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Living the dream


I’ve never posted in this thread before, but this happened last Friday. 2 turns prior he hit me with Hard Hitting News, then on his final turn he installed on the SanSan, installed an ICE on the remote, then hit me with Closed Accounts. My turn consisted of take 6, run R&D and this happens:

I confirmed afterwards that his final agenda was in HQ, so there were only 4 agendas in his 14 card R&D. Odds of me hitting all 4 were 1 in 910. With luck like that, I think I’m guarunteed to win NA Champs in 2 weeks… Can’t wait to luckbox to 1st place!


I dealt 14 points of damage in a turn (3x Scorched + Dedicated Response Team) to kill a guy with I’ve had it Worse and Plascrete. I killed him so hard he ragequitted :slight_smile:


Not my dream, but my opponent’s: I play Fast HB, he plays MaXX with Eater (which I see on first trash, thank god). Unable to find EtR ICE or ICE that taxes Eater, I focus on protecting HQ while rushing out agendas. He proceeds to keyhole me, which I kind-of-but-not-really stop with Sherlock. This buys me a bit of time, during which I stabilize, Targeted Marketing his Eater and put another ICE on R&D (Tollbooth), thinking I’m fine. He’s at four points, I am too, I’m feeling good about winning. He Retrieval Runs for Femme, Keyholes R&D, lets ALL Sherlock subroutines fire, and trashes an agenda. Click 3 is Freedom through Equality, click 4 run archives for the win. That was the best, most insane play I have seen in the whole tourney.


I was playing Tempo CtM, on 4 points. I have a SSCG online, Biotic in hand, and an Astro token, but my opponent is on 6 points to my 4. None of my ICE can stop the runner.

I Sensie-draw into GFI, and consider burying it, but then I check the math:
Install onto SSCG
Advance 3 times
Astro token

So I fast advance GFI to steal victory from the jaws of defeat.


Runner decides to check into the looney bin and run into my Casting Call+Prisec’d Oaktown Turn 1. As Argus. Takes the four tags and clears all but 2. On my turn I topdecked a Scorch.


Could you explain the motivation behind that opening move? Click 1 and 2: Casting Call and Prisec? Third click: Advance Oaktown?


My deck uses fear as a way to rush out Oaktowns, Frackings, Atlas’s etc in a very in-your face manner. I figured he would be scared of t1 Scorches to run, but I guess he had some balls. Payed for it in the end though. Casting Call+ 2x prisec let me click up an Oaktown to 33 adv. tokens.


Interesting. Mind sharing your list? How do you enforce the threat?



Basically an updated version of Seamusmodernism with Prisec. The ice suite is really bad but most of the times I can score out behind a Hive or an Enigma. Casting Call does most of the work. I usually click up Oak bigtime, and overadvance atlas twice so I can find my kill combo if I only have SEA/1 Scorch. Zealous threatens Networking/Tag removal nonsense. Not sure about Crisis Management. I might change it into a Profiteering or another PB.


Removing tags IS nonsense, Weyland needs to monitor. Harder.


Just today on Jinteki.

I made an HB-Food deck with all of the FA stuff (2x SSCG, 3x Biotic). An early ABT killed a vitrivus, but I have Team Sponsorship waiting to rescue it on my next score. I have Advanced Assembly Lines on the board and rezzed because I wanted credits, but haven’t trashed it because I don’t have anything good. Last turn I IAA Food in the scoring remote, holding a Biotic in hand just in case.

Mandatory draw gives me SSCG. Assembly Line install into scoring remote, Advance, Advance, score GFI, 1 click left. Install Vitrivus with TS, play Biotic, Advance 2x and score to win the game.


did you land a 24/7 Philotic that sacrificed the Chronos Project that removed most of the runner’s deck from the game? I’m assuming that between the two of those you took out any Levy he may have had


Playing against Leela:

Turn 1: R&D undefended. He runs and sees an enigma.
My turn: Mandatory draw the enigma. Draw one more card just in case. See a Cobra. Install cobra.

His turn. Install gordian blade. Run R&D. He loses Gordian Blade.

My turn: Install enigma on a remote. GG.


Playing Gagarin:

3x World Plaza
1st World Plaza: 3 CBU
2nd World Plaza: 3 PAD Campaigns
3rd World Plaza: 3 Public Supports

Each of these had a Product Placement
I had 3x Encryption Protocol out.


oh wait Plaza’s unique I’m a moron


Ah hell yeah, cheatin’.

Wrong game


SSCG + Team Sponsorship has enabled far more dreams than I thought it would. It combos pretty nicely with ABT to rescue any trashed agendas, so ABT fires with even less fear than usual. It feels like a great rush play since runners don’t like to trash a 4-cost asset so early.


Me playing Argus, runner sitting at 6 points. I have an Underway Reno and a Posted Bounty in HW, along with a Scorch. Runner has two cards in hand because they hit a server with 2x Prisec

Runner: I run HQ
Me: Oh noes
Sees Atlas in score area
NBN Executive adds Snare to HQ
NBN Executive adds Snare to HQ

Runner Accesses Snare

Me: gg m8
Runner: lol omg gg


These runners need to learn to fear for their lives


Runner has 1 cards in hand. Street peddler on the board. Card in hand is Apocalypse. Corp board is flooded with cards, all servers but R&D have been breached. The only killer the runner has is mongoose. Corp rezzes a cobra. That’ll keep the filthy runner out, there is a Chrysalis protecting my R&D. Runner pays 1 for cobra, continues. Corp feels awful when the runner installs Political Operative and trashes Chrysalis.