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Living the dream


DNA Tracker is str 6, yes


So all you need is a 4-card, 10-credit combo and you turn off one ICE. Cool!


actually it turns off all code gates <= 5 str, which is a lot of ICE that corps are running right now, particularly with all the FC3 and DNA love on this forum. Probably worth noting that Mimic can break Ichi without support, and Paperclip breaks Eli for 2 (or WoS for 1), which are also common ICE.


The net-ready set up with Ice Carver is definitely legit. It also lets you use pretty much all your sucker tokens on breaking barriers really cheaply / blowing up ICE with parasite.


It really is amazing! It has only realyl become relevant recently with the abundance of high-strength multi-sub ICE. Before, D4v1d was an adequate answer since most high-strength ICE only had 1 sub, but now with DNA Tracker, FC3, and Lotus Field regaining popularity, this build is particularly relevant.


I’m playing a trapper deck.

Early turns, Mushin a Project Junebug, advance it.

He gives it the raised eyebrow, carries on.

I’m getting raked over the coals in this game. NEED him to run that bug.

So, later on, I IAA a card in a server. He keeps hammering HQ/R&D, destroying ice.

Then I advance, advance Back Channels the IAA card.

Idea is to make him think that the Junebug must be a Vanity Project, since if it was a trap I’d have Back Channel’d that instead of the card with less advancements.

He runs it, presumably after working through exactly that thought process.

I recognize that “bad guy ran into a big junebug” is a bit wimpy as far as dreams go, but it we all find our own bliss, yeah?


So the way I did that when I play PE is I mushin and IAA a lot of stuff, and score none of it. Then later in the game I score a 5/3 and another agenda on the board (dealing net damage, potentially clickless). If I don’t kill the runner that turn, then they usually start to suspect all of the advanced cards on the board, and at the very least have to respect any new Mushin card as a potential game-winner.

Jeeves is a surprisingly good PE card, since dropping 4 advancement counters, (or clicking for 4 credits) is a pretty strong turn.


[quote=“BubbaTheGoat, post:529, topic:3435”]
Jeeves is a surprisingly good PE card[/quote]How do you get in alliance with HB?


Overwriter & Archived Memories are both great cards for PE. I’d imagine you fill out the rest with easy stuff like Green Level Clearance, Viper, Fairchild 1, etc.


Don’t forget Team Sponsorship, one of the only cards that scales strongly with the number of 1-pt agendas in the deck.


Playing as Jinteki: Potential Unleashed against a Hyperdriver/Keyhole Kate deck.

Miscellaneous net damage and PU ability puts all three False Echoes in the trash. Jackson draw for Ark Lockdown. Play it and name False Echo. GG.

That was a very satisfying way to win what could have been a potentially horrible and boring game.


I just remembered, that on this year’s German nationals I played Oversight AI on Paper Wall to buy time against a DDoS/False Echo deck.

It got emergency shutdowned.


Muresh Bodysuit and Drug Dealer is probably not the most likely combo to survive a BOOM!, but it sure does feel great if it works. Not sure whether the Corp player really registered the Drug Dealer I installed one turn before he tried to kill me, though …


Holy fuck that’s great.


Playing PU against a Valencia who collects Incubator tokens to make a big Medium/Blackmail run. Good thing is that my opponent gets tunnel vision and ignores my other servers, so I stuck agendas wherever possible. Finally he has enough tokens to access my full (11 cards at that moment) R&D. His turn is click 1 I’ve Had Worse, click 2 move Incubator tokens to Medium, clicks 3 & 4 Same Old Blackmail. I get him down to 6 cards using my last House of Knives token. Then he accesses my carefully prepared R&D which consists of a few not important cards and:

  • 3 Shock!
  • 1 Fetal AI
  • 1 Chrysalis


Playing Personal Evolution against Silhouette, so I settle in for a hard game.

First turn:
click 1: Hedge Fund
click 2: New remote
click 3: New remote

Runner’s first turn:
Click 1: Run HQ. Expose Psychic Field, loses PSI game and subsequent grip, access Project Kusanagi from HQ. Steal. Is flatlined.

I have never played a faster game of Netrunner in my life.


You should try splashing Cortex Lock into a Weyland Rush deck. Runners don’t respect the ICE, install a Deperado (or maybe Grimoire) and run it.

No programs installed and 5 or 6 MU free? yep, that’s gg.


Batty + Cortex Lock gets similar results for unknown reasons


flatlined a very good opponent on the King of Servers stream with ye olde Cortex Lock + Grimoire combo. Two credits for six net is alright.

I’ve had a turn one kill with this combo before, too.


My opponent’s rather than mine, but about a week ago I was playing on Jnet and I, as Adam with 6 points and an 11-card grip (Public Sympathy was out early), got hit by Power Shutdown / Jackson / Accelerated Diagnostics / 24/7 Breaking News / Boom! / Boom! I couldn’t even be mad.