no rez)
  4. Should have been go after the agenda. I had a nexus, and I knew the corp could not rez the tollbooth. I had a 100% to win the trace, steal GFI, and kill SSCG.

Instead, I went full Timmy:
4. Siphon. Corp rezzes SSCG to dodge the credit loss.

With 1 credit @bakashinobi advances and SfSS scores a GFI. I eventually lost the game when I could no longer maintain R&D lock through all 3 Data Wards and multiple Ravens.


Up against a Bagbiter + Faust jank chaos theory deck as Cybernetics Division.

I manage to score 2 brainchips early. The Bagbiter handsize bonus makes it irrelevant though.

Runner hand is empty.
Runner does LARLA into Game Day to go up to 17 cards, then runs.
Rez Brainstorm.
Runner hand is empty again.
The runner has jacked out.

Later he ran through that same server with a Chameleon spending most of his credits to faceplant into an Edge of World and a successful Batty brain damage, landing the runner at -3 hand-size.

And that’s the story of how I brain’d out a Bagbiter deck.


Merry Jankmas, B.

J Hizzle blessed you tonight.


We should do !JANK WARS! again some time for sure. I forgot to take a picture of the 20+ Overmind counters I had as runner.

Also yes, the luck was unreal. Except for that part where my starting hand was me mulling into four agendas.


This past weekend I played in a Store championship and in the final round, I was playing @bubbathegoat’s Boom SYNC (with 1 card changed) against a hatebear whizzard with his obelus and plascrete down and about 10 tags. He’s been siphoning me to try and keep me down on credits and hoping to dig out R&D before I can score more agendas and trade away points. I have 3 unrezzed ice on R&D so he’s been getting free access for a bit and been digging kinda hard.

I finally have a turn where I have some money and he can’t siphon me because he’s blown his same old things and doesn’t have another siphon available so he runs R&D again expecting to have to start spending.

Outermost ICE: No Rez (It’s a data raven)

Middle ICE: No Rez (It’s nother data raven; he had DDOS down and I wanted him to score my QPM’s, damint!)

Innermost Ice: Spend 6, rez Information Overload.

Laughter erupts from the table as this is the 1 card change I made to the list @BubbaTheGoat had been playing the past several tournaments and everyone saw me playing earlier in the day. I never once rezzed or even showed I had that card in my deck at all that day (though I am somewhat infamous for running it with a different deck during last stare champ season).

Hatebear whizzard loses his obelus, plascrete, medium, and the rest of his installed cards, There was a reenactment of the BOOM! art that game.


We had a charity tournament last weekend and people brought funny decks.
For me, there were two memorable scenes:

  1. I was playing Builder of Nations and had my outermost ICE on every Server advanced. My opponent played Always Be Running Omar and basically had to eat a meat damage every turn for quite a while, since he was forced to run :smiley:

  2. My runner was a Chaos Theory FISK spam deck (3x Fisk, 3x Déjà Vu, 3x SOT, 2x Levy) that just tries to flood the rnuner and prevent him from scoring by Akshara Sareen + Price of Freedom and Corporate Scandal + Blackmail.
    One of my opponents played a Blue Sun that wanted to overadvance an Underway Renovation to mill ME out.
    So we basically were trying to mill the hell out of each other, but at the end it was me who managed to do so :smiley:


Is there a list for Chaos Theory deck? Sounds pretty interesting.


Is it allowed to SOT a priority event?


you SoT the Deja Vu to return the FIS to your hand.


What benjen says.
I will gladly share the list later, but the deck is super super janky :see_no_evil:


Me sitting at 4 with a GFI ready to score cooking in my remote. Playing variant Minority Report. Runner is Kate with Sunny Breakers. She has Film Critic plus NACH out so BOOM! is gone. I have 3 PADs and 2 Sensies out. Kate makes run on 3 deep GFI remote Click 4 with 4 cards in hand. I rez IP Block and Chief Slee. She let’s it fire, beats trace. Slee gets two. Next rez Data Ward. She doesn’t have enough to break so she pays the three. Slee gets four counters. Kate just sits there in silence for a minute or two. Then she accesses GFI.

Kate: …Well Played
Me: At least the last thing you see is a pretty face.
NBN Executive uses Click and 5 Power Counters on Chief Slee.
NBN Executive does 5 meat damage.
Kate is flatlined.


Here’s the latest entry in the companion series, Living the meme.

As promised, I’ve been playing a lot of Apex recently in preparation for taking him to SCs. Tonight I had a game where my Nisei Div. glacier opponent and I both got up to four points (including one case where I blundered into giving up an agenda score because I forgot he had Nisei Mk II scored and played “Freedom Through Equality” on my penultimate click).

He patiently sets up double Marcus + Ash in his scoring server (with a Cobra out front, and me seeing no copies of Government Investigations), and goes for the IAA. But I’ve stockpiled just enough cards and see my shot. I run R&D, and he doesn’t rez, so I’m home free. I run HQ, blow four of the six cards in my hand with Faust to get in. I run archives. I know I’ve got him. My cursor flashes over to the Apocalypse in my hand…

…and instead I click Levy AR Lab Access. Palm met face.


When the corp neglects purging your incubator and you finally draw your Medium:


using a sunset to place universal connectivity fee in a server behind bandwidth and raven and having a very rich andy fall into it.


Jinteki PU vs. Power Tap Andy

Andy has 3 cards left. Three Shocks in Archives. Andy installs Temujin and Sec Testing on Archives.

On my turn I install a jackson (some agendas in archives as well). Install Crisium Grid in the root of Archives.

He runs and I rez Crisium and fire jackson. Temujin and Sec testing are cancelled. He accesses 3 Shocks. I win on the next turn.

I think PU has a great matchup against all the Andromeda out there.


Your PU is legitimately the most scary PU I have faced. The single upside of having the SC last Saturday cancelled was that I didn’t have to potentially face it again =P


Now I want to see this list. >.>