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Living the dream


You. Win. Forever.


Worlds round 1 saw my Blue Sun Kill deck face a CT. She had double Plascrete, a full grip of five cards and 7 tags.
Runner: "Click 1: Run R&D"
Me: "Rez Janus, Forfeit False Lead"
Runner: “Oh boy…” Clicks a subroutine, takes three brain damage
Me: “Scorch, BOOM!”


In my last game as CtM vs. sweeps week quetzal I got: a 17 credit sweeps week, a 30 sub information overload, and after closing his accounts won out behind a tollbooth into a pop-up window defending my HQ.


At a SC this past weekend, petty much any game against CtM and/or SYNC:
3x Rabbit Hole
Security Nexus
3x Power Tap
Citadel Sanctuary

NBN players were over-installing rezzed resistors with unrezzed resistors just to deny me the extra econ from Temujin runs. Data Raven is even better, since it triggers a trace for its sub, and then another trace at the end of turn for clearing the tag.

Also, Power Tap and Citadel throw off the HHN math a lot. Gain PT credits from the HHN trace, then gain them again to fight the Citadel trace at the end of your turn. You can clear all 4 tags with as little as 4c in your pool when the HHN fires.

Oh, but if you do end up tagged, the Citadel can be used to prevent meat damage.

@Zeromus taught me this trick, and I think I will stick with it for at least as long as all of these NBN trace/tag-heavy decks are hanging around in the meta.


This is a pretty modest dream I think, but has anyone here Queen’s Gambited a Mumbad Virtual Tour to trash/access the remaining cards in the server yet?


Yes, one of my favourite plays.


I’ve been playing a ridiculous Gagarin kill-with-no-tags deck (it uses Vulcan Coverup, Contract Killer, Mushin, and ambushes). I’m playing a Leela Player.

The actual play isn’t particularly amazing, but the dialog made it a keeper.

I’ve got a mushin’d Vulcan Coverup on the field, as well as an advanced Cerebral Overwriter, and an advanced Atlas) I mushin a Cleaners, slap an ice over it.

He Inside Job’s the cleaners, bounces the Atlas, fires off a Legwork and gets it out of HQ, bounces the overwriter. He puts down a Temujin on archives and then Dirty Laundries it, gaining a bunch of creds.

So, I just score the Vulcan Coverup and flatline him, then:

Waltzard: Good Game
Opponent: I didn’t win yet, you conceding?
Waltzard: But I did tho?
Silence for ten seconds
Opponent has disconnected


So, more on that Gagarin deck foolishness.

I’m a Weyland player, and so I am familiar with that most pedestrian of joys, the killing of a careless runner.

Also I am familiar with that complementary joy, when the runner is too mindful of the flatline, and goes too slow to stop us from scoring out. Sublime.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you get the greatest joy of all. The flatline of a careful runner.

I played in a GNK yesterday, and in round 2 my Gag deck hit up against a Geist player.

Awful matchup, of course, his ability to draw cards at paid ability speeds makes a mockery of my usual sniper kill shenanigans. But nothing to do but go for it.

I rused out a The Cleaners early on.

I started building up the Contract Killers, relying on a rep for junebugs and overwriters to keep him off them.

They mounted around him, an invisible coffin being carefully crafted. But this runner was canny.

Just before death, he’d decide to go up in cards. He put down a forger. He put down Street peddlers. He went up to 5 cards…he even put down a bleeping Citadel Sanctuary.

Finally, I had the trap all laid out. 3 facedown cards with 2 advancement tokens each, and another with 3 advancements. He had 2 street peddlers and his citadel sanctuary.

Elizabeth Mills stood at my shoulder as my deck bared its fangs and struck for the throat.

Paid ability window prior to first click, I rez a Contract Killer.

He looks it over, considers. He thinks of it in terms of killing his peddlers, (totes reasonable, since he is sitting on a full hand, with a santuary), so he uses his first peddler.

I wince…hoping it doesn’t install a plascrete or some shit. But no, it is just a Tech Trader. He uses the second peddler.

This one is an NACH. BUT THERE IS NO YELLOW IN THIS MURDER. No tags to dodge. Just waves of hired killers.

Something about my expression gives it away, and he fires his Fall Guy, just to take another card. It won’t save him.

First click, Contract Killer does 2 meat damage, up to 3 because of scored cleaners. Paid ability window, rez another.

Second click, Contract Killer does 2 meat damage, up to 3 because of scored cleaners. No flatline yet, he’s on 1 card. Paid ability window, rez the third.

Third click, Contract Killer does 2 meat damage, up to 3 because of scored cleaners. Death! But wait! Citadel Sanctuary saves Geist!! He ducks inside, up to 2 cards, but finally Gagarin is out of clicks.

Paid ability, VULCAN COVERUP ! Flatline achieved!!

Best kill I’ve ever done, and even that isn’t living the dream.

What’s living the dream is that this went down on stream.

Edit, removed video, can find it in Dodgepong’s twitch “kitchen table netrunner” or similar

Second game. I was the player with the red shirt. I dunno if twitch links are permanent, but I think they stick around for a day or so.


I lived the dream this weekend with 19 Net Mercur bucks.


Today on facebook I’ve seen a game log where a guy had server of Marcus Batty by a Crick with Fumiko Yamamori somewhere at the board, the runner ran it and lost the psi game several times in a row, managed to win before flatline, but died on a lost Future Perfect psi some time later.


Sounds like someone was playing the world’s most hilarious Nisei deck https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/39065/american-psi


The other day I made a horrible Gagarin Tax deck with Docklands Crackdown. Pumped it up big time, then scored a…Helium 3 Deposit. Unfortunately they already installed their stuff.

Runner: Going to put that on Crackdown?
Me: Nope
Runner: What Then?
Me: I place the counters on Atman.
Runner: …


I need this list now.


There have been a few versions, so I don’t recall exactly what I took that day, but it was roughly…

3 PAD Campaign
3 Spiderweb
2 Enigma
2 Bulwark
1 Government Takeover
3 Contract Killer
2 Vulcan Coverup
2 The Cleaners
3 Fire Wall
2 Paywall Implementation
3 Project Atlas
3 Dedication Ceremony
3 Bailiff
3 Back Channels
2 Cerebral Overwriter
3 Mushin No Shin
3 Jackson Howard
1 Elizabeth Mills
3 Commercial Bankers Group
2 Project Junebug

Basically, the idea of the deck is that the way that Mushin-garden decks lose is someone declines to play your reindeer games and just beats you in centrals. To fight that, we want advanceables that are dangerous if ignored (Contarct Killers, Vulcan Coverups), and also a way to make money such that we can rez big ice to delay the loss in centrals. (Mushin a Junebug or Overwriter, if they ignore, can dedicate into back channels). Spice with the usual gag money assets and bob’s your uncle.

Tips on playing with:
1: 1 piece of ice on PAD servers. People will run and trash, but usually won’t if there is something over the PADs.
2: if you have a naked trap that they didn’t check, advance 3 times. If they don’t run it, try advancing 3 more times, feinting the gov takeover. If they still don’t run, dedicate->back channels it, but almost everyone bites at 6 advancements.


Question: Can you please edit out the video from your comment? It automatically plays whenever I go into this thread, and produces unexpected noise I have to go hunt for through the thread.
Not trying to be rude, it’s just been bothering me.


Yeah, sorry man.


Actually pulled it off with a similar deck! Used 1 Vulcan and 1 CK with Cleaners scored. it was amazing.


PU vs. Kit

Kit won’t run a remote until there is an advanced card. She’s on 5 points. I have a scored HoK with 3 counters on it.

The game goes several turns with me trying to bait runs but no takers. I do manage to put a Hokusai Grid and a Batty in the remote. Ice is Aiki into Cobra.

I find a Fetal AI and go for it. Install advance advance. Kti runs.

1 damage with HoK. When Kit gets to the Cobra, fire batty and win Psi game for the 2 net damage. Before access, rez Hokusai Grid, doing another damage. Kit is down to 1 card. Access Fetal AI.



Quality Play. This is like that one time I sicced a runner by doing some trickery with 3x Prisec and a Snare in a server.


Playing NEXT Design vs Gabe.

Opening hand has 1 Next Bronze, 1 Silver, a fairchild 3.0 and an ABT so I ice R&D, HQ and a new remote before drawing up. Turn 1 I install the ABT, lateral growth another Bronze onto Archives and hedge fund. Turn 2 I advance and fire the ABT and hit 2 more Fairchild 3.0 and a turing. Pretty much GG from there