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Mumbad Cycle


shaper resource, $0. 5 clicks and forfeit an agenda: Add this to your score area as an agenda worth 2 agenda points. The corp may forfeit an agenda to prevent this and remove chela from the game instead.


i assume this is coming in the next pack? are there any other spoilers?


It is coming in the next pack but there aren’t any other spoilers.

Is this time for Akshara Sareen?


Given its in the same pack, its probably intended to combo with Temple of Liberated Mind.


[quote=“WayneMcPain, post:2639, topic:4340”]
But the thing is, you don’t strictly NEED those fan sites. Even just sacrificing a 1 pointer for a point can be game changing. To me, what this card does best is force the Corp to lose massive tempo by forfeiting agendas to stop you. [/quote]
I agree sacrificing 1 pointers is a great usage, but there’s a fair number of strong corp decks that do not run 1 pointers. If I don’t have Fan Site to sacrifice, this will be a decent portion of my deck completely useless against standard Foodcoats/RP or any other glacier decks that want to score two 2 pointers and a 3 pointer for the win. It’s one thing to include 1x Plascrete in case you run into meat damage decks, but when you’re talking about dedicating this many card slots for something that won’t do anything against such a strong archetype, I have a hard time believing it will work very well. Perhaps trying this out would be a matter of meta expectations?


I like the design of the cards, but in a meta full of IG those are a lot of deckslots that do nothing.


Why? Having your own way to get points seems like a good approach against IG


If they don’t score an agenda then your fan sites don’t trigger and the card does nothing except replaces chronos protocol for 1 more point.


It sucks. The best use of sacrifice agenda cards is news team hate which artist colony is way better at


I feel like Pitchfork could easily slot one of each without a problem for a positive gain.


Weird connection! I think it will actually encourage Akshara. Shaper already have clot to stop fast advance a few times, Liberated Chela lets you sit back and let the corp score a few, then shut the whole thing down.

Probably not top tier, but it costs nothing to set up aside from clicks, and you will have five of them + temple to play with.

Seems like you could potentially outpace the corp, so long as you also plan for some clot action.


Uugh, Fan Site is downright disgusting with this.


What I meant was that I don’t know if you need 3x each of those cards for it to be effective. Even just as a one of in any Pitchfork deck could probably win a few games by surprise. Even if the Corp can stop it, runners have the late game advantage, so delaying them and buying time with this card could be great.

But if you do find yourself playing against Haarp or Argus, you can get utility out of it without Fan Site, if you can’t seem to dig one out of the stack. That’s all I was trying to say. I agree going heavy on this without Fan Site is generally a bad idea because Glacier.


You also need something to get up to 5 clicks. The only decks that reasonalby can just add it as a one of are those already running Fan Site (or Notoriety) and Hyperdriver. Otherwise you have to build around it.


Those cards are pretty junky. Can we get some good Shaper card for a change? Like for example this mythical econ event which would justify the MWL treatment of PPVP?


Beth-Kilrain Chang for the win


According to this post the rest of the pack may be spoiled within the next few hours https://www.reddit.com/r/Netrunner/comments/4jx7xo/here_are_a_couple_of_cards_from_the_new_liberated/d3ac5un


Reddit OP all


Information Shifting is going to be fun to play.

when the corp offers you a pile with all the cards in it do you pick the empty pile or call their bluff?


The rest of the spoilers: https://sli.mg/a/CFSsUp