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Living the dream


Was doing my Noise Mill thing vs a glacier. He’s scoring, I’m milling. Finally, he goes for match point. Puts down a IAA card behind 2 pieces of ice.

I run it, CVS kills Darwin and suckers, leaves me bouncing. I take creds, send him the turn. He has 4 cards left in stack.

He advances, advances…

Me: I’d like to install from peddler.
Him: Go ahead (rezzes another CVS)
Me: Installs The Black File.
Him: …

Decked him 2 rounds later, just before it ran out.


Blackfile from the street peddler in Noise… I think you win the dream


This is infinite amounts of win.


Infinite amounts of why Corps kill people


You could do this to me and I would be so impressed I would concede even if you didn’t win.


I’ve always said it’s not a win again Noise if it’s not a flatline

Shame your opponent didn’t feel the same way. Nice play.


Living the dream since 2 weeks.

Almost all Kevins hoping on the Andy Temujin brainless train to rack wins are disco boys and girls AKA 8 games, 7 ragequits so far.

(deck link)

Last one was great.

IT Dep @9 counters, the guy put 2xFF on HQ, bypass HQ then install PolOp, trash IT and type something like “who’s tyour datdttdy now”.

My turn : trash everything on front of HQ, install new ice, interns (+2c because of IUSEx2) IT, rez IT for 0c because of IUSE => disco.

Too bad he quited, I couldn’t rez my installed Sandburg :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Me playing Harrp Butchershop. Runner playtesting Smoke.

Me: So you know how Net Mercur is basically a pirated Netsignal?
Runner: Really? Didn’t know that.
Me: Yeah it was based off some kind of hijacked signal from Norway in the 80’s or something like that.
Runner: Huh. That’s cool.
Me: Anyway, THIS is what NBN does to pirates.
(Plays BOOM!)


My personal Bryan Stinson record is 80 credits playing as CI


I was able to get over 100 credits playing a Blue Sun Sandburg deck. I’m not sure it was that much fun, but strength 20+ Vanilla is kinda funny.


Recently got to 150 credits playing Panopticon Haley. It got filthy.

Relatedly, playing that Panopticon Haley in another match, I had recently been Midseason’d to 42 tags, and R&D was protected by two Resistors. With the corp at far more credits than me, I couldn’t risk the traces. So I decided to break them both. Panchatantra + Sharpshooter + 2 Clone Chips + a whole bunch of credits later, I was in. Nothing is unbreakable!


Need that misdirection son.


I was psychobealed with 62 tags. #notverykinddude



I’m sorry, you can’t really ragequit once you are a smoldering pile of ash… :wink:

It’s more like, “Excuse me, I have a funeral to attend.”


Not sure if it counts, but if you get hit by a turn 2 Salem’s as Gabe and your opponent (local meta) calls Pheromones, you know that they respect you.


It counts the absolute hardest there


Got wrecked by net police out of CTM. And door to door killed me. Well, it would have if it weren’t for boom


I noticed that while playing as Temujin Whizz, running Yog.0, ICE Carver, and NRE, installing a Parasite on DNA tracker as good as destroys it until I feel like I need that MU or Parasite again.


Don’t you already walk through tracker for free with just NRE + Carver?

EDIT: Apparently DNA Is 6 STR… I stand corrected. My bad.


DNA Tracker is str 6, no?