Modded Format Online League starts April 14

The first Modded Format Teaching League starts play on April 14, 2018.

It is an open Elo league in which players organize their own games on and play as many or as few as they like.

Is this league for me?
This is a league using a limited card pool that should be ideal for players who are just getting into Netrunner and want to learn fundamentals and do some deck building with a limited pool of cards. It is also a good place to learn how to use the if you have never used it before.

Players of any skill level are welcome to join the league. If you are totally new to the game, you will find other players helpful in explaining the game and helping you get your feet under you.

How long does the League run?
It starts April 14 and ends on May 7.

If the top four finishers (minimum 10 games played) agree, I will organize a Top Four playoff at the conclusion of the League.

Can I still join?
Yes. Registration for Modded Format Teaching League is open for sign up at any time.

Register by signing up at The Challenge Board. Password for the board: noob

You will need to join Slack to organize games (see links below for instructions).

How can I organize a game?
You can post an open game on with the title: Modded Format League. If someone joins, you should ask if they are signed up for the league because you cannot report results if they are not in the league.

The best way to organize games is by joining the Slack channel dedicated to the league where you can post requests for games. Here is the link to that channel (#teaching_league). If you need an invitation to Slack, use this link.

You may also organize games via any other means you find convenient.

Players are encouraged to play two games with each opponent (one Corp and one Runner) each time they play, but this is not required. Single games still count toward the League.

What Decks Can I Play?
The Modded Format uses cards only from the Revised Core Set and the current cycle of cards. For this league, that means any cards in the Kitara cycle that are implemented on can be used to build decks. You can use up to three copies of the Revised Core Set.

You can build decks directly on the site, but the easiest way to build them is to create an account on Under the β€œCollection Tab” check only Revised Core Set and packs from the Kitara Cycle.

Fantasy Flight Games’ Most Wanted List is not in effect for this league, so you can ignore the banned and restricted list while building decks.

Are there any resources to help me play well?
Here are links to some videos that might give you some helpful pointers on effective game play.

How to play Netrunner by Team Covenant

Can I change decks between games?
Yes. Each player can select a new deck each time they play.

Where do I report results?
The winner of each game should report results to The Challenge Board. Make sure to get the Challenge Board ID of your opponent from them, as some people do not use the same ID on Jinteki and the Challenge Board.

PLEASE NOTE: The ChallengeBoard has had a glitch recently that sends you an error message when you report a match. Ignore that message. It is about a problem with the e-mail notification system. Your match is reported. Do not submit the same match multiple times. I am sorry about this problem and the confusion it creates.

What if I have other questions?
Please direct them to me (@FightingWalloon) here or on Slack.

Good luck and have fun!


Thanks for running this.

I added support for this format into JNET tonight. Will hopefully be live soon.


33 players have joined the league. There is room for more before we start.

And you can even join after the league begins.

Quick question, if we do play both legs of a matchup, is this considered a single result, or is it two results?

My understanding is you report each individual game, so if you’ve played both sides against an opponent, you report both as separate results (in the correct order, to ensure ELO points calculate correctly).

Each game result is entered as its own game. So if you play both sides, you will report two games to the ChallengeBoard.

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Beginner here―I had a great time! Even though I only got a handful of games in, it gave me a reason to deckbuild and practice on Thanks for organizing, @FightingWalloon.

Final (pre top-4 playoff?) standings here.

@ElderMason, would you be willing to post your decklist(s) and a summary of your thoughts?


@qubitsu I’m so sorry I did not see this before now. I got sucked into worlds testing and then kind of fell off playing Netrunner for a while.

My Corp deck was:

Agenda (6)

3 Degree Mill

3 SSL Endorsement

Asset (8)

2 Echo Chamber

3 NGO Front

3 Rashida Jaheem

ICE (17)

2 Enigma

3 Jua

3 Pop-up Window

3 Tollbooth

3 Wall of Static

3 Wraparound

Operation (7)

1 Archived Memories ●​●​

2 Death and Taxes ●​●​●​●​●​●​

1 Green Level Clearance ●​

3 Hedge Fund

Upgrade (6)

3 Jinja City Grid ●​●​●​●​●​●​

3 Red Herrings

It went undefeated. It just makes too much money and can rush and Runners just can’t keep up in this format.

I played 2 runner decks, a Chaos Theory and a 419. They were both under .500. But I liked the Chaos Theory quite a bit:

Event (14)

3 Diesel

2 Indexing

3 Modded

1 Notoriety

3 Sure Gamble

2 The Maker’s Eye

Hardware (5)

3 Cyberdelia

2 Dinosaurus

Program (14)

2 Datasucker ●​●​

2 Gordian Blade

3 Magnum Opus :unicorn:​

2 Puffer ●​●​●​●​●​●​●​●​

3 RNG Key

2 Yusuf ●​●​●​●​

Resource (7)

3 Gbahali

3 Kongamato

1 Scrubber ●​

Ghabhali and Kongamato were my best chance to keep up to speed with rushy Azmari decks and it did okay, but still wasn’t robust enough to win a lot of the time.

Hope you are playing in SOCR 8! I’ll see you there!

Is this happening again? I’d like to get into Jinteki and this seems like a good way to do so.

have a look here, the closest thing you can get and starting Sunday as far as I know!

Thanks, but I think that’s even a bit too much over my head; I was really hoping for another β€œcore + current cycle” level of entry.

I really appreciate the response, though!