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Project CROW - A crash course to introduce beginners into current decks

Hey Stimhack community,

I’ve spoken to a lot of beginners who have played the Core Experience format but are then intimidated by the jump in complexity and necessary knowledge of the card pool of Standard. The solution often presented to them is to try alternative formats like SOCR (Cache Refresh with 1 Big Box and the most recent cycle) or Modded (Core + most recent cycle). And while these can be a great step to expanding your card knowledge, it always seems to fall short in the intention of showing new players the excitement of a Standard match.

That’s why I have created a mini-campaign aimed at beginners who are familiar with the System Core 19 card pool. It starts off with a match of Reina Roja vs. NBN: Making News and progresses in 4 steps to the classic Valencia Estevez vs. NBN: Controlling the Message matchup and introduces and discusses the use of new cards step by step.
The final decks are the winning Corporation of Worlds 2018 and an adjusted version of the winning Runner deck of the Taunton Regional 2019.

You can find the decklists below. I’d kindly ask you to give feedback on how the matches felt and if there is anything that can be improved. My plan is to make more of these mini-campaigns once I’ve a good idea for the next pair of decks.


Corp 1: Hard-Hitting times
Runner 1: Getting to know the basics

Corp 2: Recursion is everything
Runner 2: I can make news as well

Corp 3: Enter the Bankers!
Runner 3: There has been a t e r r i b l e accident

Corp 4: Final stop: AMERICA CtM
Runner 4: Final stop: FREDPI-ish Val

Overview lists by @presheaf

These great lists show you what cards to put in and out for every game transition:
Corp overview, Runner overview


This is great and should be on the actual Stimhack blog! Why don’t you write it up?


I really like it and will try it out with a friend and provide feedback!

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So we played it yesterday with 3 people and it was a blast! Thanks so much @lostgeek for the idea! Not being a CtM veteran, it helped me a lot and Core NBN + HHN is really strong.

The main issue from my side when sleeving up cards, was to prepare for the next iteration. Which cards do I need? So it would be very helpful to have a list with + & - what to add and remove for the next deck evolution.

Besides that my feeling is, Scrubber can be a big deal in the matchup as well as ICE Carver. Maybe remove Scrubber? But I’m not an expert.

@presheaf has just made exactly those lists for the Project CROW decks! I’ve added them to the deck descriptions as well as the topic post here.

Corp overview, Runner overview

Regarding Scrubber: The Runner lists for game 1-3 have a bit more economy that is needed for the matchups. That is in the form of Scrubber as well as additional copies of some other econ cards (Kati Jones, Career Fair and so on). If you feel like Runner games get too easy, replace them with blank cards that represent tech cards for other matchups that are not useful in this specific match.

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