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Looking for feedback: A new format? -

So something is brewing on the Eastern front (of the Netherlands). Not only spicy concoctions for Nationals, but also a new format: - 1 Core, 1 Big Box, 1 Datapack, 1 Card.


Pretty sure others have thought of similar formats like this before us btw, so not claiming any kind of uniqueness or “look at us being all original”.

Mainly interested in feedback from the Stimhack community and off course also looking to grow our little local meta here (I’ve taken it upon myself to TO).


Looks like a fun deck building exercise. Lots of synergies were deliberately spread out between packs (look at the NEXT ICE for example, Bronze Silver and Gold in different packs) so this probably sets the meta back to decks recognizable to what we played in Core Set days. Here’s the first thing that came to mind:

1 Core, H&P, Kala Ghoda, Desperado

Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional (Core #17)

Core (34)
2 Corroder (#7)
1 Datasucker (#8)
1 Medium (#10)
3 Parasite (#12)
1 Yog.0 (#14)
2 Account Siphon (#18)
3 Easy Mark (#19)
3 Inside Job (#21)
3 Special Order (#22)
3 Desperado (#24)
1 Femme Fatale (#26)
2 Sneakdoor Beta (#28)
2 Bank Job (#29)
2 Crash Space (#30)
3 Sure Gamble (#50)
2 Armitage Codebusting (#53)

Honor and Profit (7)
3 Legwork (#35)
1 Passport (#46)
3 Security Testing (#48)

Kala Ghoda (4)
2 High-stakes Job (#4)
2 Mongoose (#5)


In the spirit of this I wish the single card was ineligible to come from the core set (or possibly any of your other box/pack selections).

Admittedly this is an amazing exercise, and I hope this will take root, but part of what instantly appealed to me about this was that I thought it was actually 1 x core set, meaning one core set. Buying another core set is the most nauseatingly wasteful and expensive prospect for me, and I think the biggest line in the Netrunner community can be drawn between people willing to buy 2 or 3 cores and those who won’t or can’t. This will probably do a lot to establish a more casual format—I hate that word, I’m a Netrunner addict but I’m neither any good nor do I have enough cards—but still a format well some players will still have all three scorches or desperadoes etc.

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I feel sorry for you that the people in your local meta are all total assholes…

Elsewhere, proxies are the norm for casual play, and borrowing cards for tourney day is commonplace. I own 1 core set and I’ve never played an NBN deck with fewer than 3 sansans (and I like to win so I play a lot of NBN)

back on the main topic - I wonder if keeping the runner and corp independant is actually a good thing? it means you need 2 big boxes and at least 2 datapacks to be competetive. Plus it’s be a lot of fun to do the whole “do I want the anarch cards at the cost of being stuck with the crummy weyland cards?” deckbuilding trade-off.


They’re not assholes at all, they’re lovely people. I had an incredible time at both my first organized Netrunner tournament and local play night. It was pretty thrilling, actually. Even though I did feel a bit like I was at a high school dance (except without girls), I was able to hit .500 without a third Snare and, uh, whatever the Anarch card is. Nobody’s counting. But man, that second core set is just a shocking waste of cardboard. What the hell do I do with the box? I couldn’t bear to throw it out. How do I explain to my wife that I just spent $50 CAD on a game that she thinks I already bought? (The data pack boxes go straight in the recycling along with the cheeseburger wrappers so that nobody asks too many questions.)

Will someone who has a third core just quietly sell me my missing cards from a 2x core?


Oh and I think it would be incredible if you had to pick the opposing big box faction (as an Anarch and Weyland player this is a feature not a bug). But what do you do with Data & Destiny?

Sorry, of course they’re not assholes- that was meant to be tongue in cheek. My point was that you really don’t need multiple cores since every other player has a cow set there are almost always enough copies to go around on game day.[quote=“nutritionalzero, post:6, topic:7873, full:true”]
Oh and I think it would be incredible if you had to pick the opposing big box faction (as an Anarch and Weyland player this is a feature not a bug). But what do you do with Data & Destiny?

Nothing. NBN players get hamstrung, as they should be :smiley: also Weyland players, since data and destiny is their best big box :stuck_out_tongue:

Format sounds fun; I think it will probably not end up being any healthier play-wise than regular constructed (a lot of anarch decks can go almost untouched in this format, for example) but a fun deckbuilding challenge and newbie friendly makes it intriguing for an occasional event

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Thanks for submitting a decklist. Looks good. :slight_smile:

Also, on an offtopic note; thanks for your videos.

Fair point. Extensive brain power was spent on this issue. Having multiple cores still be an option is somewhat unwelcoming to newcomers, but on the other hand; all of the local players are fine with proxies (especially for these) or just lending their spares copies out. Also; Criminal gets shafted hard when putting that limit in place ;). Thanks for the feedback.

Making runner and corp choices the same was considered for a time as well. Might experiment with it in the future, if the first tournament works out. Punishing Anarch with Weyland feels right, punishing NBN with a very awkward mini faction build as well.

On the other hand; Weyland gets shafted even more. And we do love our “involuntary home renovation” over here. Also; thanks for the feedback.

I’ll make rooms on jnet for I always thought adding just 1 data pack to the core set was fun, and this is a fine idea that builds on that concept.


Wow. Much appreciated. Will make testing a lot easier.

Might even try to find some games while on holiday now

Some friends and I were kicking around a similar idea. A casual tournament where you could build your deck from the following:

1 core, all deluxes, 1 cycle (must be the same cycle for corp and runner). Corp may use Jackson regardless of cycle chosen since he fixes a flaw in the game design.

No MWL, official FAQ.

IDs - only those available to you according to the choices you made. Didn’t pick genesis? No whizzard, andy, etc. Skipped Lunar? No NEH, Nasir, etc.

EDIT: What about 1 core, 1 deluxe, 1 cycle, 1 card, ID limited? That would be really fun deck building challenge.

I think having jackson be the exception, that he may be played as a 3 of is important too, cause everyone is going to want him in their decks, regardless. maybe 1 jackson and 1 shannon claire, or you could use to use jackson as your 3 of anyway. something like that

This seems like it could be really interesting, but I agree with the previous comments that having the same deluxe for Runner & Corp might be more interesting as you have to consider the tradeoff when choosing faction.

As a side note would it be possible to update the image with the rules so it says “each player on their own.” rather than “each player on his own.” as if it’s being used for event descriptions it would be great to make it as inclusive as possible.


I think that idea of trade offs is too unnecessary. If you were forced to stick with one set, the variety in decks would probably filter to a certain free days packs and big boxes. When you have to make decisions like this, they seem too restrictive.

We have a bunch of new players in my area so I’m going to try to set this up as a gnk.

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Really cool :slight_smile:

I used to do limited card pool streams, and just played vs people at full power. Restricted pools is a very fun deckbuilding challenge. I approve. :slight_smile:

Though the idea i would personally kick around for a goof tournament is like 100 dollar MSRP max.

So a core is 40, deluxe is 30, and packs are 15 per. So you could 2x core and a pack, or core and 2x deluxe, or core and a bunch of packs. :smiley:

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