Looking to trade/buy FFG full bleeds/alts of cards up to Data & Destiny


I’m looking to pimp out my cube of rotated cards with FFG promos (full bleeds or alt arts) so I can keep using clear sleeves. I don’t know what ffg alts/full bleeds exist but I’m largely looking for anything on these lists (card up to Data & Destiny inclusively):

I already have some like Plascrete, Adonis campaign, sure gamble, kati jones, scorched and whatever was in the CTM chanpion deck, but I’m looking to add in as many as I can. My friends who don’t really play netrunner love seeing the alts when we draft

Let me know if you’ve got any and I can show you what I’ve got to trade

We can trade by mail (I’d pay shipping) or in person at the Montreal Nationals

There’s a trading thread that may be helpful to you:

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Will do thanks

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