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Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 10: Information Thread

Welcome to the information and hype thread for the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 10 tournament (SOCRX). The tournament will begin Sunday, July 28th.

We are doing something a little unusual with the format. Rather than keeping to the two more recent cycles, in addition to Downfall, we will be going back in time to the Lunar cycle, to celebrate and explore that set before it rotates into the abyss.

That means both cycles are themed around the New Angeles space elevator, and I think that’s pretty cool.

Who is running this tournament?
Sanjay (sanjay on slack) and lostgeek (lostgeek on slack). Free to reach out to either of us with any problems, concerns, or questions, either in this thread or on Slack.

How will the tournament work?
This will be an online version of a regular NISEI tournament with 4-6 weeks of Swiss pairings. The number of Swiss rounds will be decided by regular NISEI tournament guidelines for casual events.

The top cut will be played in a best 2-of-3 games format. Because this cut structure allows the cut to be finished in fewer matches, we will likely be using a larger cut than official NISEI guidelines dictate. I expect we will use a cut to 16 rather than 8, given the sizes of these tournaments in the past. More info once the tournament gets started!

Each Sunday night starting Sunday, July 28th, the tournament organizer will post pairings. Players will need to arrange games during the week and report results by the following Sunday. In other words, you will play one game per week.

Scoring will be standard with 3 points for a win. Players may not ID or two-for-one.

Policy Regarding Scheduling Conflicts
Pairings will be posted before midnight Eastern Time each week. Players should contact each other on Sunday or Monday to arrange a time to play before the reporting deadline. (Remember, you will both Corp and Run.) If a player does not respond to initial attempts to contact within 24 hours, please contact me. If they fail to respond to further attempts to reach them, they will forfeit the round.

If players cannot reach a mutually agreeable time to play despite sincere attempts on both ends, then I will enter the results as a 3-3 tie unless one player agrees to concede the match to the other.

If problems with Jinteki or other connection issues disrupt a game, please start over.

If problems with Jinteki or other connection issues prevent the conclusion of a match before the deadline, it will be entered as a 3-3 split unless one player concedes the match to the other.

Will we be using the Cache Refresh bidding system?
Absolutely not. Of course not. Why would we ever.

Each week you will play both Corp and Runner.

How do I join?
Sign up here before July 28th, and register your ID and big box choices here.

To sign up, you will need a Slack account. That is the best way to arrange games. If you do not provide a Slack username, your entry will be invalid. If you do not have a Slack account, you can use this link .

The Slack channel for this tournament is #cache_refresh_tourney .

What are the deck building rules?
Your deck must be constructed from the following set of cards:

  • 3x System Core 2019
  • 1 Big Box (Creation and Control/Honor and Profit/Order and Chaos/Data and Destiny)_ (this may be different for Runner and Corp)
  • 1 Copy of Reign & Reverie
  • All 6 Packs of the Lunar Cycle
  • Downfall, the first half of the Ashes Cycle.

Further, your deck must comply with the standard MWL here: http://nisei.net/article/MWL33

(Each of your decks can have 1 restricted cards, and 0 removed cards).

You may change the cards in your deck between weeks, but you cannot change your card pool. You must use the same big box for the whole tournament, and you must use the same ID.

Of note, Magnum Opus cards (such as Border Control, Crowdfunding, Labour Rights) are not legal for this tournament. By contrast, Nasir Meidan IS legal.

Where can I post my match results?
I will post a form here for you to submit match results.

Are there any prizes???

You bet!

Prizes and distribution are being coordinated by the excellent DanB.

There is a PARTICIPATION PRIZE, for the first time ever. It looks like this:

Additionally, Dan is getting prize support for the top 16 (Eirik’s amazing Leela IDs].

The winner will receive the right to commission me, Sanjay, to make and print an alt art for you. It’s a cool prize and I like doing it!

Participation prizes are a bit more work and costs than we’ve done in the past, so we are asking for donations to cover costs. Dan has written this about the details of this:

I’m very happy to provide both the participation prizes, as well as the top 16 prize for SOCRX. As you might have seen, I have created a pretty fun Nestrunner Alt for Blue sun, and ID that was originally introduced in Lunar, but lives on in System Core 19.

However physical cards, sent through meatspace to your doors do cost money, and that’s where I do ask those participating in SOCRX for donations. It doesn’t have to be a lot, whatever people think is fair if you can afford it.

To keep things transparent I expect to be spending around $40-$50 on cards from Makeplayingcards, and on average $1.50 for shipping per person.

After shipping and the cost of getting the cards, I will take stock of how much money if any we have left over (if any), and use that for SOCR11 (or whatever our next community tournament is) prizes!

If you would like to contribute, please send a donation to my paypal: https://paypal.me/DanHBouchard.

Please note that I will be collecting addresses in the coming weeks and TRY to send out the cards at the end of swiss, but there might be delays due to my personal life.

How can I follow the tournament?
The pairings and standings can be found on a cobr.ai page to be posted soon.

If you have any further questions, please post here or over in the Slack channel. You can also reach out to me, Sanjay, or lostgeek.

Good luck and have fun.


Great to see this tournament go on. As I will be unable to jack-in for the first two weeks of August, I will probably have to skip this one, but I will look forward to SOCR11.

Also… participation prizes?! sounds amazing! I hope logistics will pose no troubles for you.

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Grand prize announcement:

The winner of SOCRX will get the right to commission an alt art from yours truly!

Registration is only open until tomorrow, so get registering!

Pairings for Round 1 are up!


Based on our number of participants, we will have 5 rounds of swiss and a cut to top 16.

Match reporting can be done here: https://forms.gle/Wu5fHpDW3JwsrXNNA

Additionally, I wanted to post another reminder that we are taking donations to help fund our prize support, which can be made to DanB here:

Thank you very much to everyone who donated, and thank you very much to everyone participating!

The cut is now upon us:

We will be keeping track of the progress of the cut here:


Some notes for the cut:

All matches in the cut are best of three.

  • In the first game each match, the player with the better swiss standing picks side. Swiss standings are noted on the challonge page, and also on cobr.ai.
  • In the second game, the loser of the first game picks side.
  • In the third game, the loser of the second game picks side.

At no point do you need to consider which side you have played more (unless it appeals to your sense of whimsy while deciding what to play, of course)

You are allowed to alter your decks between matches in the same manner you did in Swiss. However, you are not allowed to change your decks within a match. This may be relevant because you might play the same side more than once. Do not alter your deck between games.

The cut, unlike in many Netrunner events, is single elimination. Once you lose a best 2 out of 3 match, you are out of the cut.

There are no defined deadlines for getting your games in in the cut. However, I would request cut participants to get their games in at about the same rate, if not better, than you were getting games in in swiss. In other words, if you don’t play a game for a week, I will start pestering you.

When you complete a match in the cut, please reach out to me via Slack to tell me how it went.

Good luck!

Here, incidentally, are the final stats for how well individual factions and individual IDs did in swiss:

corpIDwinsround5 runnerIDwinsround5